April 2005

A couple of weeks ago I let Max have his head about his schedule. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t forcing him out of that fifth feeding, and I also was hoping to get him to sleep through the night instead of having his long sleep be from 5 or 6pm until 2 or 3am. After about a week it was apparent that he’d moved down to only four feedings a day so I just had to move his feedings to meet my schedule. I tried doing that for a few days but no matter what he wanted to wake up at 3am. I finally gave up and decided I’d make his schedule work around a 3am start and wouldn’t you know, that crazy kid started waking up at 2am!!! After I gave in, though, I had to put off one of his feedings for some reason and we actually worked around to him waking up at 7am or so. Of course by that time I realized the opportunity I was missing: when his last feeding is at 8pm I can then pump a little at 10pm and have some extra milk to send to the nursery with him. So for this last week or two his schedule has been:

5-5:30am eat and immediately back to sleep
8am awakes to play (he started this two days ago)
9am sleep
10am eat and then play
12pm sleep
3pm eat and then play
7pm he either sleeps up until 8pm or he’s just fussy for up to an hour
8pm eat and then play
10pm sleep

All in all he’s awake 7-8 hours a day.

Ahhh…..this boy.

He really laughed today. He’s chuckled before, but not at people. Today I was putting the whole burp cloth over his face and rubbing his face softly and he actually laughed. Is there anything more wonderful? I think not.

He’s also found his thumb a few times today. I’m in the office now, 35′ from his bassinet, and over the softly playing TV in the bedroom and the clicking of the fan and whirring of the computers here I can hear him sucking his thumb! He’s really going to town.

Fortunately I managed to videotape both of those things today.

I walked a mile after dark…that made me love our subdivision more. Just as I was leaving Donna from across the street called…she was just checking up on me…she hadn’t seen our Jeep for the last three days. And then during my walk a dog started barking at me and continued for quite some time. As I passed a house five houses down a guy was standing outside. I told him the dog was barking at me and we chatted a bit. I said the dog scared me a bit and he asked if I was alright, and then asked if the baby was alright. I knew I loved living here, but this is even better than I could wish for!

Well, I need to go read my Sunday School book and hit the hay. Oh, heck, the bed’s full of clothes I started folding a few hours ago…guess I’ve got more work to do!

Oh, yeah…the title! I typed that earlier to remind me to blog this: A few days ago Max was coughing himself up to crying. He does this almost every time he cries…he starts out coughing until he has enough energy to actually cry pretty loud. Anyway…as he was doing this the other day he snorted so loud he stopped himself in his tracks! He looked around as if to see who had made that horrible noise. That was too funny. Silly boy.

Well, Tj’s off in Arizona this week, so it’s just The Boy and me! We’re having a good time, I must say, although he’s still acting up when I make him lay on his belly. I was talking to Jo on the phone this afternoon and I told her that was Max in the background crying because he was on his belly and she couldn’t believe he was crying that loud just for that. Tj and I keep saying either he’s soooo hard-headed or we’re gonna feel really bad when we find out that something was hurting him! I think it just has to be that he hates it…his crying stops when we pick him up…I just don’t think there’s anything physically wrong with him.

He turned over all by himself last night! I put him on his belly with his arms at his sides and was surprised a few seconds later when I saw that he was propped up! And then a minute or so later I watched him roll over! What a big boy. I can’t believe he’s starting to change. Every day I see a tiny bit of a change…he’s almost reaching for things. Well, he is reaching, but he doesn’t always get what he’s looking at. Several times he has actually grasped something; it won’t be long now and he’ll be grabbing onto whatever he wants.

I’d given up on trying to feed him on a schedule even though he’d completely gone from five meals a day to four (he did that the week we were in Disney). I think I’ll try to get him on a schedule now, though. If I can get him to eat at 5am, 10am, 3pm and 8pm then I can pump a little bit at 10 or 11pm and have a bottle for Sunday. Of course this does no good if I forget to bring the bottle to church like I did last Sunday!

Well, I’m tired so it’s off to bed for me.

I’ve been pretty busy this week…which is no excuse. But today our plans fell through so here I am updating.

Monday Tj stayed home so nothing got done. We had a good day hanging out but I didn’t do wash like I normally do on Mondays.

Tuesday morning I went to my first MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting at our church. I really enjoyed myself. Max went into the nursery and the nursery workers all commented that they didn’t get to hold him because he slept the whole time! Heh heh. After the meeting we went to Burger King so their kids could play on the playground. After Lynn and I got our hamburgers there the other two mothers said that the playground was dirty so we went across the street to the indoor McDonalds playground. Lynn and I had a really good visit in spite of the fact that it was so hot in there!

Wednesday afternoon I drove up to Bec/Jason’s house. Jason asked me to keep his kids while he went to the Tour de Georgia but after I got there he decided to take B with him. P was so cute playing with Max! She kept trying to pick him up and hug him. She’s a little cutie! I left there around 8pm and picked up Zaxby’s for supper.

Thursday evening I had an appointment with Rachel for a massage, and boy was it good! Afterward we went out to the Olive Garden for dinner. We had so much fun talking and eating. We always do, though.

Yesterday I went to Cathy’s to finally see her boy. He’s such a smiler! We had a good time watching both boys look at each other…they’re not really old enough to do much more than that. She fixed us some pasta and a salad for lunch.

Today we were planning on flying up to Rome…Tj just got his civilian pilot’s license and we’ve been itching to use it. Unfortunately when he checked the weather this morning he found out it’s much too windy for us. I’m trying to finish up the wash I started on Tuesday so he’ll have all his flight-suits available when he leaves for Arizona tomorrow.

I guess that’s a good enough update to hold me for a little while.

Well, I kinda scared myself…I thought that I didn’t record when Max turned over for the first time. I checked my blog just now and saw that that was the last entry. I’ve been feeling so guilty lately about not blogging. I’ve really got to remedy that.

On the one hand I’m glad I’ve blogged so much in the past considering how much I hate to write. But on the other hand all that in the past does me no good because I want to jot down all the happenings in Max’s life.

Anyway…we get the chance to start over every day, right? Here’s my new start, then.

When I started typing this Max was screaming because he’s on his belly…he’s cried himself to sleep now. He’s been doing better…Melissa gave us three grocery bags full of toys for him. For a few times I’d get down on my belly and put him on the boppy and we’d play with toys. The first time we got eight whole minutes without crying! That was a day or two ago. He didn’t have much belly time yesterday; for some reason he slept a good bit more than usual. This first time today I put him in front of the closet doors in the office which are floor to ceiling mirrors…he liked that a bit. At one point he was full on his belly with his arms holding his head/chest up and he smiled at his reflection! A couple of times, even!!! That’s a big breakthrough. I’m glad he’s not screaming the whole time now, but we still have a ways to go. Yesterday he rolled over three times…if you can call what he’s been doing rolling over. What has happened each time is we put him down and prop him up on his elbows. He then stretches out one arm and it’s just a second or two and he’s rolled over. This morning after he rolled over again I put him down on his belly with his arms at his sides…he moved his arms up and got up on his elbows but didn’t roll over. He got close, though; it won’t be long now!

Another topic now…his fingernails. In his first two months I probably cut his nails twice and they were fine. These last few weeks they’ve been growing like crazy! I felt like such a negligent mother because he’s scratched his face twice now! But they’re just growing so much faster now (I wonder if they could just be harder now?). I just cut them on Sunday and I see that he has another scratch on his face! ARGH!

Ok, gonna go clip his nails now and then get myself some breakfast. Hopefully I’ll post another short one today.