September 2004

Fundal height: 25

From BabyZone:
   Distance between the pubic bone and uterine fundus (top of the uterus). The fundal height is used to estimate uterine size and fetal age. This is a rough estimate of the size of the fetus and is used to screen for problems with fetal growth. This basic measurement is obtained at most prenatal visits. The fundal height (in centimeters) is taken with a tape measure from the top of the pubic bone to the top (fundus) of the uterus. The fundal height increases as the uterus enlarges. Between 18 and 30 weeks of gestation the fundal height in centimeters is roughly the same as the number of weeks of gestation.

Heatbeat: 164
Weight: Same as my boy’s heartbeat!

This means that in one month I’ve gained 10 pounds! I actually weighed 162.5 at home this morning…10 pounds more than the day I found out I was pregnant. So….I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, lost and gained back 8 pounds by week 20, and by week 24 I’ve gained another 10 pounds! So of course I want to say I’ve gained 10 pounds in 24 weeks of pregnancy…but the fact of the matter is that I’ve gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks. Overall it’s not horrible, but I don’t want to keep up this trend!

Man, only 16 more weeks! 4 more months…that sounds a little more manageable. We haven’t done anything as far as buying anything for Max…I’m putting it off until we get in this house…which reminds me…I haven’t written about that lately.

Since it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve written I’ll just take it from the top.

Monday before last I went to the North Point Mall in Alpharetta and met Becki and her friend Julie. I shopped for about an hour before they got there. We went to the food court for lunch right away. This was the first day of me being serious about not gaining too much weight. B said she gained 60 pounds with each pregnancy! I don’t want to do that… but I’m not gonna say it won’t happen. I had some grilled chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and a little bit of black eyed peas.

The kids rode the merry-go-round. We shopped a bit. Becki took a break to breastfeed while Julie and I watched the other two kids on the indoor playground. Then they went to Penney’s to look at kids clothes and I looked at purses, and bought one! I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it, but now I really like it.

As we were leaving Becki gave me more hand-me-downs…a baby backpack (frontpack, actually) being one of them; Tj’s been wanting one of those! She gave me a few other things…we’ve been so fortunate!

Tuesday I got my haircut and went to the movies…Wimbledon…ok, but not spectacular. Wednesday I saw Vanity Fair…ditto.

Friday morning was our house inspection and the carpet guy came by to measure. On the way to the house I ran over a squirrel! I’d just turned into the subdivision and saw him, I was going so slowly…he ran to the center of my lane so I missed him with my front tires but got him with the back! Yuck! Fortunately that didn’t seem to be bad luck for our inspection.

Tj and I walked around with the inspector a good bit, he seemed to do a thorough job. He’d brought his computer, printer and digital camera so at the end he printed us up a complete report and went over the whole thing with us. There were very few things wrong…a window was cracked, the wooden trim on the front is rotten and needs to be replaced, there was about 8′ of pb plumbing which the owners said wasn’t there, the vinyl siding soffit needs to be pushed back into the fascia in one place, and the vinyl needs a power wash. That’s it! We made an offer to the sellers that we’d take care of the plumbing and the power wash but they should have the window/soffit/trim fixed. They countered by having someone give them an estimate for all of those repairs, and said that at closing they’d give a check for a little more than the repair amount to the repairman of our choice. I really didn’t think they’d pay for the trim so I’m pretty excited!

Now all we have left is the VA inspector. One more condition of this last contract was that if the VA guy found any problems instead of the sellers being required to pay up to $500 (like the original contract said) they should only have to pay $300. We agreed to that.

Well, I’ve really enjoyed IM’ing my sister for a while now…maybe even as long as a year, I don’t know. But lately she’s been having trouble with her boyfriend. I really hate to hear that. I can’t ever know the whole story, but it’s always upsetting to know that my friends or family is unhappy in their situation, even when they’re the one who’s put themselves in that situation.

She now feels it’s imperative to move out ASAP, but has no resources to do so. Her boyfriend thought she was cheating on him and read some of her emails, etc. Now he knows she hasn’t cheated, but he’s hurt by some of the feelings she shared with other people. On the one hand she shouldn’t have written things down (or said things) that she didn’t want him to know…but on the other hand he shouldn’t have read her letters.

Well, things have certainly turned.

Not long after Tj went to work last Friday Norine called to say that the house we’d tried to make an offer on was again up for sale. Apparently the buyers were unable to satisfy the contingencies placed on them and the sellers have terminated the negotiations. I called Tj and left him a message while he was at work. He got off a couple of hours early so we tried to get in touch with Norine right away. I had to leave a message for her, and after a while we decided to continue with our plans to go out for steak. While we were waiting to be seated she called and we set up an appointment to see the house the next morning.

