Are we potty training???

I planned on attempting potty training with Jack again this summer. I envisioned days spent outdoors with Jack in a shirt and underwear, a little potty chair in the shade, and lots of hard work. I really never put any more thought into it than that. Last Thursday (a week and a day ago) Steph-B was here and Jack said something to her about the toilet. He’s done that before, and I’ve told her that he talks about the toilet, has even gone to it and opened it and pulled his pants down, but never actually wants to sit on it. If he makes it to the toilet with pants down I do make him sit a minute, but nothing happens except moaning on his part the entire time. But since he said toilet, she asked him a couple of times if he wanted to go sit, and he answered his usual ‘yes’, so I felt guilted into putting him on the toilet. The same thing happened. But then I realized that if we were gonna start working on him in the summer he should at least be used to having to sit on the toilet without fussing or nothing would be accomplished. The first time or two that I tried to train him I gave him every toy under the sun to play with while he was on the toilet, but none of them amused him there. The only thing he did the whole time he was on the little potty was moan and gripe about the potty guard. Well, I’m not gonna let him sit on there unguarded! That was non-negotiable. So Friday I got the little potty out again and put him on it with the iPad for him to play with, and let me tell you, that boy loves him some iPad! He’s now started asking to sit on the toilet, and has pooped 5 times in 8 days! Twice today! Wow! I think we may be on to something here.

I’ve been burned with him so much in the past that I really don’t have a clear idea of how long I think this will take. I’d like to think he’ll be done with daytime potty training by the end of this year, but that may be too much to ask. I’m just along for the ride.

Along those lines, I always have trouble figuring out how much he understands. He was standing near the kitchen table, I was at the stove cooking supper. I pointed and told him to pick up that piece of paper (8.5×11 and about 2′ away) off the floor and throw it in the trash. He walked all the way to the other end of the table, got a piece of paper off my desk, and started walking to me. Now, he’s carried out 3-step commands before, I know he could handle my request. But watching him I just immediately go to ‘he doesn’t understand’. I really don’t think it was lack of focus; I had to break this command down to tiny steps before he could/would comply. I try hard not to underestimate his abilities, but that boy is hard to read!

In other news, today in the truck out of the blue Max said I really need to learn how to set a booby trap. You know, the ones where two ropes go opposite directions and loop up to some hooks… Yeah, that’s what he really needs to learn :-) He’s such a fun boy!

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