Just an update

Well, I’ve only gotten up two more times to put Jack on the potty, and both times he’s been wet. I’ll most likely put this all off until next year when the weather’s warmer.

Last Sunday night after church the two boys and I went out looking at Christmas lights…Tj had to work on his master’s. After about 30 minutes I heard Jack throwing up in the back! The women in the nursery told me he’d thrown up but I just assumed it was his usual spit-up. He continued throwing up all night until 4am, poor baby! I’ve never seen/felt him so limp in his life. I tried to get it all in a bowl but he would just hang his head on the edge of the bowl…I knew it had to hurt his neck. This is the first time either of the boys has thrown up more than once in a row.

We finally went to Jack’s allergy appointment and now he’s taking Claritin. I feel bad that both my boys have my allergies. The day after he started that medicine he got a cold, so now we have even more snot than before. Crazy kid.

At that visit the doc looked at Max’s ears…lately he’s not been hearing or listening (even to words like ‘popsicle’ and ‘chocolate’!!!). He’s also said he can hear his heartbeat. The doc says his ears look clear but set us up an appointment to have his hearing checked.

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