We needed to remind ourselves what the house looked like, and also to not seem too desperate in placing a bid the instant the other agent contacted us. We’re definitely not in love with this house, but it is practical for us. I think we’re also holding back a little bit…trying not to get too excited in case something falls through. I do love the front façade; it’s all brick…the other three sides are vinyl siding, if that doesn’t beat all! Apparently that’s the way they do it around here unless you buy a house in the $500,000’s! The inside is plenty big enough…the sellers have agreed to buy us new carpet and we’ll have to paint two or three rooms, but that’s it.

Anyway, they accepted our offer. The only effort at a counteroffer was that they said they’d only give their agent 2.5%, our agent gets the 1/2% they took from their agent! I was surprised that they could get away with that, but I guess the other agent knew she’d made a mistake and would rather 2.5% instead of nothing. Anyway, the other buyers had paid for an inspector to go through the house so we put in the contract that they give us the report. If it seems thorough enough we’ll skip an inspector ourselves…they cost about $300 in this area. If we do get it inspected we’re hoping to do that this Saturday. Then we’ll have the negotiations over the inspectors’ reports, and that’ll be that.

The close date is October 22. I don’t know how long it takes carpet to be laid, but I’m hoping it’s not more than two days. October 23-4 carpet (do they lay over the weekend?), 26 (Tuesday) or so we’ll have the military deliver the furniture, we can start moving our stuff into the garage the day we close until the carpet’s finished. Our last day in this apartment is the 31st, so I’m hoping we can get all of this done without having to rent this apartment another month; Tj’s already mentioned extending another month. We’ll have the Aaron’s people pick up the furniture here one of those days…don’t know when. Everyone wants pick-up on the 31st, so that’s the tricky part. Maybe the 28th (Thursday) will work. If they don’t lay carpet on the weekend then this will be a really stressful week…I suggested staying in a hotel for a few days, that’s cheaper than renting this place again, but I don’t know if it’s a great idea.

I forgot to mention that the owners of the backup house (or their agent, not sure which) have called several times to see if we’d like to make an offer. They saw that I was pregnant and are also offering a $250 gift certificate to Babies R Us or anywhere else we want! That seems so funny to me, but I shouldn’t laugh. I’m trying not to think about all the hassle we’ll go through when we sell. Ugh.

Thanks, Cheryl, for your comment…I can always count on you! You’re such a sweetie to keep reading. I think yours is the journal that I’ve been reading the longest, and the one that inspired me to start my own journal, and the one that inspired me to go out and buy fun socks.

Turns out my allergy rash isn’t an allergy at all. I don’t guess I mentioned at all the stupid primary care manager I picked at random…she was just such a know-it-all. I mentioned the allergy to her and she just said that’s not an allergy. She gave me some cream for it, but after two or three days of using it the rash (which had just about cleared up before the cream) was three times worse than it’d ever been! My OB looked at it, told me that food allergies usually give you a total-body rash, and told me to use a powder with cornstarch. It works like a dream!

Also, since moving here my nose has been extremely dry. I’ve stopped taking any allergy meds because Flonase only makes my nose bleed more. The stupid PCM told me that saline spray will dry out my nose. She’s the only person who’s said that…both my doc in Spain and my OB here say it helps out a dry nose.

Since it’s so late in my pregnancy I’ve only seen my OB once, and am now making my way through the other doctors in the rotation. I had Dr. JJ last time, and I asked for a prescription for my allergies. She said just buy Claritin over the counter. I just wanted a prescription, but she kept insisting that I could buy it over the counter. I went to the BX and saw that it’s about $1/day!!! I only pay $9/30 days or $9/90 days if I use the mail in prescription service…how stupid is it for me to want to buy this over the counter!!?? I’m not like some people who use Claritin for a week or two, I use it year-round. So I called back and asked my OB’s nurse for a prescription. I told her I was pregnant so she prescribed Zyrtec. Great. I can use it while pregnant, but not while breastfeeding! So I can use it for a few more months…I can’t believe this! What was she thinking? I’m gonna use what I have now but ask for a different prescription at my next office visit.

Just a few facts: Dr. JJ says 12oz fish/week, 4grams acetaminophen/day max (I was having allergy headaches and was worried about taking too much…don’t have to worry about that now), 25mg caffeine/day (like I know how many mgs of caffeine decaf iced tea has in it).

A funny aside…when I saw Dr. Howard (my OB) I mentioned the fact that I can’t eat the amount I used to, and he said yeah, just eat smaller meals about every two hours or so. Basically I’ve just been eating a small meal whenever I was hungry…I’m sure this fits what he was saying. We told Tj’s mom this, and she then insisted that the doctor meant for me to eat every two hours! How can she think this? We’ve made jokes that I need to set an alarm so I can wake up every two hours during the night and eat.

All in all this pregnancy seems to be going very well. I meant to double-check at my first appointment, but I’ve been feeling Braxton Hicks since at least the beginning of August. They’re not anything like I expected…I guess I thought that there would be some pain associated with them since they’re a type of contraction. It just seems funny that I can feel my uterus tighten for no apparent reason. I guess my body’s just getting ready to let go of this baby! Only 18 more weeks to go! (OH MY GOSH!!)