Had a good day…stayed inside all day. Took a nap from 2-3pm…Tj called and woke me out of a deep sleep.

Not much went on today…Jo called and said she’s taking the summer off to spend with her boys. Mom mentioned this to me before but Jo hadn’t ever said anything about it. That’s such a big step for her…I’ll be praying for her. If her work won’t let her take that much time off she’s talking about quitting…says she has a friend with a lot of contacts…maybe she can get a part-time job after summer.

I measured my waist this morning…46 inches!!!

I took my rings off Tuesday night…don’t want to chance it.

My fingers are feeling a good bit tighter today, and even my left hand is hurting a little.

Man, the day I had the most to blog about and I forget to blog it!

I got an email early in the morning saying Cath had Jace at 2am! Cath called later that day and gave me the details. Apparently she sat down and put her feet up and felt her water break! We’ve both heard (read in books and our nurse told us) that only 8-12% of women have their water break naturally; she’s such a show-off. So she told Tim and they headed off to the hospital. She’d only had a few light contractions before her water broke, but on the way to the hospital they were 2 minutes apart and strong. As they were checking in a tour group came through…Cath had to stop and grasp the handrail during a strong contraction…I bet those people were staring! He he he. When they first checked her she was 3 cm dilated. She got into her room around 7pm. There was some trouble with the paperwork for her epidural so she didn’t get one until 10/10:30pm when she was already 9cm! (At least I know I can get one even that late.) By 11pm she was 10cm, but they finally used forceps at 2am because he just wasn’t making it. As we were talking on the phone I heard little Jace in the background…such a sweet sound, brand new babies crying.

When I talked to her Monday on the phone I told her that I’m planning on having Max go to the nursery the first night if I’m really tired. I’ll sleep better, and having one bottle won’t hurt him. I’m hoping to breastfeed exclusively, but I also want to pump and have Tj give him a bottle once a day…probably the first nightly feeding (since Tj stays up later than I do anyway). Cath told me several times that she’s read that you shouldn’t give the baby anything but the breast for the first two weeks…it’s harder for the baby to drink from the breast than from a bottle so if you show him that there’s an easier way he might not try as hard to learn to drink from the breast. Actually that’s was all the books I’ve read say too, but my cousin told me differently. She said her doctor suggested the bottle a day; her second baby went to the nursery the first night and had a bottle a day, and she’s just been weaned at 11 months. Sounds like a good recommendation to me. I told Cath this several times, but she just kept coming back to what she’d read. When we went out to eat Tuesday she told me she’d talked to a couple of girlfriends who’d done basically what my cousin had done with no negative results, so I think she was considering that.

After Jace was born he wasn’t latching on too well, and when he did he’d only suck for a little while and then go back to sleep…poor little guy, he was really tuckered out! She said that they might have to go ahead and give him a bottle if he didn’t wake up enough soon.

Anyway, that’s all the great news.

Another thing I forgot to blog about was that when we were out to eat Tuesday we sat outside. We went to Capozzi’s, a NY pizza place she suggested. I had a pepperoni slice and one with sliced tomato and basil. That’s the first time I’d had sliced tomato on a pizza, it was really good, but not quite as good as the pepperoni. After we got through eating and talking we threw our trash away and were leaving. The guy came running out saying “Ladies, did I ring you up yet?” His nice way of pointing out that we were leaving without paying! I was so embarrassed! I laughed though, and as we were paying I told Cath that we could’ve outrun him…we all had a good chuckle.

Mom called this morning on her way to work to see if I’ve felt any symptoms of impending birth…but I don’t. My sleep is becoming more erratic and my pelvis and back are a little sore again, but there’s nothing really happening. My back feels more like bone than muscle pain…I think it’s just carrying this weight around. I’m still below 180 which is great. I think that’s my overall plan, to keep my weight here until I deliver…that’s a gain of fewer than 30 pounds overall. My weight has been fluctuating within 3 pounds this last week, so the goal seems attainable.

I’ve forgotten to mention that my right hand has been numb for quite a while now. Looking back over the calendar I guess it’s been a month (since Dec 8th). That Wednesday my middle finger was numb, the next day my ring finger was also numb, then Friday all of my hand was numb except for my pinky. I’ve never gotten all of the feeling back, and usually my arm goes numb up to the elbow, too. It’s more of an annoyance than anything else, although it makes pressing little buttons difficult. I was finishing up taking pictures of all the gifts we’ve been given for little Max and several times I had to stop and look at the button as I put my finger on it…I couldn’t just feel for it like I usually do.

Today I was supposed to go out to eat with Cathy (providing she wasn’t in the hospital) and then go run some errands.

Tj got up at 5am for an early show time, and I slept/stayed in bed until 8:30. At 10am I decided I’d better call Cathy…I couldn’t remember if she’d changed what I’d said Monday night…that she would call if she still wanted to go out. She’d still been having contractions every hour or two but she was getting stir crazy and wanted to go out, so I went closer to her house to eat lunch than we’d originally planned.

Afterward I told her I had errands and she asked if I wanted to run them with her…so we did. I got most of the stuff I needed at Wal-Mart, then we went to Publix, and then to her house. I saw Jace’s room…it’s so much more put-together than Max’s. Tim had installed a bay window himself! It looked great.

Then we went to have our nails done…she had two contractions while I was with her which was from noon till 5pm. She took me to get my car at 5 and I headed home…Tj’d called before we went for our nails…he got finished flying early.

After I ate supper I came upstairs and checked my mail…at 6pm I’d gotten a mail from Cathy’s friend saying her water had broken and she was on the way to the hospital!!! I hope she and Jace (and Tim, of course) have an easy time of it.

Tj’s already in the bed…poor guy. He’s coming down with something and so took some Nyquil and went to bed at 8pm. We didn’t read the Bible…we’ll get it tomorrow.

Had a good day in spite of not sleeping well. Tj’s getting a cold so he’s breathing loudly, and it’s just hit or miss lately about my sleep. I actually woke up 3 or 4 times in the night to go to the bathroom! That’s the first time I’ve done that since getting pregnant. I’m still pretty consistently sleeping through the night…only once a week or less waking up, and then only when I’ve had something to drink within an hour or so of going to bed. It seems like the pee gods are getting me back all in one day for 8 ½ months of letting me slide.

Cathy emailed me Sat that she was having some contractions, but didn’t know if they were Braxton Hicks or not…turned out they were. I waited with (slightly) bated breath Sunday but didn’t hear from her at all. Got an email from her this morn saying she would likely meet me tomorrow for lunch as we’d planned. Then at 3pm her work friend sent me a mail saying she was 1.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced! I don’t really have a good concept of all that that means, but I know she has to go to 10 cm…need to look up effacement again (but can’t find my birth class book). Cath called later and said that she’d give me a call tomorrow morning to let me know what’s up, but that she has an appointment set up for next Mon at the doc’s in case Jase is still just hanging around.

I washed my first load of baby clothes today! Still have another load of blankets to do, and then the baby bedding. Max’s little closet looks so neat with his clothes in little bins. I need to put the base in the car, buy diapers, wipes, and a few other things. The only big things that still need to be bought are the monitor and the glider, but I think the glider will wait till he gets here.

We got caught up on our Bible reading today, so that’s great news.

Guess I’ll wrap up for now…Tj’s got an early show time tomorrow (he’s gotta wake up at 5am) so it’s time to ‘put him down’.