March 2005

Well, four nights he’s slept all night! I’m kinda excited about this new trend, but I also think I shouldn’t get my hopes up…we’re going to Disney in a week and I know that we won’t let him cry even a little bit in the hotel room. He’s funny, he hates going to sleep! Sometimes I can tell he just needs to go to sleep, he’s grouchy and his little eyelids get so red and heavy but he fights it so hard. So I finally wrap him up (he still loves being swaddled) and put him in his bassinet and he’ll cry for about 30 seconds and then he’s quiet, then he’ll cry for another 30 seconds and then quiet…he does this two or three more times and then he’s out for good! I think in the hotel, though, we’ll likely just take him in the bed with us.

He’s so happy lately…it’s so wonderful to just watch him…we love to see him smile. I’m so glad the gas thing has been resolved…whatever the problem was. He still likes to cry as soon as his food is taken away, sometimes even if he’s eaten enough. Oh, well. Overall he’s happier than he is sad.

We’re finally catching up on our Bible reading…we’ve read four days at a time yesterday and today; one more time and we’ll be right on schedule…just in time to miss those days as we go to Florida.

Oh, yeah…I bought some new pj’s a few weeks ago. I wore them for a few nights and then Max pooped on them. I washed them (Spray and Wash stain stick gets it all out!) and put them on again and he pooped on them again! So I put them up for a week and then the first day I put them on again he did it again! We’ve switched diapers because we started having more leakage incidents, but this is getting old. Then he pooped on the clean sheets I’d put on a day or two earlier. I wash them and put them on again last night and the very next feeding…you guessed it: poop! Maybe those are just unlucky sheets and pj’s…I don’t know.

I’m trying to figure out a good schedule for Max to be on…he seems pretty open to schedules in general. I know he usually goes seven hours between feedings at night so I can either break the day up into four and a half hour shifts or a combination of four and 5 hour shifts. We’re dedicating him to the Lord tomorrow so I want to be sure he has his belly full before we go to church but that doesn’t work well with my plan of having him eat at 11pm and then again at 6am. I guess at this stage we’re playing it by ear.

I’d better go iron Tj’s shirt and finish making the bed and then get some rest.

Well, we could be at the beginning of a new trend…we slept all night again last night!

I fed Max at midnight, put him in his crib at 1am. At 5am he started crying…I could have fed him then but I thought I’d see if he’d go longer. I brought him into the bed and we slept. Tj came in at 6:30 and we all three slept until about 7:45!

He’s sleeping now…I wonder if he’s gonna have another day of every four hours. I guess we’ll see.

Our little boy is growing up!

Well, I’d better make this fast…Max should be eating soon. The crazy thing about last Friday was that I had so much to do and pushed him a little…and he didn’t seem to mind.

While at church the Sunday before Melissa asked what I was doing that week. When I told her I needed a haircut she offered to come to the shop and watch Max while I was in the chair; that was so nice of her! I’d been trying to figure out if I was gonna make an appt for Saturday so Tj could stay with him or just bring him to the shop and move him from the shampoo chair to the cutting chair. Anyway…

My cut was at 10:15 and we finished about an hour later. She suggested we go to Long Horn, so we did. Afterwards we went our separate ways…I had some shopping to do. This kinda pushed back Max’s feeding, he was sleeping so well. His (usual) 1pm feeding was at 2:30pm, which pushed back his next feeding till 7:30 or 8pm. Then he skipped his 10pm feeding…in all he only had 4 feedings that day! I think that’s the first time he’s skipped one.

Then we had a miracle last night…he didn’t get his 3/4am feeding until 6am!

He generally goes to bed at 11pm but since Tj called me soon after 11 to say he was on his way home I just kept Max on my lap in the living room. He was fighting sleep so hard…his little eyes were so red, but he wouldn’t let himself fall asleep. Tj came home and held him a bit and then put him in his crib at midnight. Max wanted none of that! He fussed and cried and carried on so much! I told Tj to only stay as long as he wanted…that’s just Max’s way. He usually fusses a little bit and then goes sound to sleep. Tj stayed there about 15 minutes and Max never settled down! Finally Tj gave up and went to bed. Max cried for about 5 more minutes and then I sat up in bed and started talking to him and after about half a minute he stopped crying! Little silly boy!

He usually sleeps soundly until 2am and then I bring him in the bed with me, sometimes with a pacifier, and he’ll sleep until 4am. Well, last night when he started fussing at 5am! So I brought him in the bed and he slept another hour! It seemed like I just closed my eyes for a second and then an hour had passed. I don’t know if this is a trend or if I just got lucky last night. Either way he’s eaten every 4 hours today! Until now, that is…I thought he’d want to eat half an hour ago at 10:30pm but he’s sound asleep now. Every day is a new adventure with a baby, huh?

I really haven’t been feeling like blogging lately but I really want it done, so here goes.

Life is good here. Yesterday and today Max has been really happy after his feedings. He sits and looks around, and is even beginning to ‘talk’ a bit. Yesterday daddy was doing the bicycle and I was bending over him and talking to him and he was giving us the biggest gummiest grin we’ve ever seen! He did it again for us (me?) today. This is really beginning to make up for those sleepless/crying nights.

For the most part he’s a great sleeper at night, but he’s been fussing part of one of the night sessions these last couple of nights. For the last week or so I’ve been turning out the light and he sleeps well in the dark. I still leave the TV on the timer after I put him down but I think it’s more for my benefit than his.

The numbness I was experiencing in my hands during pregnancy has finally gone away. I probably haven’t felt it for the last two weeks…so I guess it took a month for it to totally clear up. Towards the end I was just feeling a lot of joint pain after I woke up more than numbness. Anyway, that’s all over.

Yesterday was kinda a crazy eating day for Max…

…Ok, this is where I stopped Saturday night…I’ll finish this sometime, hopefully.