January 2005

Well, Max was a stinker again last night. He didn’t cry all night, he just did what he does sometimes, sleeps halfheartedly and whimpers a bit, but puts himself back to sleep. It’s just enough noise that you feel the need to check on him but not enough to make you have to really do anything. If you take him in the bed he sleeps a lot better, but I’m so paranoid about rolling over him. Anyway, after an hour or two he had some serious gas, and then slept soundly.

Three nights in a row of pretty full sleep…it’s too bad this couldn’t last. *sigh*

Mom, Papa and Jo left around noon and I went up to feed little Max. Afterwards when Tj went to change him he noticed that Max’s cord stump was missing. I called Jo’s cell and told her we were looking for it…had Mom taken it? I wanted to put it in his scrapbook. I knew that would really gross her out…I have no intention of keeping that. Yuck! I’m glad to have that thing gone, although what remains is no thing of beauty. I thought once it was gone his belly button would look like mine…but I guess it takes a while to dry up and just look ‘normal’. Anyway…

My bleeding has gone back to a previous intensity, so I’m planning on taking it really easy these next few days. I didn’t remember them saying in the hospital, but Tj says that indicates a new tear. I mentioned this problem to him after everything settled down again so I guess there’s nothing to do about it now. Hopefully everything will be alright.

Tj told the woman at our church who was heading up our getting three weeks of meals (every other day) that my Mom was planning on cooking a good deal when she was here so the women who were planning on bringing meals on the Friday and Monday didn’t need to. I think he was very tactful and appreciative in the way he phrased it…we just didn’t want to be greedy, and thought that it would be nice if we told them ahead of time that we were having food already provided for those days. The funny thing is that the woman who had been scheduled for Monday called and left a message telling me that my husband had cancelled her for the day. Like Tj would do this behind my back! Everyone was still here when I told Tj that and we all had a good laugh.

Max slept with Ma and Jo again last night and was very good. They think that it was because he had more milk and they burped him more between each ounce. Apparently drinking out of a bottle causes him to have more gas than drinking straight from the tap.

Church was cancelled because of all the ice on the roads. While Mom and Papa read their Bible Tj read ours to us…Jo held Max.

Jo made beignets from the Café du Monde box that Jen/Jan sent me while we were in Spain.

Tonight we played VCR Clue. In spite of the initial directions which take forever to get through we had a great time playing. I think Jo really enjoyed herself.

Well, Mom and Jo think five ounces might be a better idea. So far Max has slept pretty well for us, but he cried and was fussy a little last night. Jo kept going on and on about how fussy he was. I felt bad, but they knew where I was sleeping…I was surprised that they didn’t bring him back to our room.

Today Max followed Daddy’s face…everytime Tj moved to the left or right Max turned his head to follow him. It’s so exciting to watch our boy and wonder what he’s thinking.

We had sandwiches for lunch again. Papa made jambalaya, Mom made white beans and Jo made potato salad for supper. Yum.

We broke out the Star Trek puzzle this afternoon. Tj and I took a nap while Mom and Jo watched a movie.

Mom gave Max a bath today…Tj taped it. Sweet.

Jo and I went to Wal-Mart today while Mom cooked and Papa and Daddy put up ceiling fans. That was the first time I’ve been anywhere without Max.

We had sandwiches for lunch. Mom made boiled shrimp for supper and I made Hello Dolly for dessert. Mom couldn’t remember what it was called and asked for something Betty…we laughed a bunch and have decided to rename it Yo Betty.

I was surprised to find that I’m down 20 pounds! I gained a total of 30 overall during pregnancy. I had read that you lose weight pretty quickly while breastfeeding, but I never thought that eight days after I’d only have 10 pounds to go. I wonder how long it’ll take me to lose these last 10.

We played a condensed version of 20 Questions tonight…we didn’t use the board at all, whoever wanted to read the card did and the rest of us called out numbers at random for the clues. Fun.

Later while I was feeding Max in our bed I paused to burp him. He let out a pretty big poop; Tj was sitting right next to us watching the news…you should’ve seen him jump! I think he just about cleared the bed he was so surprised!

Mom and Jo took Max tonight. We’re not really sure how much he needs to eat, but I pumped about four ounces, if I remember correctly. After they all went to bed Tj looked on the internet and found that he should be eating around five ounces for each meal. I guess we’ll see.

Tj went to Sam’s today…we put in our order online so he just ran down there to pick it up.

I pumped for the first time today. Well, I’d tried it out once before, but this is the first time we used what I pumped. Tj’s kinda not wanting to use the formula from the hospital, but I’ve just been being lazy about pumping. After that horrible breastfeeding incident, though, it’ll be nice to give the girls a break once in a while.

So Daddy got to feed Max for the first time today…that was sweet.

Mom, Papa and Jo arrived around 1:30 tonight. They hardly had two words for me before they took over Max and started ooing and ahing over him. Well, he really is a beautiful baby. We stayed up about an hour and then all hit the hay.