December 2004

I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 6:30. I had a pretty good night’s sleep; even this far along I have more good night’s sleep than bad. Night before last was a little rough, but that usually happens only once or twice a week. I’ve taken to sleeping on a heating pad…my lower back hurts more easily now, mostly due to working around the house. You should’ve seen Tj’s face when I told him evening before last that my back was hurting. He said to tell him when I could time the pains, but he was joking. I told him, and I wasn’t joking, that Mom said her pain was continuous…he looked so startled! Poor guy, I shouldn’t do that to him.

The doctor checked me out for the second time yesterday and said that everything was closed. Max doesn’t appear to be coming any time soon. I’m due 28 days from yesterday! Tj said last night that in six weeks we’ll definitely have a baby in our house! I know it’s coming, but it’s so hard to believe it. I guess because I just can’t imagine the bazillion ways having a baby will change us. I believe it will affect every facet of our lives, but I can’t comprehend that yet.

Although I’ve had a few days where I wished that Max would come early, the majority of the time I feel that if he waits until his due date (or even a little later?) that would be fine with me. I’ve had a few days of a really sore pelvis, but for the most part it hurts only when I’ve been sitting for more than 20 minutes and I stand up. The doctor was very pleased with how healthy I am and the baby seems. We’ve been so blessed…God has been good to us. I’m just now starting to pray regularly for an easy delivery.

I talked to Ma last night and she said that Papa wouldn’t be coming here for Christmas. There’s supposed to be a big freeze there and he thinks he’d just worry about his house and Monmon’s house the whole time if he left. So Mom’s riding up with Jo/Ted/boys. Tj said to ask if Jo could bring the Pack-n-play she’s giving us instead of Ma…that boy’s gonna get himself in trouble making jokes like that one of these days!

Well, now that I’m up I’d better start cleaning. The house is in pretty good shape, but I have clothes to take care of, gifts to wrap and vacuuming to do.

We’re getting down to the wire with my folks coming. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, and then I’ll try to break up all the cleaning/vacuuming up so my back doesn’t hurt more than necessary.

We went to the mall today for several errands and did our shopping for each other. Tj set a half-hour time limit and we went all over Sears to see what we could find for each other. I really enjoyed it! Think I may want to do this each year. We’ll see.

Gotta go get the clothes out of the dryer and then I’ll be off to bed soon; I’m about to drop.

Tj tried to put together the bookshelves we got at Sam’s…the pieces are bolted together and the pre-drilled holes have metal screw threads inserted to meet the bolts. He didn’t even get three steps done when the screw threads started coming out of their places. He called the manufacturer and they said we ought to start gluing the thing together. Whatever. We’d asked Scotty to help us get these huge boxes here…he has a truck and we don’t. Now we’ll either have to ask Matt to let us borrow his truck to return these things back to Sam’s or we’ll have to rent a U-Haul. Ugh.

We decided to bring the baby bed back to Wal-Mart last night at about 10:15 pm when the crowds should be down. I wasn’t very clear yesterday but on one of the four posts the top had broken off. We drove up to the side entrance and Tj pulled the box out. I was gonna wait just inside, but then we saw that the side entrance was closed. He parked the car and then carried the box to the front entrance. When we got to the woman who is supposed to give us a sticker she told us that the service desk closed at 10pm. Tj had wanted to call but I couldn’t imagine that they would close down so early, oops! Tj carried the box all the way back to the car and we went back in to get a few things. He headed straight to the baby area and talked to one of the workers there and she said no problem…I’ll just let you exchange the one piece, I can’t believe that they wouldn’t let you make a direct exchange. So we went back out to the car and opened our box (we hadn’t even cut the binding cords around the crib yet because we’d seen it was broken) and checked every other piece. They all seemed fine so we just brought in that one end. When we got back inside the same door-woman told us that we couldn’t bring in anything. I tried to explain to her but she wasn’t having any of it. She started to go over to a manager at a cash register so I asked her which person she wanted me to talk to and then I headed to that manager, Pricilla. I told Pricilla that a store clerk in the back had ok’d our exchange but Pricilla was having none of it! She said the clerk had to come up to the front of the store and talk to her. I started back, but then turned around and said let me have your name so I can tell the clerk to call you…Pricilla said she has to come up here and talk to me. I walked towards the back and saw no sign of Tj…he’d made a bee-line for the baby department while I dealt with those women. When I got back there the clerk was ripping open another box which turned out to have the wrong color bed. No problem, she stood on that box to reach another box and rip it open! She was telling us the whole time that we were leaving with a complete bed that night. She pulled out a couple of pieces and finally got the one we needed. She wrapped it up in foam paper and walked us to the front of the store. On the way we pointed out the door-woman and the clerk said oh, she’s really friendly, you’ll get your bed no problem. She went to that woman and told her that so-and-so had said it was ok for us to exchange that piece. The woman didn’t really want to let us go since this was the third time she’d seen us with crib parts, but here was her friend telling her it was ok. I kinda felt bad for the door-woman, she was just doing her job, but I felt worse for us! We put the part in the car and headed back inside for our shopping…I have a feeling we’d have gone straight home and to bed but Tj was itching to buy a tape for our new camcorder. We got that, some Cokes and chocolate ice cream and headed home. He put the crib box outside for the garbage men and I put the crib together…it looks great! YEA! Finally, we’ve had a small amount of success with new stuff!

I’m gonna go see what I need to buy Max before I go meet Cathy for lunch, and if I have time I’m gonna box the bookshelf back up. Tj’s getting ready to go to the FAA to get his license upgraded (or downgraded) to prove he can fly single-engine planes. Then this afternoon if our luck has changed the armoire will be repaired and I can load that up before my folks get here.

Tomorrow the Haverty’s guys will come to replace the footboard, and maybe we’ll finish up our shopping. Then maybe we’ll have another at-home day and Friday we’ll have a big clean-up day. I swear…every time I vacuum we get another box with tons of packing bits in it, or we have to move the Christmas tree and leave a trail of needles, or I string garland…something messy happens!

Went for the first of my weekly doctor’s appointments (!) last Thursday…she checked me out and said everything was tightly closed. It’s just a matter of time. She estimated that the boy is 6 lbs!!! My due date is a month from yesterday! She said that babies generally gain ½ pound or less per week…looks like they think he’s gonna be an 8 pounder, or more! So far I’ve gained 24 pounds…I was hanging out at 22.5 until yesterday when we ate at Olive Garden…need to drink a lot of water today.