Hershey Park

We headed out to Hershey Park this morning. Ted said yesterday that we’ve done so many amusement parks lately that we could skip it and that was fine with me! But I didn’t want to skip the Hershey museum/factory. We wanted to do the ‘make your own candy bar’ part but when we were in line to buy tickets it was sold out until 8:30pm!!! We weren’t staying that late! So we bought the 4D movie and chocolate tasting. The movie was a stupid kid’s show that was too young for Max, but Jack seemed to like it. The chocolate tasting was fun, though; I’m glad we did that. It was a good explanation of how cocoa is harvested, where it grows, etc, and then how each person’s taste is different so there aren’t any wrong answers, just think about these things as you taste chocolate. We got 4 different types of chocolate and were told to look, listen (as you break a piece), smell and then taste the chocolate. Neat!

Next was the factory tour. The line was deceptive; it was much longer than it seemed at first. And the ride wasn’t worth it, really. It was a cartoonish ride showing the different steps to processing the chocolate. They stopped doing actual factory tours in 1973! By this time we’d been there almost 3 hours so our free parking was about to run out. Ted and Jack went to move the truck while Max and I picked up a mug of chocolate for Grandmom and a 1 pound Reese’s cup! Since Ted found another parking space he and Jack came back in to look over the bakery and see if there was anything else we wanted to buy. There were lots of fun things there, but Ted was happy with what I’d already bought so we left.

We found a nearby farmer’s market and bought blueberry balsamic vinegrette, 3 woopie pies (mint, chocolate chip and original), shoo-fly pie (that was pretty disappointing), 6 ears of corn and some potatoes for Ted to make us fries; all for $22.

We went home (about an hour’s drive away) and had meats and cheeses for supper while we watched The Breadwinner that Jenni McD mentioned to us. That was a good, but very depressing, look at what life is like for women in Muslim countries. We’ve been exhausted every night, so we didn’t stay up too late.

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