I realized the other day that I haven’t written about our Christmas yet. Well, that’s silly since I really haven’t blogged for 6 months or more…but you gotta start somewhere…so I’m starting with the new year (including Christmas from last year).

We had the best Christmas ever. They’re all really great Christmases, but this one was really great too. I guess generally each new Christmas is the best Christmas ever. Anyway…Life was so hectic last fall. I thought everything would be great once Jack was in therapy and Max was going to Mother’s day out at the same place; then I’d have 2.5 hours twice a week to myself! I decided to go grocery shopping every Tuesday (that’s more fun/practical w/o the boys), but then completely splurge every Thursday. I hadn’t thought about it before, but not everything is open at 9 in the morning…I drop the boys off at 8:30 and by the time I get back to town it’s getting close to 9. Obviously I’m veering greatly off topic now….

So I thought things would be great, but then I was also volunteering two mornings a week at church. The only morning I could stay in my pjs and not rush the boys’ breakfast was Friday. Somehow that made life very hectic. When the volunteering positions ended mid-December life really slowed down, and we had a great month. Christmas was perfect! Max was almost 4, and really primed for Santa, and we really hadn’t had a Christmas these last two years.

Ok, this is 24 hours later…Jack is sick with a really bad cold, and was kinda lethargic. I got lots of holding time, but not much blogging time.

We haven’t had a tree or anything ourselves because in 06 we moved to Turkey, and in 07 we moved back. Because Max was so aware of Christmas last year we bought a little 3′ tree for our apartment, but we didn’t have the whole shebang.

This year we woke up before the boys on Christmas morning. We watched a little tv, then I heard Max come downstairs. I peeked out the door at him walking up to the stockings/Christmas tree. For a minute or two he just stood there not making a sound. I think he didn’t believe Santa had come…we’d already had a few presents under the tree so maybe he couldn’t tell that there were more. Ted and I went to him and talked to him a little, but he didn’t seem very awake/happy. Finally I reached up and felt one of the stockings which were filled with bite-size ‘snickies’ (Snickers) and they made such a crinkly noise, and then Max smiled…I think he believed then. We recorded most of us opening presents…until the tape ran out, oops! All in all it was great to watch Max have his first ‘real’ Christmas, and it was great to have such a relaxing break after a few stressful months.

Well, all the boys are up now so guess I’ll blog again later.

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