Well, I still can’t believe it. How can I not feel anything different? I didn’t think about it at all yesterday, but today I have a tiny tiny fear that somehow they looked at someone else’s test…surely it wasn’t meant to be this easy.

I dreamed all night long…I remember waking up once and thinking ‘now that was an interesting dream, maybe I should blog some of my dreams’; and then when I awoke I couldn’t remember that dream! One that I can remember is from Monday night: The house I lived in required a walk across a hanging wooden bridge. When I crossed the bridge I saw a baby sitting on a blanket or rug on the floor…it wasn’t my baby, it could’ve been a sister/brother…I think we were related. I think I felt something not right then…I picked the baby up and went back over the bridge. Someone else was with me both times over the bridge; I think the first time it was Papa, and somewhere he turned into Al. Then we were walking through these fabulously decorated rooms…kinda like Botany Bay, warm browns, and things everywhere. As Al and I quickly walked I could see things out of the corner of my eye changing…then I saw a lampshade that was yellow, when I looked back it had turned colors. I looked at Al and asked if she saw that; I positioned the baby like a football…I knew we were going to be running and I wanted a firm grip. As I waited for Al to answer she just smiled at me…I knew she was It. I started running and she changed into this computer-generated-looking orange panther, fluid and rapid. I don’t remember much more than that…I ran and it jumped/flowed all around me. Then the dream changed into me, mom, Jo and Al at college…

So anyway…I woke up at 6am this morning…I hope all my excitement stops manifesting itself this way, I need some sleep. After blogging for a while I got ready, left Tj sleeping (lucky boy), and went over to the dental clinic. I’d called to make an appointment a few weeks ago. On the phone I explained that we have to drive very far to get there, so did they have any available appointments this week? The guy was extremely friendly; I asked for a Wednesday afternoon appointment because my doctor’s appointment was Wednesday morning (later I regretted not putting the dental in the morning before breakfast…it’s only logical). He offered to get me in Monday, a designated cleaning/exam appointment; but we were planning on arriving Monday, so that wouldn’t work. He said ok to the Wednesday appointment; those were usually reserved for cavities, but he said that they would be understanding of my situation. I told him that I could move it to some other time…I didn’t want to inconvenience them, and I didn’t want them to cancel me later because I wasn’t a cavity appointment. He said there would be no problem. Monday morning as I was washing dishes and getting ready to go we got a phone call from the dentist’s office…they were canceling! I immediately assumed it was because of all the malarkey I just wrote about, but they said that the dentist’s wife had just had a baby! So I decided to show up and ask if there had been any cancellations. When I got to the appointment desk this morning I waited for the woman to finish with the person on the phone and then told her I was throwing myself on her mercy (we’ve had a lot of trouble getting in to dentist’s appointments before). I recited the facts: I’d had an appointment, I’d driven six hours to get here, I was only going to be here for the week, I’d forgotten my records, and I’d just found out I was pregnant…could she do anything for me? She asked me how far along I was, and then she said that they never do anything during the first trimester; so that was that.

I went back to the room and hung around until my doctor’s appointment. Tj got dressed and went with me. Dr. Stombaugh is the nicest doctor…even Tj thought so the last time he came with me. When Dr. Stombaugh walked into the room he said “I’ve heard a rumor…” I said I’d heard it too, and hoped it was the truth. He fussed at me for forgetting my records…but there was nothing I could do at that point. We talked about the usual baby stuff…I’m supposed to walk four times a week 30 minutes each time, and I have to sweat. Yuck! I hate sweating! I can swim, though…so we’ll see. The bomb he dropped was that I can only have two glasses of tea a day!!! I love my tea…oh, and tuna…I can only have one can per week, maximum!!! I’ve been eating it about every other day; but with the mercury scare I’ll have to really cut down. Oh, well, I’m sure it won’t be such a sacrifice when I think of the baby. He also said no lifting heavy things…nothing over 25 lbs.

