Went for the first of my weekly doctor’s appointments (!) last Thursday…she checked me out and said everything was tightly closed. It’s just a matter of time. She estimated that the boy is 6 lbs!!! My due date is a month from yesterday! She said that babies generally gain ½ pound or less per week…looks like they think he’s gonna be an 8 pounder, or more! So far I’ve gained 24 pounds…I was hanging out at 22.5 until yesterday when we ate at Olive Garden…need to drink a lot of water today.

Maybe if I stop trying to write everything out neatly I’ll update more often; here goes.

Went to LA for my baby shower Thanksgiving weekend…Tj had off Wednesday through Tuesday. Aunt Donna and Aunt Linda threw the shower for me at Aunt Linda’s house.

That weekend Mom gave me Mrs. Ellis’ watch…she got it in 1928 as a graduation from 8th grade present. I don’t know if Momee got it from Mrs. Ellis when she died or not, but I’m sure Momee gave it to Mom, and now it’s mine. It’s amazing to think that it’s at least 75 years old! I need to go get it repaired and then I can start wearing it. Don’t know when that’s gonna happen, but it’s on my list.

We bought the Christmas tree Saturday before last. The guy made a fresh cut for us so the tree would last longer. This was the same day Tj wanted to try out the prime rib, so we had some guys from his work coming over. I told Tj it wouldn’t hurt the tree to wait an hour or two while he got the rib in the oven, and then we could do the tree. Rib went into the oven, Tj put the tree in the stand, and the next morning I woke up and realized that we still hadn’t put any water in the base! Oh, well, better luck next year. It still smells good and looks good, anyway.

Saturday we went for our hospital walk through, and afterwards we bought the travel system. That night Tj put it together…I can’t believe it! We’re having a baby!

Also, Saturday night we started what we hope will be our Christmas tree tradition: we put on Christmas music, made chocolate chip cookies and decorated the tree. I still hope that one year when Max is old enough we decorate the tree while he’s asleep…I’d love to see his face the first time he sees the tree.

The Friday and Saturday before last (the 3rd and 4th) we had our baby preparation class. It was just about what to expect from labor and childbirth. We watched a few childbirth videos; I was surprised at my reaction. Last year in Spain I found a childbirth video on the web and watched part of it but didn’t enjoy it…I stopped it half-way through. As much as I’ve always wanted a baby I didn’t expect to feel the way I felt when I saw that. I won’t say I was revolted, but I don’t know quite what words to use. You so often hear about how wonderful birth is, but that’s not what it looked like. I said to Jo that I didn’t want to see Max being born but she suggested that I ask for the mirror and if I wanted to look, fine, if I didn’t that was fine too. I think that’s what I’ll do.

I think I’ve made a friend from that class, Cathy. We’re planning on going for lunch and shopping tomorrow…I’m looking forward to that.

So far, though, Christmas is coming faster than I’d like. We finally got Ryan’s presents shipped off and they look like they’ll make it in time for Christmas. Ally’s won’t even ship until the 27th…oh, well, she’s a big girl. We haven’t even really started on a Christmas letter so we’re aiming for a New Year’s letter. (Although looking at the calendar I can see now that it’s not likely. Sigh.) We need to buy a little present for Mom and Dad, Jo and Kel, and each other. We’re mostly doing what we did last year…buying joint gifts for the two of us and our surprise will be the stocking. But Tj got two coupons from Sears so we’re also thinking of both going there at the same time and looking for a gift for each other. I like that idea…kinda like a scavenger hunt.

Ok, last little bit. We finally picked out and bought the crib from Wal-Mart. Tj opened the box this morning and a piece of the wood fell out. I don’t think this is an omen because the research we’ve done seems to show that this is a good brand…it just seems like we’ve had bad luck with furniture lately. We had the bedroom furniture and the kitchen armoire delivered last Tuesday…the footboard was scratched up so Haverty’s is coming Wednesday to replace it. The armoire foot broke off while the guys were positioning it so they said they’d have the store call to set up a repair time. The next day Tj called to see why they hadn’t called. They set up to come Wednesday for the repair, but called back 5 minutes later to say that we were already in the computer and they had no idea when they’d be coming back. I called this morning to say if they couldn’t repair it to my satisfaction by Christmas I needed them to replace the piece…the woman put me on hold for a minute and then said that they’d be out tomorrow to repair it. We’ll see…it’s gonna have to pass the Elle test…we didn’t pay full price to have a repaired piece of furniture.

