Boise Idaho, Wahooz

19 May Friday

We were having a good lazy morning…after Max and I read our Bibles I had him go get his book and read with me while Jack played tangrams on the ipad. When we finished and Max started picking on Jack I sent them outside to play on the playground. I think that’s gonna be my modus operandi these days…annoy me = you must need to burn off some energy = go outside while I read more or get stuff done. Today I put soup on and took a shower and then called the boys back. We ate and got ready and left.

Our first stop was to the Post Office to get all our mail. I don’t know the last time we got actual mail! There were a few graduation announcements…hopefully we’re not too late on those…or any of the bills that also came in.

Next we went to a Little Free Library, that was so cool! It looks like a woman made the front porch/sunroom of their home into a sharing library. There was a small rolling cart of books out front, but then inside were many more books, a desk and chair, a couch/coffee table, chair, and a teepee with a cushion on the floor for little kids to play in. Max found a book to trade right away, and sat down and read the whole thing! I only planned on trading 2 books, but found so many good ones I had to go back out to the truck to get the rest of the books I’d been reserving. We stayed there 20 minutes or half an hour while Max read his book. Jack played on the office chair almost the whole time. The lady was leaving as we arrived and just said for us to leave the door closed but not locked when we left. It look like she locked the inner door to her house and we were just in the front room. I think we’ll be coming back here several more times before we leave this camp site.

Our next stop was supposed to be the Salvation Army, but I saw a fruit stand with cherries on the way. We stopped there and I bought $26 worth of cherries, cucumbers, apples, plums, peaches, avocados, and a watermelon. The Salvation Army wasn’t very far down the road, so we went there next. I don’t think we bought anything there, though I was tempted by some hammocks.

After that we went to Walmart. I finally made a meal plan and a grocery list last night, so I did a full-on grocery shopping, minus all the produce I’d gotten at the produce stand. We headed home after that, and I sent the boys out to play while I made pizza dough. I’d called them in and had eaten half of a piece of pizza when we saw a family with three boys walk by. When we saw them going to the playground I told the boys to stop eating and go out and play. I finished up my piece of pizza and went out to talk to their mom. We had a nice visit while the boys played and when they were finished it was time to finish supper, take showers and go to bed. They’re living in a trailer while their house gets built, so they’ll be here as long as we are. Unfortunately those were her step-kids, so they’re only here every other weekend. Oh well.

20 May Saturday

I saw last night that Idaho’s largest garage sale is today, so that’s what we’re going to do. TJ called this morning talking about our route after this stop. It’s hard to figure out what to do, we don’t want to be where the heat is excessive, but we do want to see all the sites, and still get back to Arkansas by the end of October. Also TJ’s class reunion is the end of September, that’s what really throws a kink in our plans. We could go to Colorado right now when it’s on our way, but then we’d have to make another pass back through to hit his reunion.

So we didn’t head out as early as I wanted to, but we still had a good time visiting with TJ. The boys got to chat with him through Hangouts on my computer. We probably got to the garage sale at 11 o’clock. I put my usual amount of sunscreen on, but thought that the whole thing was inside so I didn’t put any sunscreen on the boys. When I saw that it was all outside booths I was thankful I had spray sunblock in the truck, so I sprayed them both down pretty good. We paid to get in and for the first half an hour I thought I had just wasted my money. Then we saw big bouncy castles at the back, probably seven or eight of them. Max went and asked and we didn’t have to pay extra to go do those so at the end of the first row of booths we took a break and let the boys jump. We went up another aisle and then we were pretty thirsty, the sun was blazing today! Of course I left all the water bottles out in the truck. Somebody was selling cold water for a dollar a bottle so we bought one and split it.

This morning on our way out I realized Max’s pants were about an inch above his ankle bones! How did I miss that? Fortunately I found 2 pair of sports pants with the tags on for $3 each! I also found an LSU shirt for Jack; Geaux Tigers! This made me feel a whole lot better about paying $11 for us to get in here. We walked a little bit more and then headed back over to the bouncy castles. After the boys had jumped for about half an hour or so we went to the food area and got a raspberry lemonade and some curly fries. I thought Max would be ready to go but he wanted to walk a few more aisles so we did that. We found a magnetic marble tower set for $4, so all in all we had an awesome day.

