Well, I’m feeling kinda down. Tj’s been gone for a week and it seems Katie’s deserted me. She left last Friday to go visit her sister who’d had an emergency appendectomy. I finally called Craig Thursday to see when she expected to return…and she’d gotten in two full days before! She returned Tuesday night and I called her Thursday night! I just don’t understand her. I know she hadn’t seen her husband for five whole days, and I’m sure she was tired from the two two-hour flights and the time change, but c’mon! She can’t call just to say she’s gotten back and is holing up for the rest of the week???! I’m trying not to have my feelings hurt for several reasons: so she didn’t call, it’s no big deal; she was jet-lagged and lost track of time; it just seems petty; etc. But I guess the biggest reason I’m trying not to feel hurt is that I can’t do anything about it. I love her and love spending time with her, and I don’t want to give up what we have just because SHE NEVER CALLS ME! We’re probably only gonna be here one more year, and girlfriends like her just don’t come around that often. So I guess I’ll mope around here for a few days and then call her and see if she wants to get together. I just wish there was some non-confrontational way to tell her how much that hurts. Guess I just need to grow up.

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged…I’ve been feeling the relief of just not blogging, but the guilt of not capturing Max’s every moment. I should blog about our trip to Vegas, and lots of other stuff…but I’m gonna try to just take this one day at a time. So, here’s today:

Max woke up around 9am. I put a clean diaper and clean clothes on him and we went to Aunt Katie’s. All of us loaded up in my truck and we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. I couldn’t believe we stayed there two hours! The kids did have fun on the playground, though. Then we went to the organic foods store…I wanted to go to a produce store but I don’t think Katie realized that’s what I was looking for.

We talked a ton on our way home and both kids fell asleep…we stayed in the car talking till Maddy woke up. I took Max home but I’m not sure he ever went back to sleep in his crib. I brought him to Katie’s at 3pm and brought clothes to Tj at the base and we went bowling! The (extremely) sad thing is that now my hip’s sore! I’m an old woman! We went to Books.a.Million and Home Depot and then to pick up Max…and now we’re home. Gonna read a few blogs and then hit the hay…I’m beat!

Oh, I almost forgot to add…at the produce store I saw that Max had cut another tooth without me even noticing! He has 4 upper and two lower, and recently cut 2 upper molars and the left lower molar, but at the same time must’ve been cutting the left bottom front tooth! Poor baby…no wonder why last week he was only awake for two hours at a time and each nap was three hours!

Also, Maddy’s been sitting on the potty! Katie’s seen no action yet, but Maddy knows when she poops in her diaper! I think Max is still oblivious.

Tj woke me up this morning asking if we could drive to NJ! He’s not on the schedule for anything this week so he went in and asked for leave…and got it. Max is napping, we’ve just finished lunch and I’m about to go put all the clothes in a bag. Now I have a legitimate reason for not blogging!

Have I mentioned yet that I hate writing? Well, I do. I can’t stand it. I dread writing in my blog for days at a time, especially when it’s been days since I’ve written. I have gotten into modes where I blog often, and I do enjoy it. But that hasn’t happened often, and they’re so much more easily gotten out of than in to. However, if I want to read about Max’s childhood then I guess I have to write about it, huh?

He’s so much fun. I know I’ve said this a hundred times this year already…he’s just so much fun now! He started saying Mama today…not sure if it’s gonna take, but it’s a start. Maddy’s been saying it for a few weeks now, Katie says.

Craig went to the ER Saturday night. I’d asked Tj if he’d keep Max from the time I put him down for his first nap (lately 11am) until after supper and he said fine. Around 4pm Tj called me to say that Katie was on her way to our house…he’d agreed to keep Maddy while Katie went to the ER to stay with Craig. After I finished up at Michael’s I went home to help Tj with the kids. After supper I drove to the hospital with a bag full of stuff to help pass the time while they ran tests on Craig. He got a MRI, X-ray and ultrasound, and they want him to see a neurologist this week. Fortunately they’ve ruled out scary stuff like a stroke (which is what the doc thought he might have) and MS. We’re keeping them in our prayers, obviously. Maddy was asleep by the time I left the hospital and we’d already told Katie we’d keep her overnight. Poor family.

Not much else is going on around here. I did manage to stick to the meal plan last week…not that it was that detailed…I just picked out four meals (main and side dishes) and had all the ingredients for them on hand. I did forget to get salad makings on my big grocery run so had to go back for that…hopefully I’ll be more successful this week.

Max had his 15-month checkup last Friday and everything was great. He was 50% weight at 25lb 3oz, 20% height at 30″ and 97% head circumference. Heh heh heh. He’s such a healthy kid…we’re very blessed.

I’ve kept up with my quiet time every day for two weeks straight, now. Hopefully I’m not jinxing it by typing this!

Mon Mon has decided not to move back to her house. She’s going to stay with us until she gets better or something. We’re really glad about this. When you want to talk to her just call my number…and when you want to talk to me, you can call my number & talk to her, too! She’s pretty well recovered from the knee surgery, doing a little cooking & a little cleaning, some reading & word puzzles, so I guess pretty much back to normal…only now she’s doing it across the road (from where she’d lived since 1942!). Love you all, m