Chocolate cake with almost everyone

I got out of bed to clean up the mess from last night…we’d come in from WM around 9:30 and were beat so we just dropped everything and went to bed. Jack had gotten the new sewer hose and and was playing with it. Punk!

As soon as I was finished cleaning everything and they boys had breakfast and were out of my hair I made Grandmom’s birthday cake. She likes a chocolate cake with walnuts in it, so I used a box cake mix and added the nuts, and made a homemade chocolate buttercream.

The boys had sandwiches for lunch, Ted had hamburger patties on white bread and I had half a hamburger patty with some of that amazing hatch chili cheddar from Wegmans. With all the batter licking that goes into making a cake I decided to skip IF today. After lunch Ted and I snuck back and started on the pound of Reese’s we got at Hershey Park!

We headed to Grandmom’s around 4 for supper at 5 with her and Ken. We’d planned to leave the boys home but Ted didn’t want Jim to feel like he had to babysit our boys if they stayed at Grandmom’s house so they came to supper with us. Grandmom picked Outback for her birthday meal. I had the filet mignon and it was wonderful! I even had some of the bloomin’ onion they ordered…with all the dipping sauce they had it tasted great!

Grandmom told Nikki we would cut the birthday cake at 7. I didn’t know how many slices my 3 layer cake would cut, the icing was pretty soft, but Grandmom said someone was bringing some cupcakes so there would be plenty. Cupcakes never appeared but there was plenty of cake for everyone so that was awesome! We finally sang and cut the cake around 8:30 and Nikki came in about half an hour later. At the end it was the 4 of us, Grandmom, Ken (though he stayed in his room the entire time we were there), Ryan and Cam, Amanda and Jim with Dominic and Justin, Nikki and Eddie with baby Eddie. The only people we were missing were Angela and Anthony. We had a good time visiting with everyone and got back home close to 10pm.

IF: didn’t happen because CAKE! first thing in the morning!

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