Last night at a Christmas party Max got a multi-tool and he’s over the moon about it. This morning he said, “I just don’t know why they put a corkscrew on here, cause we’re in modern times, and in modern times they don’t sell corked bottles. And anyway, we’re not in Texas.” When I asked him what Texas had to do with anything he said, “Texas is the place where cowboys live and where cowboys live there’s wine and beer and drunkards. Is that ok to say? Or is it inappropriate?”

Obviously I haven’t broadened enough horizons yet!

Yesterday, he was a talking machine.  He requested to “hold flag” which was not in my plan for the day, but he asked so nicely, we had to do it. :)   We looked at ads for toys yesterday, and he was cracking me up.  If I turned a page too quickly and he wasn’t ready, I made him say “not yet”—he said that a lot.  Here are a few things he said:  “Jack green scooter” and “turn page” and “around a curve” when he was looking at a race car track.   He was also answering some ?s for me that weren’t “wh-” ?s really well–sometimes he just ignores me I think.  :)    I was trying to model question formation.  He cracks me up.

Don’t know if I’ve blogged this yet but we get an online pie chart about his behavior from school. They started this about a month ago, I guess. Up until this week he’d never gotten a grade of 100%. The funniest thing is what percentage of every day’s post was ‘taking off clothes’. Not when he was in the bathroom, just in regular classroom time! This Monday was the first time I saw that he didn’t take off his clothes. Progress!

I’m always so torn about how serious I should try to have our school-day go. Obviously we’re homeschoolers and therefore we don’t have to have 6 hours of sit-in-your-chair quiet obedience, but we do have to get some knowledge into Max’s head.

This morning at devotions Max read “…to enable you to live a life worthy of his call.” He immediately mimed God calling and Max answering, and you wouldn’t believe what God had Max do! It’s funny, and I love it, but it’s always hard to get us steered back to school or whatever else we’re trying to do. Hopefully I’m striking a balance. I do know that I love all these moments I’d miss out on if he were in public school. :-)

In other news yesterday he told me, “I feel like I can drink out of the (milk) jug”. Ok, then.


“The reason why I play with Noah even though he’s mean to me is because I want to be like him, to know a lot of stuff about video games. Sometimes he talks to Austin about games I know but I have no idea what he’s talking about. I just think it’s hot stuff.” Who says ‘hot stuff’ these days???

This morning before his eyes were open Jack said “blow bubbles”. Then half a minute later he said “circle”. I thought he was still sleeping till I realized he meant the pillow fort Max made in their room yesterday. He crawled over to the middle and snuggled down and then said “light off”. He’s very demanding!

Last night at church he hid out under a table. When he crawled out he pulled the tablecloth and knocked off a shepherd…breaking the shepherd’s head right off! The preacher was standing right there and came over. I said “Can you see how red my face is?”, I could just feel the color there! He said not to worry about it, that it was Jack’s church too. He always seems to know just what to say.

Last Sunday we had no G-Lab and at the last minute Tj said let’s just rush off to church right now without breakfast and then we’ll come home and have a leisurely waffle breakfast. When we came out of our room Max was already up and showered (!) and was making us breakfast! He’d made hot chocolate for all of us and was making chocolate oatmeal! What a sweetie!

We were out waiting for the bus this morning and Jack was being fussy. He wanted me to zip his zipper but wouldn’t ask for it. He’s got a bad habit of just repeating his command (“sit sit sit sit sit,” when he wants to sit) instead of actually asking me anything, so we’re trying to change that. I told him if he wanted something to ask for it. After about 10 seconds he said, “I want touch bird please, Mom”. Great, kid, ask me for something I can’t possibly do! (I had just pointed out a bird walking across our driveway.)

Yesterday on the way to drop off some stuff for a party we passed the place where I used to get my hair cut. At that time Jack said “cut hair”!! I find it hard to believe he remembered that place; it’s been about a year since we’ve been there. But on the other hand I find it hard to believe it’s just a coincidence! What a kid!