Ok, really the last bit…we just got our camcorder delivered…Tj’s opening the box now.

Now I’ve got to go clean out the boy’s closet. More later.

This kid is really wearing me out. And Tj too. Poor guy…he’s been so down in the dumps lately, and I don’t know why. I couldn’t do anything to help him, and it was dragging me down. We worked hard at perking up yesterday, but then….

His mom and aunt were flying home from going to his uncle Gus’s deathbed…they had a layover in Atlanta so we were gonna skip church to go to the airport to have lunch with them. His mom said they’d be there at 10:40. At 9:20 or so they called to say that they’d just arrived and were we at baggage claim? Apparently she looked at the notebook where Aunt Sam wrote down the times and read the take-off from Atlanta time as the arrival and the land in NJ time as the departure. If we’d left right then (which we couldn’t even do…Tj was stepping into the shower and I was blowing my hair dry) we would’ve made it to airport parking as they were taking off. Needless to say Tj was pretty upset. He swears that from now on he’s not gonna take his mom’s word about any of her flying schedules…and he’s gonna be her wake-up call for every flight when she’s coming to visit us (remember their birthday???).

Anyway…we tried to go to Sunday School but shirts needed to be ironed, etc etc etc. We decided to just go to church. Then he thought I was being snippy about something and snipped back to me as we were walking out the door to go to church. I could tell that I was just gonna sit in church and cry so I just went upstairs and undressed and got into bed. I hadn’t gotten up that early, but I slept 2 ½ hours!!! I think that little boy is just wearing me out. I really need to take a nap every day again. I’m not yawning mid-morning, but I really feel it emotionally.

Man, every time I update this blog I make a vow to update more often…obviously I haven’t kept that vow yet. Here’s another update and another vow. I’d like to get to the point where I update every day, even if it’s just a short entry every day…that’s gotta be so much better than saving it up to blog a monster entry all at once. Maybe one day my life will slow down, but with Max’s coming probably within the next 7 weeks I doubt it greatly.

I never expected putting this house together to take this long. I guess that’s a silly thing to say, but it’s hard not to compare this time with other times I’ve unpacked. And I guess my biggest problem is that the last time I did this I had absolutely nothing else to do. Now I’ve got little Max on the way, and family are closer, and the house is bigger, which I thought would be easier. I think the reason why it’s not easier is that in Spain when something didn’t fit I just boxed it up. Here I have to leave it out and wait until we get a piece of furniture to put it in. I know I know, that’s a great problem to have since we have the money to buy new furniture, but I hate having two rooms in our house that have no doors to close them off full of boxes and packing materials and kitchen items just laid out on the floor.

Since the day I realized that all of our kitchen equipment wasn’t gonna fit in the kitchen Tj’s been pushing to get a china cabinet. I really didn’t want one…I just don’t think we need one, and that just didn’t seem like my/our style. We went to Sam’s several weeks ago and saw some buffet tables and we both loved them, so I think we’ll go that route. Now I need to add that to the list of things I need to shop for.

Mom and Papa have just decided to come up here for Christmas!!!! Four years with no visits…we move to GA and they visit us twice in six months! The plan now is for them to celebrate Christmas with Monmon on Christmas Eve’s eve (a Thursday), and then the next day Jo, Ted and the boys and Mom and Papa will drive up separately. Jo and Ted will probably stay with his folks since they’re only a 20 minute drive away so they don’t have to sleep here two nights and then pack up to go there for the rest of the week. Mom and Papa are planning on leaving Sunday or Monday…I need to find out which. Kel and Katie will drive down to spend a couple of days with us…she has the use of a friend’s house so she won’t sleep here. It’s exciting to think that almost all of us will be here in our house!

