Philly, Thai ice cream and a hotel

The roofer got here about 8:10 this morning. He said Ted didn’t need to stay with the bus, so he’s coming with us! I’d planned to go to Atlantic City with Grandmom but Ted says the beach will be too crowded this last Monday before school starts here. We decided to go to DE so we can mark it off our list, but nothing that I’d planned to do there is open on a Monday!! Grrr! We talked a while while the boys got ready and after much back and forth finally decided to go to PA again and see the things we had left on our list.

When we parked and got up to the Visitor’s Center Ted said, well, first thing, I’m hungry. Ok. So. He found us a place that looked good but it turned out so hot it was impossible to enjoy! If only we’d figured that out before we ordered we could’ve gone somewhere else! Instead Max got the Caesar salad, Grandmom had the Greek salad, Ted had the buffalo ranch wrap, Jack got the Cubano melt and I had the gobbler (turkey, swiss, bacon, avocado, roasted pepper and Russian) with a wild tart cherry ginger kombucha. I really think I would’ve enjoyed my sandwich but my face started turning red it was so hot in there! Jack’s sandwich tasted the best to me; but I hope I’ll never go back to a place so hot!!

These photos are of the boys in the Visitors’ Center:

Next was the Ben Franklin Museum. Ted didn’t really want to go here, or anywhere for that matter. He just needed a place to get some daylight and walking in so he could overcome his jetlag! It was a small museum, but it had such interesting things about the many inventions Franklin came up with or helped along during his life.

It was so interesting to see parts of the foundation of his house from 1763. This is not the most interesting of the foundation parts that were saved, but it’s the only one I got a photo of.

Then we saw the Betsy Ross house and Ted really didn’t want to go there. What didn’t help matters any is that while we were paying for our tickets this Asian dude just stood there watching us. As soon as we got our tickets he crossed into the paid area, and proceeded to follow us along every step of the way! After several rooms of Ted and me making big eyes at each other at this only other patron following so closely along in the cramped rooms I took a picture of the dude. Here he is in all his glory. He never said a word to us, but he was right there with us every step of the way. When we finally exited he went to the table outdoors where his wife (?) was sitting and spoke to her in their language, and then they walked away. Curious!

As we were heading to the car Ted spied the Mint and we remembered that I’d said we were definitely doing this today. We went through security and then sent Max to the top floor to see if the machines were running today; and they were! We got to see lots of pennies and quarters riding along in their conveyor buckets, and sheet metal being fed into the cutting presses. So much fun!

I told Grandmom a million times that I would drive anywhere there in Philly to pick her up if she was tired of walking but she kept insisting that she could walk to the truck. Finally we told here that Ted would stay with her while I got the truck and that settled her. When Max and I had seen enough we headed off to the truck and texted them when we were outside the Mint.

Ted was feeling ice cream. Well, really, we all always want ice cream. I found us a little place with Thai rolled ice cream halfway to Grandmom’s house and it was perfect! Ted got some chocolate peanut butter, the boys and Grandmom got chocolate, and I got coconut lime ice cream. It was wonderful! I added strawberries, bananas and chocolate on top and it was the best! Actually Abracadabra is better, and Jack has asked for that several times, but for second best this place might be it. We took Grandmom home and then went to Wegmans for hatch cheddar cheese. Jack wouldn’t obey Max there, and on the way to the bathroom to have a serious talk with Jack I saw a woman with an older boy with DS. A little later I saw them in the bread aisle and went up to talk. I met Charlie who told me he was 40. As I was reeling from the fact that he was almost my age his mom told me he was actually 25 which made me laugh so hard since I’ve been struggling so much with Jack and math. We visited a bit and she told me that Charlie’s the 2nd of 7 kids. I had so much fun talking to her! Maybe when we get a house we’ll find some friends with DS. Who knows?!

When we got home the roofer, Jimmy, was still here. He’s saying he thinks he’ll be finished tomorrow; a day early! It was super hot, and since he stayed longer he figured we shouldn’t turn our a/c on until 11pm. That was crazy talk! We’re going to a hotel! The boys were at the playground so we packed up some clothes, put all the cold food in the fridge and got the heck out of there!

On the way to the hotel we stopped at 5 Guys for supper; I got fries and a chocolate shake. We were exhausted and crabby. We took showers and hopped in bed; lights were off for the boys at 10:40 and I wasn’t far behind.

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