February 2005

Tj kept saying that he thought Max was just gassy, but I couldn’t believe that overnight he’s become much gassier than he ever had been before. Well, Tj was right! We’ve started burping him more and my baby’s happy again! Yea!

I’m hoping against hope that it’s the medicine I’ve been taking for this sinus infection…that would explain this sudden change. I don’t think that’s possible, but I’m still hoping. I took my last antibiotic last night and should finish off the Robitussin tonight. When I go for my postpartum checkup Tuesday I’ll see how much longer I need to take this Allegra D…and that’s the last of my new meds.

Aunt Donna and Uncle Rex came by to visit tonight. I’d forgotten all about them coming but fortunately I’d put a reminder in Outlook and it popped up this morning. We had a good time…they’re such sweet/fun people. A Donna fed Max when he woke up at 5pm. They left sometime after 6…they were later than they expected. They had been planning on having hot wings at Becki’s but got home too late. Bec called a while later and asked if we wanted to go to her house tomorrow night…it had been too late for hot wings when they got back tonight so she’s invited us to go there for that tomorrow night. I know we’ll have a good time.

Max is hungry…gotta go.

Well, Max may have become a fussy baby. He’s only awake at most about 20 minutes after every feeding and these last several feedings (3 or 4) he’s been pretty fussy. Tj thinks he may be gassy. I can’t believe he’d be gassy 3 or 4 times in a row. But who knows? And we’ll never know. I’m hoping it’s a result of all the meds I’m taking, but I think that’s a long shot. It sure makes me appreciate what we had. And at least he’s still a great sleeper.

Tonight Tj’s gonna take him for his 3am feeding. The prospect of 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is making me giddy. When we did this the week after he was born I had no trouble with engorgement…I don’t really think I’ll be that lucky this time, but I’m willing to try!

Max is fussing now and Tj’s got him. I’m gonna read a few blogs and then head off to bed.

Kel and Katie came and spent the weekend with me while Tj was gone. We had a great time! That Katie is such a hoot; she really cracks me up. Kel held Max the entire time. Katie held him several times, but not enough to suit her.

They got here around 3 or 4pm Friday. We ordered pizza that night…we didn’t do anything but talk and hold Max…and played a movie for Katie. Saturday I made pancakes for breakfast. After the 8am feeding I took Katie to Wal-Mart to return a ceiling fan and pick up some groceries. I got almost all I needed and realized that it was just about time for his next feeding. We did the self-checkout and then went through Blimpie’s for lunch. We ordered Chinese for supper.

Sunday morning Kel made cinnamon rolls. I got all ready and then went downstairs to talk to them for a minute and feed Max and then we headed off to church. I decided not to bring in the baby bag, but I forgot to take the blanket in! Bad Mom! We dropped Katie off at Sunday School and headed to our Sunday School. After the service was over I went to look for Katie…I had no idea where Children’s Church was…after checking the classroom where we dropped her off and the second classroom they told us she was gonna visit I finally just had to go to the front desk and tell them I’d lost my niece! The woman there knew right who I was talking about. Katie said she’d had a good time, and they even gave her a new Bible!

We went to Steak-N-Shake for lunch. Right afterward it was time for me to feed Max. While I was doing that Kel and Kate packed up. They left as soon as Max and I were finished. All in all we had a great weekend. I’m looking forward to the next time they come.

Ok, supper’s over and I’ve read a few blogs…so it’s time to add more to mine.

Other things we talked about at the ped’s office:
He doesn’t see any problem with taking Max up in a private plane unless Max has a cold.
He says that if Max only has a temperature of 101 but no other symptoms then I should just watch him for a day or two. But if a temp is accompanied by other symptoms (fussiness, lethargy, lack of appetite, etc) I should bring him in right away.
Max has a birthmark on the nape of his neck called a stork bite; its official name is hemangioma. It may fade or not, but is mostly covered by his hair.
Max has been spitting up every once in a while…maybe once every other day or so. I’ve been a little worried about letting him sleep completely flat on his back so we’ve been letting him sleep in his carseat. The ped said with occurrences that rare we don’t need to worry about having him sleep completely flat.
I haven’t been using anything on his skin after changing his diaper…the ped said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…there’s no reason to use diaper rash cream if there’s no diaper rash.
I told the ped I’d checked his temp under his arm a time or two…he said that’s fine. If the temp is one degree less than a fever then I could take his temp rectally, but generally under the arm is fine.

