Jack watched Despicable Me this morning on request while I read some Reader’s Digest. When it was over the boys put up the dishes and made their breakfasts. I was starting to get ready slowly then, and then I realized it was 11! Where does the time go on lazy mornings?! I hopped into the shower and got myself ready. I made an egg and cheese muffin and put some arugula on it since I had that and didn’t have any Canadian bacon. It was good! Tabasco on it was good, too.

We were a little early then, so I put the rest of the Lego stickers on the Ninjago pieces for Max and then we left for the park. I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to go to Magic Kingdom on Christmas day to see what it was like, but also because when else are we going to have this opportunity? I made us some fast passes a few days ago, and figured that if it was too crazy we’d just go home.

And it was crazy! But we went into it with the mindset that we weren’t in a hurry and we could leave at any time. We rode the tram to the T&T because there was a tram right there. When we got to T&T the line from the tram to the bag search was solid! Normally you choose a line and have to wait behind 6 or 8 people, but today you couldn’t even see distinct lines! We drove away from the campground at 12:43, and it was 1:47 when we stepped through the train tunnel into the MK!

The first thing we did was get a DAS for a photo with Mickey right at the entrance. I thought that would be a great way to commemorate this day. After that we only had 7 minutes to get to the Buzz ride. We got into line right at 2pm, but the line before the fast pass station was so long that I knew we’d be past our time by the time we scanned our bracelets. I left the boys in line and asked a Cast Member at the front of the line if that would be a problem and she said it wouldn’t. Once on the ride I found a full side view hidden Mickey!

We shopped for a few minutes while we waited for our Speedway fast pass time. Jack had as great a time as last time. He never says he wants to drive but I make him and then he enjoys it.

I like that I got the castle in the background.

We had a fast pass for Thunder Mountain at 4:15 but we were ready to leave after the Speedway, so we headed to our DAS which was right by the exit. Max says he’s always worried about meeting with characters, since they don’t talk it’s hard to tell what they want sometimes and he doesn’t want to embarrass himself shaking their hands when they want a high 5 or something. Heh. We took our photos and got out of there.

The line for the monorail wasn’t long at all and I figured this would be a great low-pressure way to extend our day, so I told the boys we’d ride around the park a few times. Of course since I said that the a/c wasn’t keeping up in the monorail and it was so hot in there! We were delayed a couple of times for just a few minutes but when we got to our first stop I was so ready to get out of there! And it was cooler outside than inside; we just walked right to our truck. I considered going to Abracadabra, but their FB feed wasn’t 100% clear that they’d be open today, so we just drove home. Along the way I saw a Walgreens that was open so we ran in there and got some ice cream and chips and dip for a Christmas splurge.

At home I sent the boys outside with Legos and toys and called Ted to get the scoop. There’s always scoop. And it’s not the good kind. He’s looking at houses and has found some beauties, but they’re just outside of our price range. I think we have time to keep looking. We’ll see.

We had prosciutto and arugula pizza for supper, and I made lava brownies that we ate with our ice cream. We all talked to Grandmom then, and when she mentioned us moving there sooner I sent Max to shower because we haven’t told him yet. Ugh. It’s hard keeping this secret from him! When the boys were in bed I talked to Ted again to let him know what Grandmom and I had talked about.

Jack woke me up climbing into my bed this morning; I had been sound asleep! I made us cinnamon toast for breakfast.

Max played with the spirograph while Jack and I played Uno, and then we all played some Uno.

Max and I made chocolate bread house dough while watching Christmas movies. When we finished with the dough and I was making lunch we lost the remote, so while I cooked I told Max to find it. He looked and told me he couldn’t find it. I told him we couldn’t just not have a remote, and it’s in the bus, so find it. We did that twice and then there was an episode so we video called Ted.

Max finished making lunch, and we watched Karate Kid while we ate. That’s a good movie, but man do those kids cuss in it!

We went to Hollywood Studios then, and I messed up the time of our fast pass for Voyage of The Little Mermaid. It’s not like I really wanted to see that, but I thought once this year we might enjoy it. I got the fast pass, but didn’t think about it being a show, so we had a 15-minute window for the fast pass instead of the normal hour. Oh well.

We had plenty of time to go to the museum this time, so we did. We all walked to get the DAS for Slinky Dog, and boy is it crowded! We rode Star Tours next, and got a new experience. This time Admiral Ackbar called for our help, we did the pod race, and then at the end we ran into the little yellow pointy ship and the robot working on it threw a can of yellow paint on our windshield. Oh, and on our way in we watched the Padawan exercises and I snapped a few photos.

I was hungry then, but didn’t want a full meal, so the boys and I split a caprese sandwich and fries. I want to make a sandwich like this! It was good, but there was too much something mixed in with the pesto for the spread, either mayo or greek yogurt I think.

