Spring Break

When I was planning our school year I thought briefly about the public school calendar, and then I forgot to follow through and get one so I could plan our off days to be the same as theirs. I like Max to be able to go out and play with his friends (Noah, Austin, Aidan and Jaxon) when they’re off. Mom and Papa told me they would come the week before last, and it turned out to be spring break so that worked out great!

The got here Monday afternoon after driving all day. We had such a relaxing visit the whole week…it was very enjoyable. Tj was bored, he didn’t enjoy sitting around talking with my parents, but at least they get along well.

I had a couple of small chores for Papa. Our bathroom light switch has stopped working well twice in the 5 years (!) we’ve been here so he replaced it with a higher-load switch. I also asked him to change our kitchen bathroom switch to operate the fan and light at the same time with either switch. Then I talked to mom about redoing some shelving in the pantry. I decided to just clean it out, and then Papa asked me what we were talking about and I asked him to add some shelving. Goober! He did such a great job, too! My pantry’s very organized now. He had some scrap shelving boards so he added two shelves in Tj’s shoe closet. Yay!

During our talking times I asked him how St. Amant Baptist got started. I’d thought they went to high school with Bro. Ronnie, but only Papa did. We talked about that for a while and then I asked him to tell me how he got saved. It was cool to hear that story again. I was glad to have Max hear it, too. Mom told her story and it was pretty much the same as mine! I didn’t remember that, and she didn’t remember that they were the same either. I asked Max to tell us his story too, but he was pretty nervous. When I told him he only had to say a couple of sentences he told about how when Tj came back from deployment he took Max to 5 Guys Burgers and asked him some questions (to confirm to us that he fully understood what he had done). If I haven’t written it before what Max has told me at least three times now is that one afternoon while Tj was deployed, Max and I had taken a nap. I left him in our bed sleeping. After he woke up but before he came out of the room he asked God to save him. So last week Max told the second half of his story, but not the first half.

Now that I’ve sat on this several days I guess I should give up on remembering any more that happened that week. :-)

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