Around 10:30 I drove to Wal-Mart to pick up the birthday cake I’d ordered for Tj and his mom. With a loaf of fresh french bread I also got we had sandwiches for lunch. Tj’s mom and I had a nap then before the cake…in all she took 3 naps today! Then we had present time. From me Tj got Play Station 2, two play station games and a Quizmaster (a hand-held electronic quiz game). From his mom he got a Willow Tree sculpture of a husband holding a baby with his wife leaning on his shoulder and a decoupaged wooden box. On the inside of the box she’d shellacked a birthday card and a picture of Tj from when he was about 5 or so…he looks so proud standing with his hand on his hip, dressed in his pink suit (his first suit). His mom said he looks like Travolta in that suit. It’s so cute!

We watched The Bourne Identity this afternoon, and then (after another round of naps) we went to the theater for The Bourne Supremacy. These were one of the few sequel movies that I could honestly say that the second movie was as good as the first. The only other sequel I can remember where the first and second were equally good is Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

After the movie Tj suggested we go to Macaroni Grill for dinner. I couldn’t find anything on the menu that even sounded good. As usual I asked Tj what his second choice was and then had that…and what a good decision! It was ravioli stuffed with chicken and then smothered in asiago cheese. I would have eaten the whole thing if I wasn’t pregnant…it’s still amazing to me that I can’t eat half of what I had been able to eat before I got pregnant. This baby is only half-way up to my belly button, how can I have that much less room in my stomach? (How would you say that grammatically, anyway?) I guess the best part about all of my current food complaints is that I’m almost half-way through and still don’t have to worry about my weight. Only 20 weeks or so to go!

Well, Tj’s mom was supposed to be here by now…but she overslept and missed her flight!

Tj was gonna get up as soon as the alarm went off, but he decided (as the alarm was ringing) that he needed a snooze. I got up then and took a quick shower. I was surprised to see that the clock said 5:20 when I got out…I thought he set the alarm for 6am. I immediately began making plans to eat breakfast before leaving, but when I stepped out of the bathroom all the lights in the house were on. Tj was in the office and said that his mom had called and left a voicemail. We just got a land line yesterday and it goes through our computer so it took him a minute to figure out how to check the voicemail. As we were waiting I asked him about the time…the clock in the bathroom was set wrong…it was 6:20. It’s supposed to pick up radio signals and set itself automatically, but apparently the daylight savings switch is touchy.

Well, this is as far as I got when I started this entry…I guess I’ll just finish it now, a week or so later, and post-date it.

Tj’s mom accidentally set her alarm for 3pm instead of 3am. Tj said he could tell that she had been crying; I felt so bad for her, I know she must’ve been embarrassed. Tj was annoyed to hear that the next flight was at noon. When he asked his mom about coming to visit for their birthday they talked about her taking off of work Friday and Monday, flying out here early and back late…that way she’d have almost a full four days to visit. She said that sounded good, but then messed around long enough that she couldn’t get Monday off of work. Now that she missed her flight she’d really only have one full day and two half-days of visit.

While we waited for noon to roll around we just messed around the house. His mom found out that she was the second in line for standby; but she made it. We got to the airport at 2pm, right when she was supposed to be landing, but then had to wait because her plane was delayed 50 minutes. We picked her up and went straight to Underground Atlanta. I’d forgotten that there wasn’t much to do there…I thought it was as big as a mall. The first thing we did was go to eat: Johnny Rocket’s. I had an order of french fries and then apple pie a la mode. Yum! Then we walked around a bit…went to several stores, and then made our way home.

So much has happened, and it’s been so long since I’ve written a real entry…I’m gonna start with the best of the latest.

Last Monday we went to the doctor’s office for my first visit since returning to the States. We got to hear the heartbeat!!! There is a little human living inside of me! And I got to hear him or her! I always knew that this time would be amazing, but I guess I’ve been lulled lately because so far pregnancy has been (thankfully) uneventful. I’m basically living my life just as I did before. A few people have asked if I’ve shopped at all for the baby, but somehow it doesn’t seem real yet. It’s still that thing that happens to other people. I hope this seems real before the baby gets here, otherwise…

Our wine shipment came in today, and I still don’t know why. I guess it’s just one of those times when I’m sure I’m right, but Tj wants to do it his way…there can’t be two bosses, now can there?

The stupid woman at the transportation office called to tell us that our shipment was coming in. We had an estimated date for our express shipment, but when we’d visited the transportation office she could find no record of the wine shipment. So, naturally Tj thought when she called that she was talking about the express.

For clarification, when you’re moving overseas you’re allowed two shipments: express goes by air and is required to be delivered in about four weeks. It can only be 1,000 pounds (and of course the government doesn’t weigh the stuff until it’s all packed up and if you’re over then you just have to pay) and they won’t take any furniture. So it’s usually made up of clothes, dishes, towels, sheets, pillows and anything else you need to live for the next two months as you wait for the household goods shipment to arrive. The household goods shipment travels by ship and is required to arrive in four months or so. The weight limit is set according to the active duty member’s rank and how many children there are. Because we were going back to the U.S. we had to make a separate customs shipment for our wine. So that’s all I know about shipments.

Back to the real story:
So she rattled on about the shipment and then when she was done Tj asked about the wine shipment; she said that was the wine shipment. I had told him before and I told him then that we shouldn’t have the wine delivered here in the apartment. I don’t drink wine, and he doesn’t really need this now…and if they deliver them here then he’s the one who’ll have to carry the boxes all down to the car and over to the house. If we just had them hold the shipment then they’d be delivered to our new house. But Tj doesn’t like to rock the boat, and I guess that he really just wanted to see his wine. I guess I can understand that. I really like my stuff…and I do miss our stuff that’s in storage.

So they come to deliver and Tj says they brought up several boxes…a big stereo was one of the things that they carried up two flights to our floor. Tj told the guy that we only had three boxes and all they contained were wine bottles. Man, I hope if anyone ever wrongly receives our stuff they’re as honest as we are.

Tj called the shipping company a few days ago to see if there was any way he could track his car. The woman he spoke with asked him for his VIN and said she’d check into it and tried to get him off the phone as quickly as possible. He’d wanted to ask her when the car was supposed to be here but with all of the rush he forgot.

She called back today to say that the car was in, and actually had been in for eight days. We were supposed to have 10 days to pick up the car, but because she called late we only had two days to pick it up and after that we’d be charged a storage fee every day! Of course this happens to be the first busy week we’ve had since moving here. Tj told her that she shouldn’t punish him for her mistake. She immediately pulled out the sympathy card and said that she’d had a death in the family and had been out of the office and whoever was supposed to pick up her slack didn’t call us for whatever reason. He told her that her company shouldn’t punish him for their mistake; he said we could get the car next Monday, but that we shouldn’t have to pay anything. After going a few rounds with her she said she’d have to talk to her manager and then call him back. She called about half an hour later to say that her manager ok’d her giving us four “extra” days to pick up our car. After all of that we found out that the storage fee was only about $12 a day, but it’s the principle of the thing, you know?