Church let out a couple of minutes later than last week, and I took Jack to the bathroom before we left so we left several minutes later than last week. When we were passing Willie’s Pinchos we saw 3 cars in the lot, so we decided to chance it. I figured we’d have to wait for them to open, but when I remembered that we’d then have to wait for their oil to heat up and all the other stuff I started to chicken out. I asked Max if he wanted to give up and go home and he said no. Then when we got inside and two servers brought in bags of McDonalds I really began to feel foolish for trying so hard to eat here. We ordered a jibarito with steak and pastrami, that’s a sandwich with plantain buns; it was good, but it didn’t blow me away. What did, though, was the loaded fries; I’m always a sucker for those, and these were awesome! We 3 split those 2 meals, and I was full when I walked out. I think the boys were, too, because Max had half the jabrito and Jack had a quarter, we split the fries more evenly. I wonder if Tj will want to come back here.

We went home and I headed to Bill and Lucy’s to deliver some cilantro lime cole slaw I made this week to go with my carnitas. We chatted for a minute and then Jack and I took a great nap. When I got up and was getting the boys ready for outside I realized that my 2 tiny succulents got knocked behind the couch!!! I thought we were past all that stupid knocking my plants behind the couch every other week! Ugh. I yelled and carried on as I moved the couch and dug out the plants; I’ll have to vacuum back there later. Then when I paused to take a breath Max told me he thought it might not have been Jack who did that…the other day he was (innocently) playing Minecraft and heard a sound (out of the blue), and now he realizes that it must have been my plants. I guess they committed suicide and jumped without any provocation. Maybe he’ll be the one vacuuming behind the couch.

After it was all over I sent the boys to the playground. When they came home they played with the new building toy I got them. One of the sales was donation only, most of the stuff had been donated to these people and they were trying to make money to fund their international adoption. I saw the building toy I’d been debating on buying, so I paid the woman and then we got to talking. Her daughter had adopted a child with DS and was adopting another child with DS!! What a calling! I love Jack, and am so thankful he’s in our lives, but I can’t imagine adopting my first child with special needs. I’m amazed, and somewhat ashamed of myself. What selfless giving. We talked for a bit; she and her husband work with adults with special needs, so they thought raising children with DS wouldn’t be that big a deal. Heh, where have I heard something similar?!!

For supper we had carnitas with the lime cilantro slaw…that’s such a great part of tacos, I should always make a slaw to go with several different types of tacos during the week. This week I’ve had carnitas and fish tacos with this slaw and it works great with both, and I don’t think it overpowers either of them.

I’ve finally given up and started using my Flonase this week. Hopefully I’ll stop sneezing so much and so violently!

I put carnitas in the crockpot and then realized that I hadn’t doubled all the ingredients!! Ugh. The pork I found was twice as much as I needed, and I forgot to get twice as many oranges and limes. Oh well. I threw in more lime juice, and since I didn’t have any more oranges but my girlfriend recently talked about her recipe which calls for a coke, I put in a spoonful of orange marmalade. I hope this works!

Yesterday Lucy gave me a printout of the garage sale addresses with the listing of what each house had for sale. It was kind of overwhelming, but I quickly read through it and circled all the multi-family and moving sales. I was surprised that it was a 40-minute drive to get there, but I still kinda wanted to go. So I set up the boys and my GPS and headed out. I called Jo on the way and caught up on all the news.

After the bust that last weekend’s sale was I wasn’t expecting too much, but I made out pretty well. I came home with a ring-toss toy for the boys, and a building set I’d been thinking of buying anyway, 2 succulents and 4 aloes, a bucket to repot those in, a penguin puppet, a bag for my cup when Tj and I walk and a pair of huge earrings. Woot! I texted Max on the way home and told him to make ham sandwiches for lunch when I realized I’d be home after 1pm. When I got home there were the sandwiches. Nice. Punk kid! I had both boys pick up their toys while I made fish tacos for my lunch then we all ate lunch together. I sent the boys to the playground after lunch, and then Randi said she’d be able to get together after she finished cleaning her house. After a bit she sent her kids to the pg as well and came over to my house. We chatted and had good fun like we always do. I tried to finish up a washcloth I was crocheting for her but could see I wouldn’t get it done in time, so I gave her the first red and white one I made. I have enjoyed the ones Amy and Janet have given me so much that I want to give others some.

After a bit the kids started asking where we were so we headed over to the pg and visited some more. Then the older kids came back to our place to play legos inside, so we came back with the younger kids and I moved the truck out of the way and dumped Jack’s toy basket out on the grass for them to play with. When it was pretty dark we realized we were getting bitten by mosquitos, so we started picking up and they went home. I’m sure gonna miss that girl! We hit it off from the second she got to my house, and we never had a lull. Wonderful!

After she left Max proudly told me how he’d insulted one of her kids in front of another of her kids!!! What??!! I was mortified. I texted her and told her we were coming over so Max could apologize. Of course her one kid hadn’t heard what Max said, but Max apologized anyway. Heavens! Randi and I chatted more and more, and I chatted with her husband, too. I sure wish we were going to be around them more! I got the cilantro and cinnamon she was giving me, and the tripod they’d borrowed. Heh. And then the boys and I ran home in the rain.

When it was time for Jack to have recess today I told him to get his clothes on and then he could go outside to jump…that’s always a highlight. He got ready and was heading to put his shoes on, and then noticed the open homeschool cart and the Star Wars books there. He sat right down and pulled all the books out, and read all the titles. I just watched him and wondered what was going through his head. He picked out the 3 he wanted to read and then put the rest back. He sat at the table and read all 3. It was so sweet! I hope and pray that he loves reading as much as the rest of us do!

