Clotted cream

We went to bed at 2am last night and I woke up at 8 on the wrong side of the bed! I tried to start looking at what kind of things we want to see while we’re here in NJ but I had to give it up because my attitude was so bad! I stayed in bed pretty late reading and just avoiding real life. 11:30 I started baking biscuits for our lunch with clotted cream, and I burned them! I can bake so many things in that oven, but biscuits are always hard for me. This time the clotted cream tasted better with strawberry jelly. I thought it would be fine with the other jelly but somehow the strawberry just works well. I liked the clotted cream, but it doesn’t have a strong flavor at all. I’d eat it again, but won’t go out of my way to get some. We still have a few of the Wegmans cranberry-orange scones; they’re terrific! I could eat those all day.

After lunch I took a nap and that helped a lot! Then Ted and I went to Home Depot and WM. We found a pretty magnetic sheet of metal for the timer to hang on behind the oven. The space we’ve been putting it on the front of the stove is just too small and it falls off and the battery comes out. Now that we have something that works I’ve asked Ted to get me another timer…2 are so handy with cooking and school.

While the boys were outside Ted looked for a church for a while and then added the ‘freon’ to the truck. It didn’t take much so I wonder if it made any difference? We had Fritos and pulled pork for supper…that’s amazing!

It’s been a full week since I sent a message to So Happy To Learn and no response. I need to check my spam but it’s looking like a no to me.

IF: not today.

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