On our drive back home Max asked if we could have a water balloon fight with the kids next door. I didn’t think the base would approve of that so I called TJ, and he said as long as we picked up all of the balloon parts we should be fine. We stopped in at Walmart and bought a package of water balloons and some water shooters for all the kids. When we got home Max ran over and told the boys what we were doing and they said they wanted to go. I made my boys a snack of walnuts and cheese, Max’s latest favorite, and then we headed out. I unhooked the bus water hose at the base connection and filled up the water balloons and three buckets of water. We hauled it over to the playground and the boys had a really good time. Not long after they finished up and right about the time everybody started freezing there were a few scattered raindrops. It really cooled off from how blazing hot it was this morning. We headed back in, I rinsed off all the buckets and hooked the water back up. During that time the national anthem played; I’m so glad that it didn’t actually rain during that, it was only a sprinkle still. We went inside and the boys had leftover pizza and a slice of spam for supper, I had bruschetta with the awesome tomato from the roadside stand yesterday. I was so tired from walking around for 4 hours at the garage sale, so while I was making supper I turned on The Rocketeer for the boys to watch, and they continued watching it after supper and while building the marble tower.

21 May Sunday‚Äč

I found a different church for us to visit today…Bridgepoint church. This looks like it has more activities for Max’s age kids, and it has a Wednesday night service too, so we headed there this morning.

The service was good, but there was just one service that repeated second hour. I think we’ll do this again next week, though, because both boys could benefit from sitting in a grown-up service.

I didn’t know that then so I dropped Jack off at his classroom and Max and I attended service. The song part was so awesome! Then I picked Jack up and we hung out for about half an hour. There were doughnuts and coffee to be had, so the boys had them. I talked to Adam there and he suggested a few places to see around town, and we had a nice chat. Then I brought both boys back to their classes and I headed down the road to see what there was to see. I found a thrift store not even a mile down the road, jackpot! And in there I bought the cutest basked I’d seen before at Fred Meyer for about $25, but here I paid $3!! Woot!

After church we lunched at home and then napped. At some point today I realized I didn’t get any black sand from False Klamath!! That would’ve been awesome to have. Oh well, maybe we’ll see another black sand beach before our travels are over.

Before we went to bed Max and I sat down to organize our time here. He’s been ‘bored’ lately, and I should make the most of our time here. I planned out several days of activities and a few free days for us.

Twice now Jack has asked me to go outside “my feet”…barefoot.

22 May Monday

Today we planned to go to Esther Simplot Park. After we had a nice, slow morning I mentioned that to Max and he groaned. Staying home it is! We have a big day planned tomorrow, so dropping this isn’t so bad.

In the afternoon I made cookies and we brought some to each of our neighbors.

I ripped out most of my basket tonight…it was starting to buckle more and more. I re-read the pattern and saw my mistake, so here goes the second try.

23 May Tuesday

One of the places Adam recommended was Wahooz. Max mentioned that he wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese, and Adam said this was a similar type place…but it was much better! We got there around 11:30 and left around 7:30!

They were having $15 Tuesday which bought us a selection of rides/games, and we added on the bumper boats and go karts for another $5 each. We ended up doing everything we could except for putt putt. We would’ve done that too but Jack kept asking for the ball room, so I towards the end of our day I bought that just for him.

We started out playing the arcade games. We played laser tag twice…I started out thinking Jack would stay by my side in there but he headed off on his own and was fine. We rode a twister ride, and Jack rode the frog hopper that goes up and down up and down. We rode go karts, and the amount of time we got to drive was pretty long. Jack seemed to really like those this time. We had nacho fries and a BLTA croissant for lunch. After all that Max went to do his own thing and Jack and I went to the ball room, and that’s where the real excitement started.

