New Jersey

Checkout is at 2, and check-in is at 2, so we took our sweet time leaving here. I made sandwiches and insalada caprese for the boys and kept a little insalada for my snack. They ate here and then we finished packing and left at 12:30. Our drive was only 2 hours so this should be an easy day!

You know how that goes? It should’ve been an easy day. Ted sent me ahead at the new place to check out the hookups and it’s crazy! Pulling through like they expect us to the electricity/sewer/water are on the right. Electricity and sewer are toward the back of the bus, but the water is about even with the door. When we talked to the woman at the front she said it’s because this is a companion site, and we wouldn’t be able to see that reserving it online (why?). Even as a companion site I don’t know how it would work for any camper. She told us a few other sites we could check out but they were all 30 amp and we don’t want that for a monthly site. Ted said we could make the site work so we went back to it. He initially wanted to move the sewer hose from tank to tank every time we dumped but I begged him to not make us do that! We’ll need to buy another sewer hose tonight but he can make it work. Fewf! After he knew that the bus position would work we were ready to level. We ended up with 3 blocks under each front tire and 2 under each front jack I think. It wasn’t hard to level, and the front bathroom door stays open without being propped open. The boys stayed at the playground for a long time, and we were thankful for the time to get things set up. The water pressure here is abysmal! Ugh. There isn’t anything to do at this point, though. We’re booked through Labor Day and lucky to have a place.

We weren’t fully set up but had both beds almost cleared so Ted took a shower and we left for Grandmom’s. She made supper for us; ham steak, corn and mashed potatoes. We brought tiramisu…since I’m not a coffee drinker I’m not really a fan of that but everyone else liked it. Dominic and Justin came over and played with the boys after we ate supper. Jim came over too and said hello, but then he just left and left his boys at Grandmom’s. Max brought the Switch and Justin had his 3ds so the boys had a good time.

Jack kept asking to see the dogs so we went outside for a few minutes with them. When they came back inside with us Scooter repeatedly jumped on Jack, and Jack doesn’t know how to speak sternly to them so he ended up pretty scared! That’s a first for Jack at Grandmom’s house. When it was time to go Jack didn’t want to walk by himself to the truck, he held tightly to me until we were out of the house.

On the way home we stopped at Walmart for the sewer hose. In other sewer news during our drive in the bus today a sewer smell from the front bathroom permeated the whole bus!! Ugh, it’s horrible!! So we also bought some plug in smell-goods for the bus, but when we got home the plug didn’t work with the actual bottle of smell good. Poo. Fortunately the sewer smell was completely gone when we got home.

IF: 4pm snack, then supper

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