A couple of weeks ago I let Max have his head about his schedule. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t forcing him out of that fifth feeding, and I also was hoping to get him to sleep through the night instead of having his long sleep be from 5 or 6pm until 2 or […]


Ahhh…..this boy. He really laughed today. He’s chuckled before, but not at people. Today I was putting the whole burp cloth over his face and rubbing his face softly and he actually laughed. Is there anything more wonderful? I think not. He’s also found his thumb a few times today. I’m in the office now, […]

This and that

Well, Tj’s off in Arizona this week, so it’s just The Boy and me! We’re having a good time, I must say, although he’s still acting up when I make him lay on his belly. I was talking to Jo on the phone this afternoon and I told her that was Max in the background […]

Bad Mama!

Well, I kinda scared myself…I thought that I didn’t record when Max turned over for the first time. I checked my blog just now and saw that that was the last entry. I’ve been feeling so guilty lately about not blogging. I’ve really got to remedy that. On the one hand I’m glad I’ve blogged […]