The doctor gave me an examination…I wasn’t expecting that! Tj stayed for the whole thing…he asked me if I wanted him to leave, but it didn’t matter to me…it was nice having him there to hold my hand. He did laugh later at how much I jump. A story from my past: the first time I ever had a full exam my doctor (Wendy Moses, in S’port) said “I’m just gonna touch your thigh”…you should’ve seen how high I jumped when she did! I was a little calmer today, but it took some concentration. After the whole thing was over and the doctor was waiting outside for me to get dressed Tj made a comment about my being ‘ducked’ by the doctor…that tool does look like a duck’s bill. *sigh* Anyway, the doc said that everything looked good…it was nice to hear that.

I told him that we weren’t planning on seeing another doctor until we moved back to America. He hemmed and hawed a minute, looking at his chart and thinking. I didn’t think that it would be a big deal…I thought women usually waited two months before going to their first appointment. I told him that if I needed to of course I’d drive back out here before then for an appointment. He didn’t want to say that I had to drive back out, but it was pushing it a little to leave the appointment until July. He said if I had any trouble (bleeding/cramping/pain) that I should come back before leaving Spain; but that if everything went smoothly that I’d be about 12 weeks when I got to Atlanta.

We left the doc’s office with congratulations and went to pick up my prescriptions. We ran a couple of errands, had lunch, and then it was time to take care of the car. We ran to the on-base car shop to get a couple of things to clean it, and then took the Toyota to a car wash. We vacuumed it out and wiped it down. We worked hard on the bugs on the front but they were pretty stubborn. I didn’t think that the car was too bad, and convinced Tj to let us stop working on the front. We went back to the room and he read the rules for shipping the car…now he’s worried (I am too, but I’m trying to help him not worry too much). Apparently the car needs to be spotless. The kicker is that the undercarriage needs to be cleaned. There was no point in cleaning it before our six-hour trip out here, and you can’t clean that at a public car wash (we haven’t found one that lets you hold the hose/scrubber); if it doesn’t pass inspection we’ll have to ask the guys there what we can do.

After all of that we met up with Gonzo and Co. for supper; that’s gotta be another entry.

I can’t believe it!

I took a pregnancy test Sunday night. I watched the pink color permeate the white background, and then the phone rang. I left the stick on the bathroom scale and went to use┬áthe phone. Tj came in to see the results and I pointed to the bathroom…Gonzo was calling about something…I can’t remember what now. I mouthed to Tj that I thought I was pregnant, but then he slowly shook his head. I’ve only taken three tests, and every time I read the directions beforehand and then can never remember what I’m looking for…I just get so excited! By the time I got off the phone I had calmed down; I looked at the test and agreed with Tj. A few minutes later (but before the 10-minute deadline, I think) I could see the faintest second line. Was it actually a line? Did it matter if it was so faint? Of course I set it on the lid of the garbage can and left it overnight. The next morning I could still see that faint line…did it mean anything or not? I decided it didn’t mean anything and threw it away. An hour or so later I pulled it out again and checked it again.

I told myself that it meant nothing, and told Tj not to let me take another test. He asked if I’d seen a line on the previous test…I thought, and I don’t think I did. So he grinned and said maybe I should take another test the next morning. I agreed. So we got down to business and packed for our Rota trip. The whole Gonzo thing is an entry in itself…for this story the only thing that matters is that as Tj and I drove to Rota in our separate cars (we’re shipping the Toyota Thursday) we mentioned a couple of times that we would finally know the next morning.

Of course I dreamed all night about the test. Several times I woke up and couldn’t decide if it had all been dreams, or if I’d actually gotten up. I dreamed that I’d gotten up once, figured out that if I went to the bathroom then there wouldn’t be four hours left until the alarm went off (I think that’s how many hours I’ve read that you should wait before testing), and then went to the bathroom without testing. Needless to say I was relieved when I actually decided to just get up. I went in there and took the test. Then I sneaked into the bedroom to check the time. Tj was sitting up in bed…groggy as could be, but smiling and asking me the result. I smiled and told him it was the same as the one the day before…the faintest of lines.

