I have no idea when I’ll get to blog about our Tarsus trip (not to mention Cappadocia) so here’s the email from Chappy as my reminder of where we went (I’m cleaning out my emails…finally responding to all the people who sent out ‘congratulations’ for Jack’s birth).

Please get the word out that I’m doing my last trip this Saturday.  We
will be taking one Mini bus that holds 25.  We will have others
following in POVs.  We will leave the alley at 0600.  gather in front of
Moonlight by 0545.  Bring lots of water and your own lunch.  We will not
stop for lunch.  NO open toe shoes.  On this trip you can wear shorts.


0600 –  Leave alley.


1.  Cilica Gates
2.  Roma Yolu
3.  St. Paul’s Well
4.  Archeological site
5.  Pastery shop
6.  Cleopatra Gate
7.  Nut shop
8.  Daniel site
9.  Roman Bath
10. Get back in vehicles
11. Donukatash
12. Justinian Bridge
13. If time permits — the water fall
14. Return to Incirlik by 1500/1600

This will be fun/fast/food on the go. Kids are welcomed but note that we
will be walking quite a bit.  Key is that we will see everything and you
will have time to take pictures.

ITT will make sure the gate is open at Donukatash.  Cool site.


v/r Chappy

I’ve been trying to work on Jack lately…he mostly looks right. But this last week he’s had his left hand in his mouth several times.

Max has used ‘probably’ in  a sentence about three times now…the last time he said something about ‘probably we can eat Daddy’s cake’…he’s really worried about that cake Tj got for the other office.

Jack’s screaming his head off in spite of the fact that I just lovingly wrapped him up and put him in his bed.
Max says ‘I can’t believe it!’
I said ‘I can’t believe it either!’
Max said ‘I can’t believe it either, too!’

Last night we were playing hide and go seek with Max. Tj said ‘Where’s Max?’ and Max said ‘I think I’m under the crib.’

Max was playing with his dump truck and did something for his dump truck…then I heard him say “Thank you Max, you’re welcome Dump Truck”. Heh.

Jack was looking at his hands again today…think it’s gonna stick. He was doing the typical ‘wow, would you look at these things!’ look which is so fun to watch. Of course, I can’t find our blank video tapes. Oh, well.

The boys have been sharing a bedroom since the 27th of last month…so for a week and a half now. The first night I forgot to remind Max that when he woke up Jack would be in there. Jack woke Max up in the middle of the night because he’d wormed himself out of his wraps…they were all around his neck and he legs were freezing cold! Ted woke me up by saying ‘the boys are crying’ and I jumped out of bed before I was really awake. When I got to their bedroom Max was pretty asleep with his eyes shut and his hands over his ears. I wrapped Jack back up and put Max back under his covers. He was pretty scared and kept asking to come in my bed but I knew that I didn’t want to go down that road. Finally I said that I was going back into my bed and he said ‘ok, I’m just gonna cry while you go in your bed.’ Poor kid! :-) I calmed him down and then went to bed and we all slept the rest of the night. The next night Jack woke Max up in the middle of the night by licking his chops as he is wont to do. Since then it’s been pretty smooth…but several of those days we were in Cappadoccia. These last two nights the boys have started making noises at 7am and I go get them at 8am. I can get so much done in the few hours before I have to get them. It’s great! Hopefully it continues.

This morning Max was chewing his toast and said his penis hurt. He was trying to get out of having to eat his toast so I said as soon as he finished I’d look at it. Then, as he’s chewing his toast with his mouth as wide open as possible he says to me ‘do you have a penis or not?’. Heh heh! I told him I don’t. He asked several more questions…maybe I would get a penis when I was a bigger bigger girl? Can I go potty without one? (Which is funny since he’s seen me on many occasions.) I kept a straight face but inside I was cracking up! So funny.