Weber’s and water ice

We left for Grandmom’s at 11:30 and took her to Weber’s for lunch. They’re supposed to be THE place for root beer. I liked it, but it was kind of dark or woody…something. Ted said it almost had a fermented taste to him, like they’d let it sit too long. It was good but not super sweet like root beer usually is. The burger and fries were good too.

Next we went to Wegmans to see if they had pork belly. They didn’t but they told us where to get some. When I looked the place up on Google it showed the shop not far from our campground. Later while we were headed there we realized that Google had lost my home setting and the shop was close to Home Depot! Stupid! Since Ted is leaving tomorrow morning he didn’t want to go get pork belly today. But I did get a pair of pearl drop earrings.

On the way back to Grandmom’s house we stopped for ice cream. I ordered Jack a mint chocolate chip flavored water ice since that’s a NJ (or northeast?) treat. It was fine, but tasted like diet ice cream…good but really thin. I let him have half of my chocolate root beer float. I don’t feel the need to get another water ice ever.

We hung out at Grandmom’s for a bit and Ted got a haircut at a nearby barber shop. On our way home we stopped at a farmers market and bought some tomatoes, peaches and beets. Next was the nearby IGA grocery store for milk and smores stuff. We got gas and used the 2nd bottle of STP stuff. It’s the first time we’ve filled up in NJ this time and it’s so hard to remember that we don’t pump our own gas here!

For supper we had meats and cheeses, cantaloupe, a peach, a tomato, French bread and oil. We played Skip Bo and Uno and then Ted packed up for his trip.

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