November 2004

Well, I’m starting to pay my pregnancy dues. I’ve had such a great pregnancy so far, I guess it’s time. My pelvis was so sore for the first time last Friday when I went for my checkup, and it’s sore again today. The bottom of my belly was really sore yesterday. I’m feeling really old lately! I don’t think I’m overdoing it with the house…I guess it’s just the way it goes now. I’ve had a little bit of heartburn, too. I guess last Monday or Tuesday it started; it really seemed like I was gonna have it every day, but it’s slowed down a bit. I saw another midwife at my appointment and she said that I’m right on schedule…that her first appointment of the day was a 30-week woman who was just starting to feel some discomfort. All in all I’ve had a great pregnancy…and only 10 weeks to go!

The house is still coming along…I have a few picture boxes to open, three medium sized boxes of food that won’t fit in the pantry, and twenty or so boxes of books I’m waiting to open until we get new bookshelves. All of the other boxes are opened but about ¼ of our dishes won’t fit in our cabinets. I’ve been planning on just boxing them up but Tj thinks we ought to buy a china cabinet. We went to Sam’s yesterday and he saw some buffets that he liked, so we may be shopping for one of those soon. We don’t have a dedicated linen closet so I’ll have 3 large boxes with blankets to fit into the water heater area. Once all of that’s finished I need to have a dedicated ‘hang up the pictures’ day, and then on to going through all of our clothes to pull out whatever I’m getting rid of, and change from summer to winter clothes. Then I can start thinking about Max! That’s the plan for now, anyway.

We’ve been going to Summit Church lately, I think we may join. We both like the sermons and the Sunday School, although it’s taken me a while to get used to the SS style. It’s pretty relaxed, people just pipe up whenever. That’s not so bad, but the teacher doesn’t lead so much as just directs the topics somewhat. Tj says he agrees with everyone, too, which I’ve noticed. The people are nice, though. It’ll be nice to have a church family here. A big drawback is that the church is in the process of finding a new pastor…so we may be looking for another church before we leave here, but we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.

After church yesterday we went and bought some bedroom furniture! I thought we’d buy living room furniture first, but when we moved in Tj wanted the bed in front of the window. After sleeping a few weeks with the bed moved away from the window so as not to ruin the blinds Tj said we’d get that furniture first, and we didn’t need to wait for the new year like we’d planned. We bought a sleigh bed, a sweater chest that has six drawers on the left and glass doors with drawers behind for sweaters on the right, two nightstands and a tv armoire with doors that slide back. Of course after we picked out the bed but before we bought it we measured the wall that the window’s on and the bed won’t fit with the nightstands and the bed. So the whole reason we had to buy the furniture so soon is now gone. Oh well, we were planning on buying furniture anyway.

Guess I’ll stop here for now. It’s time to eat a bit of lunch and then settle in for a little nap. I’ve been so exhausted lately that naps are now back in fashion.

Well, I’ve been neglecting this blog long enough, but with good cause…I’ve been worried that if I started blogging and reading blogs I’d have trouble tearing myself away from the laptop and getting back to work. I’ve thought about blogging almost every day, but have been working so much on unpacking this house that I’ve fallen into bed every night.

But yesterday something happened that must be blogged…I cried about little Max. A pregnant woman crying shouldn’t be anything new, but I’ve only cried about once or twice in the last few months. But yesterday as Tj and I were watching a movie I was really feeling Max move. I think we’ve moved on to the next stage of pregnancy because he’s been moving like that more and more lately. I don’t quite know how to describe the difference, maybe it’s just that he’s bigger and has less room so I really feel him and not just ‘random’ baby movements. At one point I was touching my belly and felt him touch me back. It was so exciting! Today I felt a little foot! I know he’s a little human, and I know that he doesn’t know yet what he’s doing, that his movements are reflexes, but this touch just seemed different. Tj got to feel him move that way too. I’m having a baby!

I feel like I should feel guilty for not having done more yet to get ready for his arrival…after all I have fewer than 11 weeks left! (11 WEEKS!!!) But really, I have to finish the house and then I can think about Max. I’ve been through all but one box, I think, and that one’s Tj’s sentimental box. I’m planning on getting rid of some of my arch books…the reference ones. I’m also gonna finally get rid of my going away (gag) gifts from Slack…two Slack mugs, two Best Western mugs, a coffee scoop, two rolls of toilet paper, some condoms (from Court), some asprin…I’m sure there were a few other things…oh, yeah, like the ‘autographed’ photo of Robert Loggia. I forget how it got started but McSwain started saying I was in love with Robert Loggia; hence the photo.

Well, I’m gonna wrap this up for now. The last thing to blog is that we had our neighbors over for the first time tonight. I’ve tried to get over there to give her back her pie plate and to give her a warm loaf of bread but it just wasn’t working out. Finally we asked if we could come over and have them show us how to start our gas-log fireplace and give back the dish. I left a message and when she called she asked if they could come over. They seem really nice, we had a good visit. I never thought I’d want to have gas logs but I think I’ll enjoy having these. We haven’t had good luck with fireplaces, so this seems like the best of both worlds: the beauty of a fire without all the hard work.