Hey, do anybody wanna to go to the Mean Pigs? Do anybody wanna go to Chilis? Said by Max this morning on our way to the doctor. listen

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Max hasn’t been obeying me today…we’ve had a couple of spankings and a few talks, too. So, a little while ago as he was eating lunch he told me “I will not disobey you and I won’t say I won’t!” Heh heh. He’s been saying “I won’t” to me lately, but I can tell that he doesn’t grasp how strong that phrase comes off.

Recently he’s been saying ‘watch me, please, Mama’ every five seconds as he does the same thing a hundred times. Sometimes I tell him to stop telling me to watch him because I’m still watching him. I must’ve told him he couldn’t say that until tomorrow one time because this morning at playgroup he said ‘watch me’ a few times…and then he could tell that I was getting tired of it. Then he said ‘de de de de’ to a little tune out loud while holding his mouth and trying not to smile. He said ‘now it’s a new day’ and then a minute later he said ‘watch me, please, Mama’! Crazy kid!

Our boy is one year old today! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

 He’s really had a growth spurt lately. It’s so sweet (and encouraging) to see him learn so tangibly. In the last month or so he’s really been sitting up. I can’t leave him alone, but he can sit up for a minute or more.

Last Sunday he waved bye-bye, and later got a cheerio into his mouth! These are major milestones for our boy.

I’ve finally changed out Jack’s clothes to the next size…it’s strange to put something on Jack that I remember Max walking around in…and here’s Jack who hasn’t even begun to really think about crawling yet. That’s one thing that’s not so bad…and is even sweet…I have a baby for longer with Jack. He’s still so cuddly and huggable. Max was really never a cuddly baby, but Jack has been from the get-go. I just love that boy so much.

 In other news Tj’s getting ready to deploy. We’re fortunate that he’s only going for a couple of months…it was supposed to be for twice that but they need him back at the office after that. Two months is such a walk in the park (I think) compared to four, or six or even two years like we’ve heard of guys going. We’ve been having Tj’s favorite foods a lot lately and I got him a cookie cake for Jack’s birthday. Oh, speaking of cakes I entered Jack in a local radio contest for a ice cream birthday cake and he won! They just gave me a gift card (it’s to Coldstone Creamery) so we’re gonna go one night before Tj leaves and get some ice cream!

Guess I should blog some more about Jack…it’s hard to think of things to write about him. I don’t know why it seems harder than I remember it was for Max…guess it’s just because so much of my time is taken up with Max…poor Jack…he’s definitely suffering from second-child syndrome. Anyway…

Jack has been eating solids for a good while now. We have his one year well-baby check-up next Thursday where I’ll double check that it’s ok to give him any and every food now. Although we’ve pretty much been doing that already. I didn’t check my notes from Max but I think the only things we were warned about once he could actually eat table foods were strawberries, peanuts and shellfish. I think Jack has at least had a taste of peanuts and shellfish. Heh. These last few days nursing hasn’t been enough for him at breakfast so I’ve given him a packet of oatmeal. A couple of times he’s wanted more than just one packet! I’ve been skipping his last nurse of the day…we’ve been waking him up for that for a few months now. I think it’s time to wean. It’ll be good be able to go buy a couple of nice bras and be done with this. But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy that time with my boy. It’s always so sweet when as he’s nursing he puts his little hands up and rubs my face. He’s such a sweet baby. 

Man, can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted! Ugh!

Jack had an upper GI exam a couple of weeks ago and the results were that there’s no anatomic abnormalities with his throat.  The were checking because of the reflux he continues to have (experience?). He’s on Zantac now, and it was just upped today. The pediatrician may want to do a swallow study.

One crazy thing about Jack having DS is all we have to go through. That GI was so cool to watch! They laid Jack down on a bed and had a huge arm come down over him, but not touching, and it basically took a video x-ray of his whole body (since it’s so small). It was so interesting to see all of his organs and bones just moving around. They fed him a bottle of barium and I saw the nipple in his mouth, and the barium going into his mouth, down his throat, back up his esophagus, and then into his stomach. Very cool. 

I just told him to put his underwear on. After telling me he’s having trouble I told him to show me what he was doing…of course he’s playing around. So then he sits on the floor and ‘reads’ the tag, and it says:

 “Max, put this in the back, please.”