We watched a little bit of the Star Wars show on our way to see Chewbacca. And this time Chewy had some gray in his fur!

I woke up in the night and played sudoku; Ted and I have been comparing games. I hit the snooze a bit because although I was wide awake at 2am of course I was so tired at 7:30! I got ready for church and checked on the rocket launch and we were on! I hurried the boys along, but I saw the whole thing, Jack saw most of it, and Max missed it all. It’s hard to see from the photo, but it was easily seen in real life.

We went to church, and got Popeye’s on the way home. Yum! While we were at church a new neighbor moved into Bill and Lucy’s spot, and their big white trailer is parked just a few feet from our dinette window. We get no view out that window now but blinding white reflecting the sun! I’m considering asking them to move it if they have room, but Bill and Lucy should be here around Jan 1, so I may just wait them out. We’ll see.

We started watching The Ghost Breakers with lunch; it’s a B&W Bob Hope movie. Before I took a nap we made a video call to Ted. I think Jack is missing him today; this morning he asked for Ted twice, and said that Ted was finished with Memphis. Heh. Sweet boy. I took a nap then, and enjoyed more Reacher, too.

There was another rocket launch scheduled for this morning. When it was 5 minutes before go I got Max out of bed and we started getting dressed. Then it got scrubbed. Heh.

The boys played their electronics for half an hour and then made and ate their breakfast.

I went out for lunch at a Laredo’s Mexican Grill, practically across the street from the campground. The cheese enchilada was amazing, but the chile relleno wasn’t great. I asked what kind of cheese was in each of these and there’s cheese dip in the enchiladas, and mozzarella in the chile relleno. No wonder the enchilada tasted awesome! I started a new Reacher while I ate; it was an awesome meal.

I shopped a bit at the nearby flea market and thrift store, but I didn’t buy anything. I went home and went through some photos for my blog while the boys played at the playground.

As time goes on it really looks like we’re going to GA from here. I’m so sad. I don’t think there’s any other decision to be made, but that doesn’t mean I like this decision.

The boys had my Mexican leftovers for supper and I ate the last of the stink potatoes.

I messed up my blog on Simplenote after the boys went to bed; I hope I didn’t lose anything!

Jack climbed down sometime around 6am with the iPad in his hand. I’ve gone back to reinforcing the rule that he can’t play with either iPad without asking for permission. I told him to come get in my bed with me and he went back to sleep quickly. He slept while I slept and read until about 9:30 when Max came in and woke him up. I think Jack was beginning to wake up anyway, but he hadn’t said a word until Max came in.

Max and I lay in bed for a little while after Jack got up, and then Jack fixed Max’s breakfast! That boy just wants to help/be a big boy!

I cut Jack’s hair and sent him out to play in the yard while I started on Max. It started drizzling after a bit so I had to go bring the rugs and Jack in. It started raining harder then, and at one point there was a gust of wind that really rocked the bus! It rained pretty hard for a short time, and then it all cleared up and the sun came out.

We had baked potatoes for lunch and then we headed out to Epcot. It started lightly raining as we got out of the truck so we scrounged in the back for our rain jackets and got back in the truck to reassess. It stopped raining so we headed to Japan to see/hear the drums. The weather was great until we got right to Japan, and then it started raining again. It was fine for a little bit, but after a few minutes we moved under a shelter to hear the end of the drums. When they finished playing we shopped around in the Japanese stores there.

All that sun and rain was great for rainbows!

We walked down to China to see the New Year’s Lion dance. Jack was a little mesmerized by the dance, and at the end the lion wished us all good luck!

When we were almost through there I got a text from Ted asking for a call. We walked to the playground at Mars and I called Ted. Ugh. It looks like we may be going to GA from here. There’s still hope we could travel, but not much.

When we were finished talking the boys and I walked to the World Showcase. I sent Max to get a pretzel and a Coke and I got a fondue. Yum! When he was almost finished his pretzel his tooth came out!! That crazy kid!

When they were here I told Mom and Jo that we’d tried the mac and cheese at Germany and it had been dry enough to hold in our hands and eat like a brownie. They said theirs had always been super creamy. I went to the quick serve restaurant and explained my problem and asked the guy if he would check if it was creamy or dry today and it was dry. Oh well. I got the apple strudel, but it was kinda disappointing itself. I guess you can’t win them all.

We walked back to the other side of Epcot and the boys rode Test Track while I called Mom to tell her the news. When the boys were done we were walking out of the park and we saw a guy who turned over his scooter! His caregiver said he must’ve turned the wheel too sharply. I didn’t think I could help the guy stand up, so I stood by and held the bags and jackets of the people affected. We were glad when it was all sorted out and we could go home.