Ok, I know I’ve been a bit harsh on Gonzo…but here’s some indisputable proof that he is lacking…something…. A few weeks ago Tj was showing Gonzo how the mail system works here…it’s practically the US postal system. We address our mail just as if we were in the US, we don’t have to put US on the envelope. It goes into a sealed bag and then Iberia (a Spanish airline) takes it to the embassy in Madrid. From there it’s in US hands…and in fact the individual pieces of mail are never sorted by the Spanish. So obviously we use US postage. Anyway…Tj had a stack of mail on his desk and was trying to show Gonzo how to cancel the stamp and then bag it up when Gonzo spied the stamp. “What’s this? A Spanish stamp?” he said. Tj replied that it was US postage, and started to explain again that our mail doesn’t go through Spanish hands…but before he could finish Gonzo went on “I’ve never seen a Spanish stamp before, where do you buy these, is that Mary on there………….?” Tj starts again with the explanation. On and on Gonzo goes “How much do Spanish stamps cost? How many come on a sheet?” It’s amazing…it was a Christmas stamp, it said USA and 32 cents on it…why would a Spanish stamp have USA on it? Why doesn’t he shut up?

The refrigerator is up to its old tricks of freezing the milk/tea/etc. Fortunately I haven’t lost any lettuce yet…I turned it off for several hours today to let stuff thaw…hopefully I won’t have to do that too many more times!

And my rash is still here…in fact it’s spreading a little. This is two weeks, I believe (at least tomorrow will be). Two weeks for two cereal bars is really too much. I’ve looked online for foods with maltodextrin…can’t find anything worthwhile. I’ll see if Tj can dig something up.

I never thought I’d go this long between posts once I got pregnant…but there just isn’t a lot to say. I just wrote in my Geddes diary Teresa and Fran bought me when we went to Melilla last year.

The food thing is the same…I’m kinda hungry all day long, but nothing in the house looks very appetizing. I’m making do, but I’m looking forward to moving back to America (in three weeks!!!!) and eating out a good bit more! I have no particular cravings…I just have to root around in the pantry every few hours and pick what seems the least offensive to me. It’s funny, but I don’t like butter on my muffins or biscuits anymore…I thought it might just be the butter we bought locally, but I tried some from Rota and it tastes just the same. It’s too dairy-y for me for some reason. Also, chocolate really holds no temptation for me! I used to be able to solve all problems by eating a piece (or several) of chocolate/almond bar, but I haven’t had a piece in a week or more. Hmmm….

I’m still sleeping just as much. And it still takes me just as long to fall asleep…but once I do I sleep soundly.

Tj’s out picking up groceries after his horseback ride. His last ride will be next week, so we’re still planning on having a picnic (Yay!). I told Cindy that I’m not making the orange curd like I’d hoped…I made it last week (or the one before) using the recipe for lemon curd…it tasted like custard. I need to add more oranges, but I don’t know how many. I’ll just make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and leave out the curd I was hoping to put in the middle.

We’ve had a sudden thunderstorm this evening…lost of wind, grey clouds, and now rain.

Well, that’s it for the day.

Things are going well…there are several disjointed things going on, but all is well as far as I can tell.

I’ve had a bit of nausea, only a tiny bit. Friday night as I was putting my boiled shrimp on the table my arms started to feel cold and weak…I wasn’t sure at first but then I began to feel like throwing up. I started thinking that shrimp wasn’t exactly the thing that I’d like see coming up again…but then I’ve read that with pregnancy you usually just need a little something in your stomach, so I ate. A minute later I felt fine. I’ve felt like that several times, and eating always helps.

The thing is that I’m not having cravings, but anti-cravings. Nothing sounds good, not even the usual stuff. Or I really want something and I eat it once and then want no more. Those shrimp were great, but even knowing that I can’t imagine eating them again. I can’t keep doing this unless I can find one serving of whatever it is I’m hungry for at the time.

On a slightly related note…my allergy rash is back…and annoying as all get out. I couldn’t figure out what I’d done, I tried to be careful…I finally figured it out. When we were at Rota Tj bought some Kellogg’s breakfast bars and they had maltodextrin. I ate one on Monday, rash came up on Tuesday and it’s still here. Ugh.


I’m still sleeping as much as before…every day but one I’ve had a 2-hour nap and a full night’s sleep. Sometimes I get bored with so much sleep, but it’s not as if I could stay awake to do something else.