A few hours later as we were waiting for Gonzo to take care of some paperwork Tj told me I ought to walk over to the hospital to see how long a blood test would take, and if I should change my appointment to the next day. When I got there I told the woman the whole story…we drove six hours to get here, I (for the first time, of course) forgot my medical chart at home, my appointment was for tomorrow, I thought I might be pregnant…should I reschedule or could they give me the test today? She smiled really big and said of course she’d get me into a test! I walked back with her to the nurse’s (? It’s kinda hard to tell what people are when they’re all in their navy uniforms.) office. The nurse told me she’d have me scheduled for the urine test…but of course I didn’t have to go. She said no problem, she’d give me a blood test (she said that they’re equally dependable). The nurse gave me her number and said to call her in an hour for the results; so I walked over to the lab and had a blood sample taken.

I walked back to the security office to meet Tj. He was obviously annoyed when I got there…Gonzo was getting the runaround, and Tj was so frustrated. I waited for him to let it go and ask me what happened, but I finally said ‘Don’t you remember what I was doing?’. Of course he immediately smiled and asked me what was up. So we had an hour to kill. After we finished at the security office we had a breakfast sandwich in the greasy spoon, and then went to the Family Center to pick up a packet for Gonzo. While there I called to check on the results…of course they weren’t in; the nurse said to call her at 2pm…two hours later!!! ARGH! So we talked to the Family Center lady a bit about what services were available for the Gonzo’s; then she asked if we had any kids. Tj looked at me, and I looked at him, and then I told her we’d know in two hours if we did or not. She smiled and said she remembered when she found out she was pregnant…and then she told us the story. I think it’s true…everyone loves a pregnant woman.

At about 1pm we took Gonzo’s kids back to the Navy Lodge to keep them while Grace and Gonzo studied and took their driver’s license test. The girls were great…they’re so well behaved. We climbed up a hill near the playground, and then we had a bunch of races…the standard race (Tj won), the backwards race (I won by cheating [I only cheated a little bit, and he says I didn’t even win, it was a tie ]), the wheelbarrow race (Tj cheated, but I still won). I wore myself out! We all rested for a bit under a tree, and then it was time to call. I went back to their room, and couldn’t get the number to ring. I had to go to the front desk to see what I was doing wrong. I got back to the room and dialed again. You know how long a phone call can take? She answered, and then started looking for my record…it must have been all of one minute, but it seemed like a long time. I kept telling myself that I was sure that it would be negative, I stared at the clock…it was 2:12; she finally came back and told me that it was positive! I told her that of course she must know that she’d just made my day. I still can’t believe it. It’s so strange that such a big event starts so small, and so slowly. I don’t feel any different than usual…my muscles, especially in my arms and legs, are a little tired lately, but that could be anything.

So after I got the news I started walking back out to Tj…I must admit that I had tears in my eyes. He was sitting on a concrete box out near the play-yard…I kept waiting for him to turn and look at me, but I was almost all the way there before he did. I told him that he was gonna be a daddy and he beamed. He gave me such a big hug. We’re going to be parents! The rest of the day I kept having flashes of the responsibility we’re taking on…we’re responsible for growing a whole human being…for directing their first thoughts and impressions…for guiding them for many years. I wondered why I hadn’t thought of all of that before, but of course I had; I just hadn’t allowed myself to think too hard about all the things that a baby brings, but now I can! We got the girls together and brought them into the room…we wanted to make some calls. Tj tried calling his mom but she wasn’t at her desk. A minute or two later I called and got her…I told her she was going to be a grandmother again, you could tell just how excited she was, she’s such a sweetie. Tj got on the phone and talked to her a while. Then I called my mom. After she said congratulations she told me to take it easy…I thought she meant to rest (which was odd, coming from that workaholic ) but then she said that these things don’t always work out and I might not want to tell everybody; I know she was genuinely excited, and that this was just her cautious practical way. Then I called Jo and talked to her for a while. By that time Gonzo had called, so we got the kids together and went to meet them.

