Laundry tales

This morning Ted asked me to go to breakfast in the hotel for adult company. Later Jack asked me to take his photo when Ted was getting ready, so here it is. It cracks me up…Jack wants to be such a helper so he got Ted’s shoes out, but then he put them so close to his feet it becomes about like a booby trap!

When we were ready we checked out and went to Grandmom’s so Ted could finish setting up her online banking from her phone.

We got home around 11:30am and it wasn’t nearly as hot as we expected it to be. We dropped the boys off at the playground and came to the bus and immediately turned the a/c’s on. I started setting out meats and cheeses for lunch, and saw that the hamburger we bought for burgers the other day was gray. Whomp whomp. I guess we’ll have Mexican salad for supper since it’s not out of date, just not as good as it would’ve been if we hadn’t abandoned our bus for 2 days.

We did school and had a regular day, but when we it was getting close to church time Jack complained twice that his stomach hurt. I never saw any evidence, but he wasn’t trying to avoid something I was telling him to do, he was just playing, so I think his stomach actually hurt, I just don’t know why. We stayed home from church since he wasn’t feeling well.

After supper Ted and Max stayed up playing Fortnite.

I’ve been trying to catch up on laundry and realized someone (Jack!!) stole a hand towel from the hotel! Doh! Guess we’ll be stopping by there one day when we visit Grandmom. Speaking of laundry, one day recently I was telling Max how to start the laundry but he couldn’t find the laundry soap, there was only detergent. What to do??!!


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