I love askamanager.org. Alison has such a great understanding of how to treat people and situations. The other day she wrote:

Don’t think of this as confrontation. Think of this more as “oops, we just need to fix this”…that’s the tone you want, because being very matter-of-fact often bewitches other people into responding in kind.

It’s so nice to sleep in! I woke up at 7am and worked on my blog. I finished January 2018 and moved on to February. Jack knocked on my door at 8:30 so we snuggled a bit. I worked more on my blog and when I needed a break I made the boys loss bread with the last of the Puerto Rican bread.

I made banana pudding to bring today, but the pudding is grainy! I’m hoping by the time we eat it it won’t be noticeable. Then I formed the cheeseball, but it just looked naked! I used all of the pecans in the ball, so I decided to cover it in sliced almonds; perfect!

I showered and got ready, and then worked on my playlist for a few minutes before it was time to go. We pulled out at noon.

When I went through the gate I told the guard that I wasn’t a Thousand Trails member, but was staying at an Encore campground and we got in with no trouble. She gave us a map and a day pass to put on the dashboard. Max navigated us to the right place, but nobody was out so I was hesitant at first. We passed up the site by about 2 more sites, and then sat there for a minute trying to get fb up to double check the site number. It never came up so I backed up and then someone was coming out of the camper. I asked if we were in the right place, and when the guy confirmed we were I pulled over to the side to unload the table and chairs and food. He told me where we could park so the boys and I drove over to the parking lot and then walked back.

We met Paula, her son Aaron, Stephanie, and as the day wore on Amy, Dawn, Alison, Kathy and their husbands and kids; there were a good number of people there! We all had a good time; Max found a friend (Devin) to hang out with who plays Fortnite and was wearing a Minecraft shirt; I saw him with that kid off and on throughout the day. Jack played down by the fort the kids were making a good bit of the time,

but he also colored and played with the ‘flags’, and only at the end of our stay did he get the gemiinipad out to play. I talked to one group and then another during the whole time. The food was like at any potluck…tons of it, and most of it great. Fortunately my banana pudding wasn’t grainy at all! We stayed till about 5pm!

By the time we could get to the Magic Kingdom we would have missed our first 2 fast passes, so we cancelled them. I was tired, but not exhausted, and really thought that Epcot would be the better choice since MK requires a longer time and a monorail ride to enter. We looked for fast passes to Epcot and saw Pixar (good, but not needed) and 2 Nemo rides (no thanks) fast passes available; sadly Soarin was not available. We decided to go for it, if only to say we’d been to Disney on Thanksgiving. While we’d been at the party the temps had dropped a few degrees so my light sleeve was appreciated. I figured it would be colder here so we scrounged the back of the truck to see what jackets were available. Jack had his windbreaker that was only 3″ too short in the sleeves, Max wore my rain jacket, and I had my black thin hoodie with my dressy red 3/4 sleeve church jacket on top. Fancy. Max offered to go straight to Test Track for a DAS, so Jack and I headed to the jumping water to wait for him, and on the way I got a fast pass for Pixar. While Jack was watching the water a woman came up and asked me if she could give Jack a Mickey pin, and when I said yes she had her little boy give it to Jack. He looked at it, said thank you, handed it to me and went right back to watching the water. Heh. I chatted a bit with the woman until it was time for her to go. How sweet, though! After Max came and a little more time watching the water we went in and waited for the Pixar Shorts. The fast pass was really not needed. 

Jack rolled down the incline while we waited.

I was hoping the videos would be changed…we haven’t been here for 6 months. But no, they were the same ones they’ve played all year. I really need to ask when they change those out…maybe yearly? I guess we’ll have to come see them in January on one of our 3 days in the park!

After the videos we went to Club Cool where Max asked for a sample slushy. After a couple of minutes Jack and I went up and I had him ask for one, and the guy gave him a full-size slushy! The Jack pass in effect again!

When we went outside the music was pretty mellow but Jack asked to dance anyway, so I let him run free in the circle. He just walked slowly across, but when the next song came on and it was upbeat he started running around the circle and dancing again like he’d done the other night. That boy just likes to move!

After a song or two we headed to Canada and got some poutine for supper, and then went to Mexico for churros for dessert. Those are good, but they’d be better if the caramel dipping sauce wasn’t icebox cold!

We checked out Soarin but there was a 1-hour wait. Blug. So we headed to Test Track and when that ride was finished we headed out of the park, around 8pm. While we were standing in line for Test Track Jack said hi to the kid in front of us, and then said Mom, he ride with me please. Heh, silly kid who knows no strangers.