Tj messaged Fran and Jay; Carmen sent back ‘Great!’ and Fran called and talked to Tj a bit. Then we had lunch at Taco Bell (a first in two years…it recently opened on base) and went back to the room. I called Al and Monmon and couldn’t get through to Kel. We napped and read a bit and then I called Kel and Papa. So the only one I haven’t spoken to personally is Momee…she was out when I called. Papa said I’d be in the doghouse with her either way…he’s probably right. He also said he remembers the day when Mom told him she was expecting Jo. It’s still funny to me that he’s more sentimental than Mom…he also said he remembers me saying when I was little that I wanted to be a mom and a housewife. I feel so lucky to have my dreams come true. I’ve felt this since Tj and I got married; every day is so wonderful. I feel so blessed; not many people get to live their dreams. I thought it was funny that Papa asked how far along I was (3-4 weeks) and if that was too early to tell the sex. I told him it was; I’m not sure if we’ll have the opportunity to find out…I’ve heard that in the military I might not get many (if any) ultrasounds…we’ll just have to see.

We had such a good time last night…the Gonzos came over last night for supper. But first, our first encounter.

I’m such a silly, in so many ways. I’ve spent all week cleaning the house in anticipation of their arrival. For one I didn’t want to be embarrassed by the usual state of my house. It’s usually neat, but dusty…I don’t like living in a messy house (although all bets are off over the weekends); but I hate dusting and mopping. So this week I gave the house a good spring cleaning…I just keep thinking that with only two months left this is probably the cleanest this house will be until we leave! For two I wanted their first impression of the house that they may want to rent to be as good as possible. There are several drawbacks (but many more plusses) to this house, but I wanted them to be able to see it in its best shape.

The second way I was extremely silly was that I’d really imagined the way our initial meeting would be. I can so clearly remember when we arrived here two days shy of two years ago. I remember how excited we were as we rolled our luggage from the collection area to the place where Joe and Dawn were waiting. They recognized us right away just from the way we looked. They took us back to their house for sandwiches, and started showing us around immediately. I wanted to have that same experience. It wasn’t meant to be. We had asked Fran to meet us at the airport to help us transport all of the Gonzos and their luggage to their temporary apartment. We could see through the security gate that after collecting their luggage the Gonzos went immediately to the car rental agency…we waited for what seemed like ages. When they finally made their way around to our side we made all the introductions. The Gonzos immediately hit it off with Fran…it seems that Gonzo’s two youngest kids are exactly the same age as Fran’s two kids! We were then split (as so often happens) into ‘couples who have kids’ and ‘couples who don’t’. I hate this! Tj and I immediately were relegated to the back burner on all conversations. The majority of the following conversations consisted completely of school locations/prices/acceptability, swimming pool locations, and anything else having to do with having/entertaining/educating children. I was really sad and disappointed with how that first encounter went. And even though I knew that that was a totally irrational and juvenile reaction, it took me all night to get over it (not to mention a ride in Tj’s fast car, and a nacho supper in front of a movie with Tj).

On a side note: I’d really been looking forward to finally going to the English theater we found through Angela. With all the Gonzo excitement I’d forgotten it these last few days…I remembered it as we were driving home from the Gonzos. Of course Tj had absolutely no interest in going. Sometimes that’s such a bummer…I just never know what’s the best thing to do. He of course said if I really wanted to go he’d go, but how could I force him to go? And if I said that I’d just go by myself he’d feel like I was guilting him into going. I said I’d be fine with a movie at home, and I was; but really, after two full years of only going to Spanish theaters and only understanding the gist of the movies we see…knowing the whole time that we’re missing the nuances, I was really excited to be able to go to a theater and see a relatively new movie in English. Oh, well…only eight more weeks, and then I can go to as many movies as I want…and we’ll probably have so many TV channels that we won’t even need to go to the movies for at least a year! Back to the Gonzos…

We had them over for supper last night, and it was all that I had hoped for in the first meeting. We had such a good time…they are really nice people. We went to pick them up at about 5pm and brought them to our house. We first looked around outside at the yard. They seemed very pleased with it…I know that was one of the main things they were looking for, a place for their kids to play outside. Then I took Grace inside and showed her everything. She seemed very happy with the house in spite of the mold you can still see in the spare room walls. We told them that they would need to negotiate with the landlady upfront to have a new paint job/yard work/etc. worked into their contract. She commented that the rooms were really small (which they are) but that the house looked really good. It was fun to hear her ideas on where they would put their furniture. She’s thinking of having a small table in the kitchen, moving the refrigerator into the large pantry, and having our living/dining room be just a living room. She was really disappointed that there are only two tiny closets here (the other two continually smell of mold, especially if you close the doors); but they have a queen size bed (instead of a king, like we have), so hopefully her armoire will fit in the bedroom. It’s so fun to think of moving into a new place…only eight more weeks!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it; the Gonzo’s arrival was the beginning of the end! We’ve finally gotten the move date set, so we can start setting all the other dates: the date we ship the car, our tickets to America. It’s really becoming finalized now.

