July 2004

After everything was set up and we were just waiting for the move-in day Tj called to set up our electricity. Everything was fine until the power company called to tell us that because the former tenants didn’t pay their bill we’d have to go down to their office and bring copies of tons of stuff…licenses, orders, etc etc etc. Tj was really annoyed and angry that we had to do that; he called the office (of course we got the call right before closing time) and tried to explain that we were the first to live in the apartment. The person kept saying “I understand, but the person who lived there previously didn’t pay their bill…”. It’s so annoying that she was obviously not even listening to what Tj was saying! He was really aggravated that we had to go to the office because of some glitch. I kept thinking that if they’d told us we had to bring that paperwork down there because it was their policy that we wouldn’t have had a problem with it; Tj agreed with me, but he just couldn’t let go of the fact that the woman from the power company hadn’t even pretended to pay attention to anything he was saying. He decided that we shouldn’t have to deal with this whole problem. He said we’d tell the apartment office chick what was going on and let her deal with it. I said maybe we ought to move into the adjacent apartment which already had electricity. Tj didn’t want to; that apartment needed to have the hot-water kitchen-sink knob attached and he felt that the apartment manager should take care of the electricity in the first apartment.

So……the apartment chick called the electricity chick and basically had the same luck as Tj’d had. I kept my mouth shut about the other apartment. After a few seconds, though, the apartment chick said ‘what about taking another apartment?’. Without skipping a beat Tj said ok. !!!!!!!!!! Of course I didn’t let that one go once we were alone.

Once we moved in we saw that if you turned on the cold water in the kitchen that water came up through the hot water knob site! But it didn’t take too long before we got that repaired.

Today Tj got several recorded calls from the power company telling him that his electricity was about to be cut off! He called the company to take care of the matter and was told that it was a problem on the company’s end, he shouldn’t worry about his power. They really need to get their act together.

The next time I was in the apartment office I told them about the calls. The girl there told me that the whole problem was that the apartment complex hadn’t been billed for some apartments, and therefore hadn’t paid their bills. They’re taking care of the problem now.

Well, we’re here in the States, and about to move into an apartment tomorrow morning. I’m at an internet cafe writing this, and I can tell you that it’s not gonna be a lot…I just need a place holder for now. Hopefully our internet service at the apartment won’t take too long to connect…and I’ll put a real update then. There are many things to mention…hope I remember them all!

Man, we have made some trouble for ourselves. The way the government pays for housing is you tell them what your bill is and they give you that amount of money.

So our plan for moving here was renting a furnished apartment (since our stuff will take a while to be shipped here). Because the gov’t would only pay one bill, though, we had to find an apartment complex that would be willing to pay for the furniture and then bill us. That was the trick. We went to an apartment finder and the guy (Mark, very nice) said that that would be pretty difficult to find (which I had thought, actually).

We visited only one other apartment building, but it was pretty old. Mark suggested this complex because it was new and in a good area, in our price range, and they said they’d work with us on the furniture. We came out and looked around and loved it. The apartment is so big, and the fact that no one’s ever lived here is a huge plus. After looking it over we went back to the office to see about the furniture. We talked about it with the office chick, and then she let us use the office computer to choose the furniture from the rental place that they would work with. The price was in range for us, so we showed the girl and she said she’d call the company and confirm the price…she thought that the prices on the internet might not be current. I told her that they’d better be current, they couldn’t very well change the price on us like that. Tj and I had to go back home to get a check for the deposit because the complex wouldn’t take cash.

After we got back (and this was right around closing time) she told us that there would be a charge from the complex. We’d expected that all along; what we hadn’t expected was a $400/month charge for the matter! I talked to the complex manager and she said because the apartment would be responsible if anything happened they had to charge us that much. This didn’t make sense to me because there would already be a charge from the furniture company built in the price…obviously this wasn’t an insurance charge but a ‘just because we can’ charge. We told them that we’d have to think it over and get back with them the next day.

We were nervous about losing the apartment; there aren’t that many 3-bedroom apartments available. But this complex was so new that we thought there should be enough available units left. We went home and talked about it. Neither of us thought the complex should make that much money off of us. Finally I asked Tj if he was sure that what he thought about how he got paid was correct. He said that’s the way the government used to pay him, but he would look it up online. After a little research he saw that things had changed recently; now the government sets a housing price for each area and that’s what each individual is paid. Yea!

So we went to Aaron’s this morning and picked out a bunch of furniture to rent. And then we went to the apartment building and gave them a check for our apartment! The crazy thing was that the reason Tj wanted to go to Aaron’s was that there were tons of signs saying that they delivered in 24 hours. When it came time for the lady to tell us when the furniture could be delivered she said the first available day was Tuesday. When she went to check on something I mentioned it to Tj; he wasn’t bothered, but I figured I’d just mention it to her. When I asked her ‘what about the 24-hour thing?’ she said that they were very booked up, but because we had to wait she’d take off the $50 move fee. Woohoo!

Well, July 2nd was the last time I posted before Tj had to unhook our computers for the move. For the next month or so (until August 13th, to be exact) all of the entries have been written from memory and backdated.

Here I am starting off another entry with grumbling, but oh well. Papa called Wednesday night to tell Tj that the car people had called him (he’s our backup number) and were wanting info. After he relayed the message he asked how Max was. No, we still don’t know what we’re having, but he’s mentioned before that he has a BB gun for Max! I guess he thinks we’re having a boy. (‘Course, that’s what he hoped for when he had all his girls!) Then he asked how Max’s mom was, and then he hung up. The whole call was no more than five minutes. Now I know I’m being extremely petty here, but that really annoyed me. Every time I call him he apologizes for not calling me. Mom always complains that she has to dial 39 numbers when she calls and says that’s the reason she never calls me. So here he is, already talking to Tj, and he can’t spare a few minutes to talk to his own daughter!? I’ve got to let this go, but it really goads me. I really want to try not to be this way with my kids. I don’t want to go off the deep end and smother them, either; but there’s got to be a happy medium.

Well, I was gonna write something good, but I’ve been gone awhile, and now it’s time to put my baby to bed! Tj’s taken care of the car and is home safe and sound. Will write more later, but don’t know when…the movers will be here Tuesday!!!! It’s getting so close!