We finished school and headed to buy tickets for Busch Gardens and Universal Studios. I found the parking lot this time, and the ticket counter too. The boys stayed in the lobby watching a Disney movie playing there. In the end there were too many decisions to be made about Universal and Tj wasn’t answering his texts, so I only bought Busch tickets. Of course 10 steps away from the counter Tj woke up and texted me. Oh well, we’ll come back.

Next was Hollywood Studios for Tower of Terror! It’s such a fun ride! Jack hangs on me now when we ride it, but he asks for it a lot at home so I know he likes it. He and I went to see Chewbacca and BB-8 after that while Max hung out in the gift shop. Then we went to Rockin Roller Coaster. I’m sad to say I’m just getting more and more sensitive to the shaking on roller coasters; if they jar me they give me a slight headache! I’ll have to load up on tylenol the day we go to Busch Gardens. While I had some free time I looked up best things to eat at Disney and found a better list than the last times I’ve looked. There was a carrot cookie cake that tempted me so we headed to the sweet shop on the way out of there and got one of those. It was massive! And tasted oh so good. Lots of icing, which is just how I like it!

I passed out early last night, I think right around 10 p.m.! So of course this morning I woke up around 5. At first I wanted to grumble, but then I just enjoyed all that free time. I finished reading a fun book about a woman who had amnesia, and that made her realize her priorities and get them straight. I also looked up some recipes and made a half-week meal plan and grocery list.

I have my alarm set for 7:20 and like we do these days when it goes off I start calling the boys to come snuggle in my bed. It’s a nice way to start the day, when it works.

Mr. Bill told me last night that he’d found the exact part I needed! Woot! He gave me a card with the name of the woman I needed to talk to and the address of the place. Beautiful. Jack and I drove there this morning with hope in our hearts. But no luck; it was the same part I already had! Ugh. Oh well. The guy I spoke to there said that the mish mash the plumber had me buy the other day would work great, and he offered to cut off the pipe for me. Next we headed over to Hobby Lobby to buy more yarn. I’m planning to make dishcloths for my sisters and mom, and for several of my friends. I love this new rag I’ve made, it’s so cushy! I hope it stays this way, and I hope they like them. We then went grocery shopping, and we did Jack’s school verbally along the way. I was surprised at how many spelling words he got correct! And how many math facts that he normally does pretty well with that he got wrong. I guess I should start quizzing him verbally during the week.

We had fast passes today for Magic Kingdom. Of course every day this week Jack has asked for Test Track. We’ll have to make that a priority next week. Our first pass was for the Speedway (go-karts). I dropped my pass so Max took Jack. Jack said he didn’t want to drive which surprised me, but Max was happy to drive. We split up next and I was wondering what to do, but then Jack spent probably 20 minutes at the giant stone ball they had floating in water on a big stand. Other kids came and went but he was fascinated. I finally asked him if he was ready to go on a train and he said yes, so we got in line for the people mover. During the ride Jack said, “It’s a dark place.”! That’s good talking! The other day he said “I don’t need help.” That boy is coming along!

While we rode I plotted our next move. It was a moot point, though, because Jack wanted to ‘do standby’. Heh. We walked by the Monster’s Laugh Floor on the way to the carousel and Jack saw the standby line and wanted to do that. So we did. I’m glad he wanted to go…it was a different show than last time! We should go more often. Some of the jokes were repeated, but enough were new that it was fun.

We met up with Max and walked straight to the Haunted Mansion, we were just in time for our fast pass. We didn’t see any new hidden Mickeys, but I was super surprised to see that the gravestone we’d scrutinized last time moved! Heh, we were pretty close to it this time so we saw it move a few times. Tj texted us at this time asking if Max could play. I asked Max if he wanted to go home early, but Tj wasn’t sure he’d still be awake by the time we got home. We went ahead to our last fast pass, Thunder Mtn Railroad. Man, it’s been so many years since I’ve ridden this ride! On the way out of the park I saw that Country Bear Jamboree had an 8 minute wait time so we went to see that, too, for old time’s sake. Talk about a long time! It cracked me up how cheesy it was! So funny. While we waited to get in some Country Bears and cast members danced outside and that was fun to watch.

Then we had the long trek home; it was so breezy that I was cold even though I had a short sleeve layered over a long sleeve and my down vest too! That tram ride was sooooo cold, and I was so tired. I’m not ready to leave Disney, but I will be glad to have some evenings back. I’m not a gone-every-night kind of person! We had leftover pizza and salad for supper, and the last kiwi from my birthday fruit pizza. I stayed up a little later tonight crocheting a rag I hope gets done in time to give to Randi before she moves.

We got out of bed at 8:15 this morning. I decided not to rush the kids and just see how we did. It was ok. Max finished at 3pm and Jack at 3:40. We took a pretty long lunch break, I snoozed for 20 minutes or so after making bruschetta for Max and me, and Jack and I walked to the office to get my old phone and then we went to the playground for a bit. Not too bad, but I like starting earlier and finishing earlier.

About 4 weeks ago I realized there were reading comprehension pages to go along with the spelling words I print up for Jack, and I’ve been using them since then. There’s a short story to read and 3 questions to answer. Both other times he read the story 3 or 4 days in a row, and then the next day I’ll ask him the question. This week he answered all 3 questions himself the second time he read it! The story was only half as long as the other stories, and I bet that makes a big difference, but still, he answered the questions. Hallelujah!

Our paper towels are flapping in the breeze. Jack just said the paper towel is like a flag! After I praised him for such a great sentence he said the paper towel is like flying cher! Heh, we need to watch that video again. It’s so exciting to hear him making more and more complete sentences. And I think the fact that he used a simile is a big deal. He’s not only talking about tangible things anymore.