Jack was making some noise around 7 this morning so I had him come into our bed and ‘go back to sleep’. Well, I tried at least. After lying there somewhat quietly for a while (not by his own choice) he fake coughed a few times and then said he had to throw up!! He was totally lying!!! What a punk!

While I was in the shower Ted sent Max to dump and he found a leak in the sewer line! Ugh. Ted cleaned it up as best as he could and we got ready to go. We left for Gettysburg around 9:20; it’s a 2-hour drive there. We stopped on side of the road right at the beginning to attach the transponder to the truck.

Since we got there around 11:30 Ted decided to eat at the visitors center before we headed out to the battlefield. As much as I want to do IF I’m not gonna sit at a restaurant watching other people eat. I had a salad and the boys had cheeseburgers and fries.

We started our driving tour at 12:10 and finished at 4pm. What a day! Ted bought us a driving tour that played from his phone at certain GPS coordinates through the truck speakers. This tour follows the visitor’s center map with 16 stops along 24 miles over the almost 4,000 acres of the park/battlefield. There were so many monuments, and the area was so huge! One of the plaques we saw said there are over 1,300 monuments and memorials here! Every Union regiment that fought here erected at least one monument; Pennsylvania alone placed 123 regimental monuments! It’s so sad to me that so many were killed fighting for the ‘right’ to own other humans. A plaque said that 9,000 Union soldiers and 6,800 Confederate soldiers were wounded, killed or missing on the first day of the battle! Some info from the map I found interesting and sad: “When the armies marched away from Gettysburg they left behind a community in shambles and over 51,000 soldiers dead, wounded, or missing. Wounded and dying were crowded into nearly every building. Most of the dead lay in hastily dug and inadequate graves; some had not been buried at all.” Imagine all the people who lived there and how their lives were changed!

This is the Eternal Light Peace Memorial. 75 years after the battles here 1,800 Civil War veterans helped dedicate this memorial to peace in our nation.

I thought this church’s bells were beautiful!

You can see where a cannonball went through the side of this barn!

The fighting happened July 1-3, 1863; and Lincoln gave his address November 19 of that year. I didn’t realize that there was so much time between the two! This is where he delivered his Gettysburg Address.

Gettysburg is just acres of open fields and town with memorials here and there lining roads. I didn’t do a great job capturing that with these photos but you can get some feel for it.

Ted wanted some ice cream after we were finished for the day but didn’t find a place that suited him so we headed back home. We stopped at Walmart along the way for a new sewer line, STP for my truck and bread, and we also bought a rebels heat shield for the truck! Woot! We stopped near the bus for high octane gas for the truck. Ted’s hoping that and the STP might help its pick-up which is kinda poorly these days. I also bought a bag of ice since I really need to clean the ice maker well and let it really dry out.

At home we dropped the boys off at the playground while Ted started cooking potatoes. It took him from 6:40 till 9:30 pm to fry 4 potatoes! I think next time we’ll have to use the deep pot and fry larger batches. He also whipped up some amazing fry sauce that I need to add to my recipe box. We had shoo fly pie for dessert, but no one was impressed. Ted remembers Mrs. Norma’s mother’s shoo fly pie was wonderful…I guess we’ll try it from another place sometime. One of the things I didn’t like was the topping; I love a good streusel topping, but these ingredients had been ground into a fine powder. I want chunks or crumbs, I don’t want to feel like I’m eating flour poured on top of a pie which is how many pies around here are topped. After supper Ted looked over our route for tomorrow and set out the bus’s transponder for me to attach to the windshield.

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