So, back to last night. After we looked around for about an hour we all sat down at the table and I put out the queso and chorizo I’d cut earlier. I forgot the olives at first but Tj reminded me. We sat for about another hour. Then Gonzo went back and did some computer work with Tj. I put a movie on for the girls, and Grace and I talked and talked. We had such a good time! Around 8pm I started cooking the chicken and potatoes; we sat down to eat at about 9pm. Everything turned out well, thankfully. I’d practically put together the skillet cobbler I wanted to cook before they came, I just needed to add the 7-Up after the dinner came out of the oven…unfortunately my skillet was just a tad too small. I had to kinda stir the 7-Up into the butter/cake mix. I’d tried a recipe like this before, but back then I didn’t have a cake mix, and the recipe I found on the internet never cooked! This time it seemed like the same thing was happening, and then Grace suggested that maybe it wasn’t supposed to cook like a cake…maybe a toothpick wasn’t supposed to come out clean. So when the topping was just beginning to brown I took it out, and it was fantastic! I served it in my large tea cups and we had vanilla ice cream on top…I had to add more ice cream because it was soooo rich! I was so impressed…it’s such an easy recipe.

Skillet Cobbler

2 cans pie filling
1 box yellow or white cake mix
3 tbs butter
1 cup 7-Up

Empty both cans of filling into skillet
Dump cake mix on top
Slice butter on top
Pour 7-Up over all
Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes
I baked it for about an hour and five minutes

Grace and Gonzo have three girls…all cuties, and for the most part very well behaved. The youngest is three years old, so she can be a little naughty…she often got into things she shouldn’t have, and then she fell asleep for an hour or so and when she woke up she just cried and screamed…poor kiddo, I know she’s so jetlagged still. The other two are very quiet, I wonder how long it’ll take them to get used to us and to really open up. They’ve been taking horseback riding lessons for three years, so they’re excited about going out to Cindy’s to check out the pony. I’ve actually considered quitting, but I definitely want to be there the first time the girls go out there.

Anyway, I really need to wrap this up so I can start the blog about our Canary trip, finish washing the dishes from last night (Grace washed the majority of them last night…what a sweetie!), and pack for tomorrow. The Gonzos are planning on coming with us to church tonight, so we’ll probably be up there late…I know Steve and Kelli will want us all to go out and eat, which is just fine with me!

I’m not really in the mood to type out our trip…I want to have it recorded, but the Simpsons are on. I love the fact that Mr. Burns sends goons over to Homer’s house and when he asks who’s there before opening the door they say “Goons”…and he still opens the door!

I’ve been pretty busy lately…cleaning mostly. I’ve done everything but the floors, that’s tomorrow. Tj and I went to Dos Mares last night to buy the gift basket for the new guys. We bought the essentials, plus enough to feed them at least a breakfast and lunch. We’ll pick them up from the airport tomorrow evening, show them where the nearest convenience store is, take them to their room and get them settled in. We’ll pick them up the next night for supper at our house (Aussie chicken, potatoes, and I’ve been wanting to try out that skillet cobbler). Sunday night we’ll see if they want to go to church with us. And then Monday morning we’ll take them out to Rota to inprocess.

Well, gonna go now. Supper will be soon: pork kebabs and zucchini on the grill.

Well, we’ve been back for a few days, since Sunday. I’ve actually been cleaning the house (not just talking about it) but wanted to connect a little with the outside world.

We had a great time, and got some great photos of Fran’s race. I’ll get around to posting stuff, but I don’t know when. Our replacements come in this Friday, and then we’ll leave for Rota Monday for a week. I still haven’t done more on those London pics…ought to just post the text and worry about other stuff later. Finished reading Bridget Jones second book, and am fighting urge to slouch into her way of writing.

More later…