I made all my calls so quickly! I’m so thankful they all went well. I’m off of jury duty since we’re not in state right now. The dental bill was already taken care of, and the voicemail was from Branson! They needed Ted’s DOB and name to submit Jack’s bill again. Don’t know why they didn’t get it from mine or Max’s paperwork, but I guess that’s not how it works.

We packed our lunch and left for the Children’s Museum of Richmond. The Lord gave us a gift…with our military ID we get in free every Monday from now till Labor Day! Woot! I guess we’ll be coming back here a few more times! There was a small scarf wall that Jack loved (he’s been asking to go to the scarf place for months), and the water table is where he spent most of his time. I’ll have to remember to pack a change of clothes next time. There are also outdoor play fountains, but it was rainy all day so we got wet enough without playing there.

After a cheese and meats lunch in the truck we went back in for a few more minutes in the scarf place, and then we headed to the Goodwill Outlet again. This time I didn’t change Google Maps to walking, and it still led me to a toll road. I wasn’t nearly as flustered since we’d just done this, but I was really annoyed. I guess I’m just going to always have to set that function in the truck when we’re driving around here.

Max found some Legos today! I found another silpat, a red jacket I can’t quite decide on, a book, and an expanding ball toy for Jack, all for $2!! Woot! We hit up Wal-Mart on the way home because Max is about out of oatmeal. Guess who we saw there?!

Well, off to a new church today! Jack goes to Sunday School and children’s church; Max and I go to service first, then to our respective Sunday schools. The sermon was good, about not writing anyone off; think about what Paul had already done when Jesus saved him! I had a few bites of Max’s cinnamon roll before Sunday school, and Sunday school was good too. They’re going through Genesis and are at the end of Abraham’s life. When Max and I went to get Jack from his class after church was over two women introduced themselves to me; one has an 11-yo daughter with DS, and the other has a child with special needs similar to DS, I don’t remember the name. Donna and Laura were their names, though. In the parking lot Christine (Jack’s first hour teacher) chatted with me a while about the church’s beliefs; I didn’t see them on the website.

At home Max made bruschetta while I sliced and buttered and cooked the bread. We watched the second half of the second Guardians of the Galaxy during lunch, and then Jack and I had a wonderful nap. When we got up Jack immediately got into his swimsuit and I sent them to the water slide. Unfortunately they’d already deflated it for the night, so the boys went to the playground while I planned our week some. I texted with Ted a bit about planning; my idea is to go on trips Mon/Tues/Thurs. Wednesday will be for chores and church at night, and the weekends are for staying home. I was hoping to go see chimney rock and Monticello tomorrow, but the forecast calls for rain. I looked over by Yorktown and there’s rain forecast there, too. So we’ll go with plan B, kid’s museum here in Richmond.

We got the mail on the way home from church today, so after planning a bit I called Ted and we went through the mail together. I got my first ever jury duty summons! Guess I’ll have to call about that tomorrow. I also need to call about the dental bill that’s come again. And I’ve been ignoring a voicemail I got a few days ago about a previous medical visit for one of the boys. Ugh. I don’t like being a grown-up!

Thursday as we were leaving I noticed Jack’s ear had blisters on it! It looked like a big fever blister, nasty! I was immediately alarmed, if it’s a fever blister and he scratches it he could spread it to his eye, or to us…will it ever end??!! Now I’ve googled it and it seems like fever blisters don’t appear on the ear, so that’s comforting. I didn’t see him mess with his ear all day until about 3pm or so, so I’m assuming it’s not itching or hurting. The other things I thought it might be are some kind of poison (ivy or sumac or something like that), which could also spread all over himself or us. Two days later now things are looking better. The blisters he’s popped are looking like they’re drying up. I guess we’ll never know what he had on his ear, but I’ve got some pictures in case it crops up again.

We were having a nice, lazy Saturday until Max said maybe there’s a Lego group around here, and I Googled it and found one! At the downtown library from 2-4pm, and so convenient to the Naked Onion and another bon mi. Heh. The boys ate lunch and then I got the bon mi and went to the library parking lot to eat it. At about the last intersection before the library we came upon an accident that had just happened, the smoke was still pouring out of the car and I could see the passenger air bag deflating. The male driver got out of the car and went to his girlfriend, I guess. She got out and looked alright, but then I think she passed out for a second! We prayed for them, what a scary thing! Since I didn’t see the accident occurring and there were other people stopping for them we went on to the library.

I sent Max in to play while I ate my lunch and Jack had a few bites too. It was a tiny library, so I was a little worried Max would be disappointed, but he had a good time, and Jack did too! I got some magazines after a while, but before I even got to the recipe section of the first one I started talking to a mom of an 8-month old baby, and we talked the whole time. Her name was Kiera and her sweet baby was Alfa. He scooted a bit and just looked so wide-eyed at everything; it was super sweet! We talked all about motherhood and being married, we had such a good visit. She and her husband met in South Korea, where she’d just gone to live, kinda on a whim! It was so much fun to remember my life when I had an 8-month-old. Wonderful memories.