7 weeks 3 days pregnant: at least I think that’s what I am. Before I got pregnant and was reading all of those pregnancy journals I said I wouldn’t worry about exactly how far along I was…it seemed like every woman said “My doctor says I’m x weeks along, but I know I’m X weeks along”…it seemed too confusing and a little anal retentive. Now, though, I wonder. It’s not exactly the same, but if I count from my LMP, then the first full week after should be week one, and the second full week would be week two, in which case I’m on 8 weeks 3 days. But when I go to some pregnancy websites and put in my LMP I come out a week behind (like your birthday…your first year you only count the months, and say you’re one only after you’ve completed the year, KWIM?). I guess for now I’ll just stick to the websites…7 weeks 3 days.
The hand plates become present this week, and the baby is about 7-9 mm CRL by the end of the week. The genital tubercle is present, but you can’t distinguish girls from boys by sight at this point. Nasal pits are forming.
Your baby will actually go through 3 sets of kidneys, very rapidly as they develop during this period. This week the second of such sets will form.
With a transvaginal ultrasound, one study shows that 100% of the ultrasounds will be show a fetal pole with heart motion.
The baby has a tiny yet functional bloodstream and circulatory system. The heart is a large bulge in the front of the chest.
The baby’s face is beginning to form. The eyes are on either side of the head and will be sealed shut until about the 28th week.
There are 231 days until your due date! (82.5% to go)

Oh, yeah, weight…it’s funny to me that I’ve gone down two pounds since the doctor’s office; but this morning I was back up a pound. I’m gonna have to keep an eye on this.

We got our first baby gifts last Wednesday…from Tj’s mom, of course. She sent a 40-week calendar (which I love), a teddy bear and a book of baby poems. She’s always so thoughtful! She’s already asking when she can come to visit…we talked about it a little last night, but I know my mom won’t want to decide any time soon.

Well, I guess that’s it…we’re taking Tj’s car for it’s first check-up this morning, and then shopping when it’s finished. I hope we have a good day.

I’ve let a whole week slip by! Not much has been going on inside this house, though. I’ve really been taking it easy. Tj’s come home with a story about Gonzo every day (I’m not exaggerating, every single day), but I’ve selected only one to publish. Tj was livid when he came home Tuesday. Monday during work with no warning the powers that be sent an email to the three Americans stationed here that according to some law that had been overlooked (for as long as anyone can remember…I want to find out exactly how long) we aren’t supposed to be getting our mail like we do. Now, one of the reasons we’re looking forward to returning to America is for the mail system. For the last two years we’ve had to drive out to the airport (a 15-minute drive) every week to pick up our mail. When we first got here we had a lot of trouble getting the mail…the excitement of hopefully receiving some news from home was severely outweighed by having to deal with surly Spanish guards trying to keep us out of the airport office we’d been told to visit to pick up our mail. Once I was even physically withheld from entering the office…but that’s another story. One of the downsides of there only being two Americans stationed here at one time (the only reason why there are three now is that we’re on our way out, and our replacements will overlap our stay by two months) is that Mike (the other American here for the two years we were here) couldn’t find an acceptable house in the local area…which left Tj and I closest to the mail pick-up…which meant that the whole responsibility of picking up/dropping off the mail was left to us (of course instead of handling it like responsible adults we fought over who had to go get it ).

Anyway…the long and the short of it is that now the (relative) convenience of our mail system has been overturned. The most convenient option the Government has given us is for the active duty member to take a day off of work every other week and drive six-hours round-trip to pick up our mail in Valencia. Gonzo talked to Mike about it and they decided that they wanted that option, and so informed the powers that be. When they told Tj about it he was flabbergasted…it’s not such a big deal that they decided without consulting him because we only have five weeks left here…and the Gov’t has given us 90 days to decide, so nothing will change while we are here. The top two things are 1) they decided on the first day of the 90 day window they were given and 2) they decided something that wasn’t theirs to decide, really, and 3) because we’ve been getting our mail this way for this long it’s reasonable that the Gov’t would give us a waiver if we asked…Mike and Gonzo never even thought of asking. Because they’ll have to take a day off of work the Spaniards will have to approve them to do that…and also the Americans will have to issue paperwork and then pay for them to drive there and back. The PEP office is the one who’ll be paying for this, and they’re the ones who should have been notified in the first place. I think Tj really let Gonzo have it…it took Gonzo aback a little, Tj’s normally so calm. Tj came home and wrote a letter to the PEP office and we’re just waiting to see what happens now. Another annoying point is that the guys in Valencia receive their mail the same way we do…but the Gov’t wouldn’t stop their mail service because there are so many stationed there, and only two here. Sigh.

I can’t wait to move. Tj and I keep saying stuff like ‘there are places in the world where your mail is brought right to your house, every day!!!’. I know we’ll miss this place…we’re gonna be so busy when we move back…looking for a house, moving in, getting ready for the baby, the baby coming, not sleeping anymore…I think when we’re living with all of those changes looking back on Spain will seem like a dream. All these days looking out on our little yard with the fruit trees, laying out in the hammock, looking at the roses in the front and back yard, watching La Patrulla flying over, reading all day, sleeping well all night…all of those things will seem like a dream once we have that squalling, wriggling, sweet-as-can-be baby in our arms.