Jack and I had been in the ball room close to two hours. For most of that time there were only 1 or 2 other kids there. For the last 45 minutes or so the worker there played tag and hide and seek with Jack. Once during that time a kid on the second floor shot me several times with the foam ball guns they have, but when I walked out into the atrium area and told him I wasn’t playing and to please not shoot at me he quit. I still had the occasional ball hit me, which is par for the course in a small ball area with foam ball guns, so no big deal. About this time people were getting off of work and a new crowd of kids/parents were coming in. Another girl, older, and perhaps with special needs, started shooting at me. Her mom was standing right next to her watching her. I asked her from my seat to stop, and when she shot me another couple of times I walked towards her (but she was on the second floor, I was on the first still) and told her I wasn’t playing and to please stop shooting me. Before I could finish my sentence the mom yelled at me to never yell at her kid. I said I asked her not to shoot at me, and the mom yelled over me again. I said I kindly asked her not to shoot at me and again…the same thing. We repeated this another 2 times and then the worker came and asked if there was a problem. Of course we both tried to tell our side of the story, and again the woman yelled over me. She was still yelling from the second floor, but the worker was standing next to me so I told her that woman won’t shut up and let me complete a sentence, but I was asking her kid not to shoot at me. The worker apologized and asked if I could sit in one of the other spots which were harder to reach with the guns. I said she had no need to apologize and of course I’d move. I’d been sitting in the more comfortable of the spots the whole time, but I moved by the door into a single chair. After a bit I think the worker asked the mom to leave because she hadn’t bought a ticket for herself but she was playing (I heard her say to the worker so you’re gonna bring this bag of foam balls up to my daughter?). As the mom left the room and passed right by me she gave me a dirty look, and I just looked at her and smiled. It may have been more of a smirk, now that I think about it. :-) I was still so amazed at how childish she’d been yelling over me that whole time. Anyway, she left. And she came right back in after 2 seconds and said I see you looking at me! (I didn’t look at her after she left the room, just as she was walking out.) She continued don’t you give me that look and on and on and on. Oh my gosh! What craziness! She kept on for a few more sentences while I kept my mouth shut, then she left. After about a minute 2 workers (managers?) came by and apologized to me, I told them they had nothing to apologize for, and I don’t know if they were going to say something else or ask me questions because irate mom was back! She yelled at them that I had yelled at her kid and how wrong that was and were they not gonna do anything about it???!!! Why didn’t they just put up a sign that said it’s ok to yell at people’s kids if they weren’t going to do anything??!! She’s a lawyer and she’s gonna sue the whole place if they don’t do something!!! If looks could kill she would be a dead woman right now!!!! Were they not doing anything because they were prejudiced? (I don’t know what reason they had to be prejudiced, everyone there in this debacle was white.) She yelled and yelled! I was just sitting in my chair, smirking, looking down at my phone and reading. The two managers and the worker were standing close enough to me that I could touch them, at this point they had their backs to me and were talking to the irate mom; they were essentially shielding me, thankfully. Then the husband walked in. I made eye contact with him and was trying to decide the best way to handle this, but quickly realized that I just needed to keep my mouth shut and eyes down, so that’s what I did. I thought at first he was trying to calm his wife down, but that wasn’t the case. After a few more minutes of yelling/discussion the two managers asked the wife to leave so the husband stayed with their kid and I didn’t move…I tried to be invisible. This lasted probably another hour or so. I had an alarm set to take Jack to the bathroom that rings every hour so I’m somewhat close on the times. Jack played, I read my phone, the other kid and dad played and had the time of their lives. About this time I saw a ball bounce right at my feet. I’ve been sitting here for an hour and no balls have come in like this, and then a second one comes in. Huh. I look up slowly and see the dad telling the girl to stand about 2 feet away from me between him and me and he’s innocently throwing balls at her and hitting her with them. Yeah. I watched him throw about 5 at her while I tried to decide what the best course of action was. Then irate mom stuck her head in and asked the girl what kind of slushie she wanted, and told her to get her shoes on…so now it’s just the dad and me. He threw his last 2 balls at me. OMG. What a crazy family. I didn’t say a word, just watched him with a slight smile on my face while he did it. They all three left. Then the worker (who had replaced the friendly worker who was here when it happened) came over and asked if that was the man who had been upset? When I said yes he said that management had asked that he let them know when the man left. And that was that! Man, when irate wife was yelling and the two managers were between her and me my heart was pounding! I don’t believe I did anything wrong, except I should have just shut up after asking her daughter to not hit me the 2nd time. But now I definitely wasn’t going out to the parking lot without security if I saw them hanging around when I was ready to go! I think they might be the kind of people to pull out a gun because of the ‘look’ I gave her. I’m glad we’re staying on base!

I waited at least another 30 minutes to make sure I didn’t see those people again, then got Jack and found Max and said it was time to go. Max said he wanted to ride the bumper boats so we made that our last ride. What a day!

24 May Wednesday

I was so glad I’d planned nothing for today, and then I remembered that Max has church tonight. Ah, well. We lazed around this morning till some dude came and knocked on my door! He’s a friend of someone here in the rv park and he and his wife have a kiddo with DS, so he came to ask me questions about retiring and paperwork we had to fill out about Jack during Tj’s retirement. We talked for a good 10-15 minutes, as we parents of kids with DS tend to do.

The boys played outside a while while I got some filing done, but Max complained of the wind when they came back in…it is certainly super windy today! I can feel it rocking the camper sometimes.

I fed the boys supper, and then while checking Max in at church the guy told us supper was provided. Heh. I was excited to go to another thrift store near the church while Max was in class, but all the thrift stores there close at 6pm! Boo! We drove down the street and saw a Whole Foods so Jack and I tooled around there for about an hour. Next we went to a produce stand, and lastly we killed time at Shopko. Then we headed back to the church to pick up Max, and I learned how to play a DVD in my truck while we waited.

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