Our great date

Last weekend was Give Parents A Break…once a month the AF gives deployed spouses and parents of special needs children (that sounds funny to say when I mean us) 6 hours of free babysitting. Last weekend we went to the Imax to see ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. We really had a great time, in spite of the fact that I felt crummy all day. Afterwards we went to the Purple Cow for lunch…it was great! It’s a burger joint, so I got a bacon burger.

I woke up that day with a sore throat, but I figured I’d slept with my mouth open, and if I just could put mind over matter I’d be ok. I fought with it all day, but just felt generally yucky. The next day I felt even worse. We stayed home from church and Tj took care of the kids. We took a nap that afternoon, and when Tj got up he was feeling bad. Monday I felt a little better, Tj felt miserable; he stayed home from work. I had an ear appt for Jack in LR, so we went.

Tj called before lunch to double check that they had sick call at 1pm. Since he was doing so badly we packed up the boys and I drove. He wasn’t inside the clinic long…when he came out he said they didn’t have sick call…boy, was I angry. They told him they’d call with an appointment. An hour or so later they called to say come by anytime and they’d see him.

While the boys were in therapy/Mom’s day out Tj went to the doc’s again. The tech was so startled when he saw Tj’s mouth he called the doc in¬†immediately, and then they rushed the strep test, which was positive! So he stayed home from work Tuesday and Wednesday, too. He felt miserable both of those days, too, but felt better Thursday morning.

Now he has a cold, Max has a little cold, I have a scratchy throat, and Jack’s had a miserable cold since Monday. Bring on the vacation!

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