Tj wants to buy a dining room table before they get here. I think that’s completely unnecessary, but since we already have it picked out it might not be such a bad idea. I’m not worried about impressing them…I’m about resigned to the fact that I still won’t have everything just the way I want it in this house. The things we’d have to buy to get all of the boxes out of the formal areas are the buffet and two bookshelves…so it’s tempting to go ahead and get those before they get here. Then Tj wants the kitchen table. And we want to buy a digital camcorder before Max gets here. And we’ve said since at least Spain that we were gonna get a new phone system and the time for that has come. Right now we have a cordless phone that quickly discharges in the living room, a good cordless in the bedroom, a corded phone in the office and one in the kitchen. This leaves us with no phone in the office which is a horrible idea. This is a lot of stuff to buy in a short amount of time…Tj just woke up (it’s 6:45 am) so I hope we can talk about this soon and make some decisions. Oh, all of this is in addition to the baby furniture that we need to buy: a crib, a monitor, a glider, a dresser and a travel system. Oh, and our laptop suddenly won’t turn on. I had a normal shut-down before we left for LA and when we came back we couldn’t get it to turn on. It’s now dismantled on our coffee table.

Anyway…since he just woke up I’ll wrap this up. Maybe I’ll post a little tomorrow…we’ll see.

Well, I’m starting to pay my pregnancy dues. I’ve had such a great pregnancy so far, I guess it’s time. My pelvis was so sore for the first time last Friday when I went for my checkup, and it’s sore again today. The bottom of my belly was really sore yesterday. I’m feeling really old lately! I don’t think I’m overdoing it with the house…I guess it’s just the way it goes now. I’ve had a little bit of heartburn, too. I guess last Monday or Tuesday it started; it really seemed like I was gonna have it every day, but it’s slowed down a bit. I saw another midwife at my appointment and she said that I’m right on schedule…that her first appointment of the day was a 30-week woman who was just starting to feel some discomfort. All in all I’ve had a great pregnancy…and only 10 weeks to go!

The house is still coming along…I have a few picture boxes to open, three medium sized boxes of food that won’t fit in the pantry, and twenty or so boxes of books I’m waiting to open until we get new bookshelves. All of the other boxes are opened but about ¼ of our dishes won’t fit in our cabinets. I’ve been planning on just boxing them up but Tj thinks we ought to buy a china cabinet. We went to Sam’s yesterday and he saw some buffets that he liked, so we may be shopping for one of those soon. We don’t have a dedicated linen closet so I’ll have 3 large boxes with blankets to fit into the water heater area. Once all of that’s finished I need to have a dedicated ‘hang up the pictures’ day, and then on to going through all of our clothes to pull out whatever I’m getting rid of, and change from summer to winter clothes. Then I can start thinking about Max! That’s the plan for now, anyway.

We’ve been going to Summit Church lately, I think we may join. We both like the sermons and the Sunday School, although it’s taken me a while to get used to the SS style. It’s pretty relaxed, people just pipe up whenever. That’s not so bad, but the teacher doesn’t lead so much as just directs the topics somewhat. Tj says he agrees with everyone, too, which I’ve noticed. The people are nice, though. It’ll be nice to have a church family here. A big drawback is that the church is in the process of finding a new pastor…so we may be looking for another church before we leave here, but we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.

After church yesterday we went and bought some bedroom furniture! I thought we’d buy living room furniture first, but when we moved in Tj wanted the bed in front of the window. After sleeping a few weeks with the bed moved away from the window so as not to ruin the blinds Tj said we’d get that furniture first, and we didn’t need to wait for the new year like we’d planned. We bought a sleigh bed, a sweater chest that has six drawers on the left and glass doors with drawers behind for sweaters on the right, two nightstands and a tv armoire with doors that slide back. Of course after we picked out the bed but before we bought it we measured the wall that the window’s on and the bed won’t fit with the nightstands and the bed. So the whole reason we had to buy the furniture so soon is now gone. Oh well, we were planning on buying furniture anyway.

Guess I’ll stop here for now. It’s time to eat a bit of lunch and then settle in for a little nap. I’ve been so exhausted lately that naps are now back in fashion.