Oreo birthday cake!

This morning Soul’d Out came and performed at our church; boy can they sing! The bass guy is amazing! On the way home to eat leftovers we spontaneously decided to go to Smokey Bones for lunch. All of our food was the best we’d had there yet!

At home I made Max’s birthday cake and then Ted and I took a nap. When we woke up I worked on Monarch for a while, and then we ate cake while we watched the end of Spiderman. We all played Uno, and then I started a load of laundry while the boys got into bed.

Ted and I watched the final 3 episodes of Stranger Things; that’s a fun show! As I was doing a final Sudoku before bed I could see something in my eye, but I couldn’t get it out. I finally gave up and went to the mirror and could see a speck of something in my eye! I flushed it a bit, and even tried to touch it with my finger, but the white speck was stuck at the bottom of my iris…it was so weird to see it right there but not be able to move it no matter how many times I blinked! Ted got a kleenex and touched it to the speck and it came right out! Fewf! I was worried about scratching my eye but he took care of it perfectly!

I was already in the bed and looking at FB when I saw that other people nearby were looking at the moon. I asked Ted to check outside to see if it was worth getting out of bed for and he didn’t sound super impressed, but I decided to get up anyway, and I’m so glad I did; it was awesome! Huge, red-orange and straight overhead! God makes some beautiful things!

My boy is another year older!!!

We celebrated Max’s birthday today!! That boy is getting so big! He’s been hinting and asking for a new phone for his birthday and we’ve decided to give him Ted’s old phone.

First, though, we went to Krispy Kreme and bought all kinds of awesome doughnuts. They’ve changed the machine around a little bit and now you can see where the dough is mixed and then squirted out and watch it as it goes through the whole rising process. Besides how awesome super fresh doughnuts are it’s so cool to see the whole process!

Before Max bit into his first one, though, Ted gave him his new phone. Ted always has an elaborate, well-thought-out plan for how celebrations should go! I’m a lot more slap-dash. Max was so super excited! He thanked us several times throughout the day for his phone.

At home Max and Ted set up his phone even more than Ted did on his own. There were some apps that Max needed to weigh in on before set-up.

We went to Ford’s Garage for lunch. It’s a new burger place and their burgers look awesome on the menu! Unfortunately they didn’t really deliver on the flavor. The meat seemed to be lacking something, and they were a little overcooked, too. Oh well. We ran by Publix on the way home to get Max’s birthday cake. We talked over all the options and Max chose an Oreo cake that I make so we got all the fixings for that and headed home.

Ted and I took a nap; I think this is the worst jet-lag Ted has had for a while! Not long after we got up it was time to go to BWW for supper! When we got home it was time for showers and bed.

My boyfriend’s back!

Ted came home this morning! He’s totally whipped, so after visiting a bit he went to sleep and the boys and I did our stuff. Max finished school early! Whoppee! I went to wake Ted up and sat there rubbing his back and finishing up my book for probably an hour.

For lunch Ted had roast beef with rice and gravy and the boys and I had baked potatoes. That roast has such a good flavor; I can’t wait to have it again. Afterwards Ted and I took a nap, and then we walked around the park to help him wake up and get over jetlag.

Ted wanted pizza for supper so I made both kinds again. We watched the first part of Spiderman Homecoming, and then the boys got ready for bed. I really didn’t feel well after supper; my head was spinning for a couple of hours, but then I was fine.

Jack and tornados

A couple of days ago I was having such a hard time with Jack and school; I finally decided that for the next little while I’d major on doing life skills for his school. After breakfast and chores and Bible reading I had him help me make chicken and wild rice soup.

We colored later and when he finished this page he proudly exclaimed that he’d drawn 2 tornados! What does he know about tornados?! He obviously knows they go in the sky, but what does he think they are?? Funny kid!

Another window handle came off today; there are only the 2 little vertical window handles left!

For supper we had cheese enchiladas and salad.