Almost time to start school!!!

The boys went outside to play twice today, and both times it started thundering and lightening not long after they got to the playground. The first time I drove out to get them and the rain started pouring as I was pulling into our parking spot. I was trying to finish up my work from the other day, and I got some good stuff accomplished.

First thing, though, Ted’s alarm went off at 5am-ish to go to work. We didn’t go to bed late last night, and usually I’m a morning enough person that I wake up well enough, but this morning I didn’t want to get up at all! When he got out of the shower I threw clothes on and sent J to the bathroom. When we got back home around 7:30am I read and dozed a bit, and was sound asleep at 9:30!

Jack just came in and said, “I see sugar!” I asked where and he said no, 3 times. I finally said on the counter? And he said no, by the shoes. I asked him if he tasted it and he said yes. It’s powder we put in Max’s shoes!! Doh! I asked if it tasted yucky and he said no. That kid!

I caught up with my blog, copied all my reminders to the Keep, settled on a church for tomorrow (maybe), and Ted and I started our Monarch subscription. Some Monarch statistics:

7th grade
Algebra 168 units
LA 476
Bible 124
History 128
Science 114
1,010 total units

8th grade
Geometry 198
English 1 146
Bible 137
History 177
Science 114
772 total units

If we do 130 school days Max will average 6 units per day.

While I was copying my reminders I had Max start making bruschetta for supper. In the end he cut the tomatoes and pretty much toasted all the bread.

Sara Lu chatted with me this morning and after supper. It’s fun to visit with sweet friends even when they’re so far away.

IF: it was going well today until my iPad gave me fits. I retaliated by eating half a bag of cheddar veggie straws. Oh well. I’ll do better tomorrow.

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