When I got home I ran the washer again, and watched the pipe where the water drains. I think my first idea is correct. It looked bone dry down there, so I don’t think we need to worry, thankfully.

I don’t think I mentioned it but our quick trip to ATL killed my plants!! I was so bummed to lose my basil, it was brand new! But I was more bummed to lose Lucy’s parsley. As soon as I walked in the door I filled the sink with water and set both dead plants in there. The parsley came back, but the basil was truly toast. The parsley is looking good these days, and I’ve used the pot the basil was in to plant mint I brought back from Mom’s. I’ve had them outside the whole time here in VA, hopefully they’ll grow to be strong plants. And one day maybe I’ll get another basil…I sure love that on bruschetta!

Max knocked the dang bed rail off again last night! I shined the flashlight in his face and he was sound asleep! I went back to sleep easily enough after that. Jack got down and started playing at 7:50.

I started reading Middlemarch the other day and I’m only at 17%!! I knew this book was big, but it’s gonna take longer than I thought. It’s funny to me that as I’m reading a passage (and re-reading it sometimes) I keep thinking about how much more I’ll enjoy it the next time I read it.

I saw yesterday as I was dumping that water was running out from the wheel-well. Uh oh. Since the mid was fully drained and the water was still coming out I suspected the washer. Inside the bus I took out the drawers so I could look behind the washer but it was completely dry. So I took off the panel next to the washer and looked down in that wall-space and could see some water. Fortunately it wasn’t standing water, but it was obviously wet. I think when we let the mid get full enough to hear it might be overflowing there at the drain pipe inside that wall. We’ll have to be more diligent about dumping when we wash.

I texted Laura to let her know we were in VA, and she immediately called me! It was so good to talk to her. Sadly her dad’s been diagnosed with ALS after quickly losing some major motion abilities. We talked for a good long while; our visit here will overlap with her being here for a month! Woot! I told her we could keep her kids while she helped her parents, and she said that there was a week that her folks would be gone so maybe we’ll have some time to get together.

I made us baked potatoes for lunch, and then I hit the thrift stores around here. My first store and first item was a jackpot! I found a leather backpack purse a lot like my red one for $4! I’ve stopped using my red one so much because of the ink spot on it. But using the red purse I bought in FL for so long had me wanting a backpack again. What an awesome find! When I emptied my old purse into my new one I found 2 flowers Spencer gave me! Sweet!

When I got home I saw the park had the water slide inflated so I ran into the house, had Jack potty and get into his swimsuit and we walked over to the slide. While he played I met and chatted with Tatiana, Noah and Tim. Tatiana gave me some good info about things to do around here and a train to take into Washington.

When they deflated the slide we went home and I made eggs benedict for supper. I made enough sauce for all 3 of us, but the boys ate theirs as sandwiches with no sauce, so I ate almost a stick of butter with all that sauce!!! We played cards and yahtzee, and then all headed to bed.

I woke up around 6:30. Jack came to snuggle with me at 7:45 this morning, but then he slept until 8:45 when Max came in and helped him wake up. We got up then and got ready. Before we left I saw that Jack has some blisters on his ear bubbling up. It worries me, but I’ll just keep an eye on it for now. Here’s Jack trying to make wrinkles like Pawpaw’s on his forehead.

We left for the Virginia Museum of Fine Art around 10:30. We looked for as long as I could keep the boys there, and saw some fun things. Max’s favorite things were the modern art, and I enjoyed that part too, but I enjoy the utensils and furniture more.

For lunch we walked about 15 minutes to The Naked Onion and I had the best Bon Mi I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t mind eating another one of those before we leave here. We walked back to the truck, and then headed out with high hopes for a Goodwill Outlet I found on Google Maps. Somehow we found ourselves on a toll road! I never saw the entrance, and was pretty upset…I said to Ted just the other day that I’ve seen my Google Maps saying ‘no toll roads’, so to find ourselves here was super unexpected. I think the problem may have been that I had Google walking us to lunch, and forgot to change it back, so maybe that’s why a toll road wouldn’t matter. Max was on the ball, though; when he realized what was going on and that I was flustered at having to pay a toll he got out my coin purse and started counting the change right away. He sure helped me out there!

I don’t think it looks as promising as the last outlet was…there were no leather bags to be had, but I did get a wet bag from 31 for 14 cents. Max didn’t find any Legos; and I only found a Lego pirate keychain that Max didn’t want because none of the pieces came apart.

We hit up a WM on the way back home for some groceries, but honestly I don’t feel like meal planning, and nothing sounds good but prepared meals. I got a rotisserie chicken, and hopefully I’ll feel like cooking in a day or two.

I snoozed a bit while the boys played. I’ve had a nagging headache for several hours. I let it go on too long, and now I can’t seem to get back to normal. We ate supper and played some games and then all went to bed. I ended up watching and snoozing through half of Pride and Prejudice.

I found this yesterday; it’s what Pawpaw used to call us: