Max’s mustache

Ted and the boys went to breakfast. We started school and Jack did awesome with his reading comprehension. The story he had was focusing on the -ot family and for the first time ever he found every word with -ot and circled it! When we were about halfway through we headed out for a walk around the hotel. I figured while we were here we would probably swim a bit, but the pool was gross. The deepest part was 4.5′ and you couldn’t see the bottom; the hot tub looked clear but there was a bandaid floating in it! The hotel was great in every other way, though, thankfully.

At 11:20 I left to pick up Grandmom for her eye surgery. Ted wanted me to be able to watch her surgery this time like he got to last time. After she was sent back I was reading magazines and waiting for them to call me to watch. The TV noise got to where it was louder than the home decorating show verbiage that was on. The receptionist started asking around if that was someone’s phone, but it wasn’t mine. After a minute of her walking around and checking each person we realized it was Grandmom’s phone! I had her purse on the floor at my feet and her phone alarm was ringing to remind her to take her eye drops. Heh. I watched her surgery; it’s amazing how rough they were with her eye. They shoved needles in and around in her eye, sucking out all the cataract I guess, and then inserting a new lens. Amazing what they can do these days!

When she was finished we drove to the hotel and got the boys for lunch. We ate at Sage Diner where the boys got burgers, I got crab cakes because Aunt Dolly always said this place had the best crab cakes, and Grandmom got fried clam strips.

We dropped Grandmom off at home so she could rest and we went back to the hotel to rest ourselves. Just as I was snuggling down to take a nap Johnny texted that he was finished! We left Max at the hotel because Johnny’d already told us we wouldn’t be able to run the a/c until late again, and headed out to wrap up our roof stuff. Back at the hotel Ted ordered pizza for the boys, I was still pretty full from our late (3pm) lunch. I watched a bunch of episodes of Chopped and then when Jack went to bed Max and Ted played Fortnite. I’m so glad they have something they enjoy doing together! At his request we put the ironing board by Jack’s bed for the night.

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