Grandmom’s first cataract surgery

Ted left at 8 this morning to take Grandmom for her first cataract surgery. I made a to-do list and got up and at ’em!

My to-do list today:
Wash sheets, both beds
Call Mom
Clean ice maker
Read Bible
Mom’s dishcloth
Fingernails, mine and Jack’s
Clean toilet
Make dough
Move reminders to Keep
Recipes (incl Gmom’s cake…chocolate with 1.5 cups walnuts)
List of NJ things to do
Chart IF
Meal plan
Re-write school schedule
Bus stickers

Ted came home as the boys were eating their sandwiches. We did the bus stickers (only 17 States left!!) and then he went to take a nap. He slept horribly last night and I think he has my bad attitude from yesterday.

We took the boys to the pool at 4 where they played with a handful of other kids. At 5 a woman came to close the pool early. Somehow this seems like the worst place we’ve stayed in 2 years. It’s not horrible, but there are a million little things that push it to the bottom of the list: the water pressure is abysmal and the girl says just wait till Labor Day, with so many more people it’ll be really bad then! The pool area has no chairs and no food or drink is allowed inside (most pool places allow you to bring stuff in, just no glass bottles); the woman who checked us in was completely devoid of good attitude, though she did try to help us find a better site, but there was no apology for them not having enough info about the site on the web for us to make an informed decision. Again, this isn’t a horrible place to stay, but it’s right at the bottom of all the places we’ve stayed.

I made buffalo chicken pizza for supper and Ted said it was awesome! We ate both pizzas and several cheese sticks.

Things left at the end of the day on my (ever changing, never ending) to-do list:
Mom’s dishcloth
Move reminders to keep
List of NJ things to do
Meal plan

IF: 3:50, and supper

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