Cinnamon rolls and burgers

We slept late, and then I sent the boys out to the playground before it started raining and I made
cinnamon rolls. They ended up being for lunch instead of breakfast; Ted worked on our next route/stop while I was making the rolls so I’m using him as an excuse as to why it took me longer than usual. Although really, it’s not usual that I make them, sooo….

When he came home I had Max bring in the hammock because it’s supposed to rain off and on until we leave; I’d rather not have to wait for that big ole thing to dry out if I can get ahead of the game. Ted is pretty stressed about finding our next place; it’s always a bit of a struggle, and Boston is looking like a no-go again. I think he worries too much about making me happy with where we’re going when I’ve told him a million times that I’ve been happy with every place we got, and I understand that we’re beggars not choosers when it comes to our route. Maybe he just likes driving himself crazy about this like I drive myself crazy about Jack. Huh.

After we ate cinnamon rolls we started school. When Jack was mostly finished I took a nap, and when I got up the boys went out to play again because the rain had stopped. There are so many people here that there are lots of kids to play with. School around here starts soon so people are out having their last fling!

We played some card games, and I made us burgers finally with some awesome Wegmans ground beef. Man, those are awesome! I’ve stopped putting so much on my burgers, just meat, salt, cheese pretzel bun, bbq sauce and a little mustard.

I called Jo and we chatted a good while tonight. Jarod has been suspended for hitting, and he’s been having other trouble. Of course she’s wondering if it’s related to Ted having a different house and a new woman living there. Poor kiddo! After that call I watched a little of the Dateline show with Jamie Foxx and his sister with DS. He literally said that she taught him how to live!!!! Lol!! We’ll have to tell Hooper that when we see him next.

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