I think Max has been over his cold for a few days, but Sunday night (at his 10pm feeding, I think) his eye was clogged with mucus (I guess?). He never had it so bad again…I just wiped it off with a warm cloth. I told the ped and he said that was the right thing to do. I called Mom and she said that may just be the cold coming out that way. I need to ask her how long this may continue…he’s been having a tiny bit of it every once in a while but nothing as bad as the first time.

I told the ped we were taking Max to Florida in a month and asked if he had anything to say. He suggested we get a babysitter to come with us. We’ve talked about having Tj’s mom come down and stay in the room with him but I think neither of us really wants to do that. I thought about it that night and the conclusion I’ve come to is that we should be able to handle it ourselves. Either I bring Max into the parks, or I have to bring the pump and pump/dump everything. If Max continues this feeding schedule we’ll only have two feedings in the parks…I’ll feed him at 8am and then we’ll go to the parks, and we’ll just be back in the room by 10pm for his last feeding.

Max got his second hepatitis b vaccine during his visit. Man, as often as I’ve seen his little face get all red I think that was the fastest! Poor boy, he was so hurt. He screamed out for the longest time, but he was asleep before we even left the room to go home.

My weight has been dropping a little bit these last few days. I’ve noticed that I’m not as hungry anymore, either. I guess I’m getting the hang of this, maybe. The hot/cold flashes are slowing down, but still here. I tried on some of my old clothes Tuesday night and it’s a total no-go.

Today was the first time Max and I hit the road for shopping, we had a good day. We headed out about 10:15 and went to Sears for a return. I didn’t realize until I got to the counter that I’d left my purse in the car. After taking care of that we walked around the mall a little bit and picked up a present or two for daddy. I checked on my Mrs. Ellis watch and found out that the movement had been completely replaced/updated so it’ll be a lot cheaper to fix than I was originally quoted. The guy at the counter recognized me and commented that he’d never seen Max before…it’s always nice to be remembered!

After the mall we headed to Target to return some duplicate baby gifts. I tried on several shirts and bought them. Max got fussy for a while but settled back to sleep with the help of his pacifier. After a little more shopping I decided not to press my luck…and it was almost time for his lunch. I went through Zaxby’s drive-thru on my way home, then fed him and ate my lunch after. All in all a productive day.

Today was definitely better; I’m slowly on the mend, but not without help. Monday on the way home from the ped’s we stopped and got some Robitussin. I took it twice that day and three times Tuesday and then finally called my doctor’s office to say I couldn’t take it any more. I always have to leave a message for the nurse, Sadie. She has never returned my call on the same day. I was getting pretty desperate that day…I’d gotten a horrible headache the day before at 4pm, and I could feel the same headache coming on. I took two ibuprofen at 3 and at 4:30 the pain was stronger than ever. The sinus pressure was so great it was making me cry! I called Sadie back and told her that I was at the end of my rope with this illness…I wasn’t in control of my voice…I’m sure she could tell I was about to cry. I’d been sitting on the couch feeding Max and just crying from the pain. She called me back and had me describe in detail what was going on and then she said she’d call in a prescription for an antibiotic and Allegra D. I immediately called the pharmacy and asked how long it would likely be before they could fill my prescription; they said two hours. I called back an hour and a half later and they said that it had never been called in. I got so mad that Sadie would do this to me…I asked the guy to please check again because the hospital was closed now and there was no way to do anything until the next morning. Fortunately the pressure had receded quite a bit…I thought I would be ok until morning. I asked how long the pharmacy stayed open and then called an hour and a half before closing…sure enough my prescription was there! I got Max in the car and we went to pick it up. YEA! After I got home I was thankful I hadn’t removed my coat the whole time I was in the store…I had milk running all down my left side! Oops!

Max had his one month check-up Monday; my healthy baby boy! His stats: 97th percentile for weight at 12lbs 13oz! 75th percentile for height at 22″ (he’s only gained 1/2″) and 90th percentile for head circumference at 40cm. I’ll have to get my book of questions I brought to the office and record what ever else I can’t remember, but the gist of the visit is that Max is very healthy. God has really blessed us with a healthy baby who eats very well, sleeps very well, a mom that has plenty of milk for him and a dad who loves both of them. We have such a great family. Ok, back to the visit. Max is drooling now (!) and the ped said that he’s teething (!!!!!). Yuck! Fortunately he either said that drooling can start 3-9 months before the teeth come in (how I remember it) or that teeth usually start coming in at 3-9 months (how Tj remembers it).

Well, Tj just put Max down and it’s time for supper so I’ll have to get back to this later.