We got home, took meds, brushed teeth, put up the leftovers from the party (I’d remembered to bring all the freezy packs so they were still cold) and were in bed by 9:30.

We snuggled in bed a little longer this morning since it’s the last day of school before Thanksgiving.

At breakfast Jack wouldn’t pray when Max told him to, so I wouldn’t let him eat. I prayed and Max ate. Jack did cry a bit, and about 5 minutes later he came asking to eat. I quietly told Max to tell Jack to pray and this time Jack did. I let them watch the jammy and robot videos, and then let them just watch some videos while I put together an asian coleslaw for our lunch. Then Jack spit out what looked like his whole sandwich. Well, that was all for nothing!

Jack did some good drawings in school today!

I found a black and white movie playing on TV for lunch (Korean beef soft tacos) and the women in there were wearing long dresses and furs, etc. Jack said princess! It’s funny, it’s not the first time he’s called a dressed-up girl princess…I wonder what his idea of a princess really is? And where he got that idea?

After school and lunch I sent the boys to the playground and I made the cheeseball for tomorrow, and worked hard on my blog. It’s gonna take longer than I realized to just get this year straight. Oh well, it’ll be worth it!

When the boys came back in they played with playdough for a while.

Jack said this is Chewbacca.

Then Max and I went outside and figured out the new chair situation. While I was hard at work Max kept swatting ‘mosquitos’ from off me with the pool noodles!!! That boy is useless!!! Well, he does make me laugh a lot. I guess I’ll keep him around.

We had steak salad for supper, and played games after the boys’ showers.

I did some chores while the boys did their school: I cleaned the filters, taped over the door switch that Jack keeps flipping, put tape down on the front bathroom floor to check the seepage, etc.

Lunch was Smoky Bones leftovers, with sandwiches for the boys. I snoozed for a tiny bit, and then Jack woke me up. I played with him for a few minutes and then washed the seat cover. This morning I knocked Jack’s oil onto the seat and the oil just soaked right in. Ugh.

I saw a stink bug today!! Right on the threshold of our bathroom. I thought we were through with those?!

I headed out to thrift stores then, but didn’t have much luck today. I only spent 27 cents on a wavy veggie chopper. After 3 stores I headed to Aldi and then to Wal-Mart. This is the first time in forever that I’ve had plenty of time to get everything on my list; my last several trips have been quick and abbreviated. This time I bought 2 more camping chairs (we threw out the green and white striped ones we bought when we were married because one of them had mold in it at Fam Camp), a replacement sewer accordion, a table for Ted to work on next time, etc.

We had steak nachos for supper with more of that fresh salsa. After the boys were in bed I started a new square bottomed basket with the little bit of pink yarn I have left.

Lately I’ve noticed that Jack wears flip flops just fine! It used to be so funny to watch him walk so gingerly in them, but he almost walks completely normally in them now.

We were using the ‘What’ cards Jo gave us in school, so I asked Jack what does a chicken give us? He confidently answered hot chocolate!!! Heh.

We went to Smoky Bones for lunch today and I was not disappointed. Their ribs aren’t as good as TJ Ribs obviously, but they’re good on their own. Ted had an awesome looking burger with an egg on top, and the boys split a huge burger with pulled pork, bacon and a fried onion. I brought home my baked potato and broccoli for lunch tomorrow. We had Abracadabra for dessert. While we were at a stoplight on the way home we watched a semi make a u-turn! He was coming from the right and backed up once; I couldn’t believe that even with 3 lanes to turn into he could make it, but he did!

We all napped back at home, then Ted started the washing machine cleaning cycle. He showered and got ready to go and Jack and I drove him to the gate to meet his Uber. I called Jo and talked to her while Jack went to the playground, then I walked Jack back to the bus. I walked back to the truck and sat in it talking to Jo, and when we hung up I drove back to the bus. I didn’t want to turn the truck on and have it automatically switch my call over to it.

We had steak quesadillas for supper with some of that awesome fresh salsa…I’m gonna have to buy that more often! The boys ate the last of the mini moon pies we got from Cracker Barrel and we all had Nutella bananas for dessert. I guess I’m just too old to enjoy moon pies anymore. They’ll just have to be good in my memory (because they don’t taste good at all to me now!).

While I wiped out the washer Jack tied this shoe! All by himself!

In bed I meal planned, made a shopping list, and then went through photos till it was time for bed. My plan (for now) is to clean up all the photos from our life on the road, and then clean up my blog and insert photos going as far back as the beginning of this trip. That should make making photo books of this trip easier to put together. If I want to do more with my photos or blog after that I can, but that’s not my goal for now.