Truck and boy wash!

We didn’t hurry, just packed up and left at 10:15. We stopped just down the road for gas and used the truck wash for the first time. I called the wash when we were across the street gassing up and there was no one getting their trucks washed. 10 minutes later when we got there we were 3rd in line. And we sat and sat! There were 2 wash bays but the left one was closed. After trucks started piling up they opened the left side. We tried to time how long the wash would take (since we had nothing else to do while we waited, and since it seemed like it was taking a long time) but both times they pulled the semi cab into the bay and started washing it before they pulled the whole truck in. They ended up doing that to our bus as well, but the whole thing only took about 10 minutes. When Ted was in the office paying he said they said they’d had trouble with stuff catching on fire in the left bay! And he thinks the first truck that went into that bay had to be towed out! Crazy!

We arrived at the campground at 5:00 and it was a doozy! It looked totally hill-billy, but do I have any room to talk seeing how we live in a bus?? Probably not. Looking at where Ted was going to drive the bus to get to our site was a little scary, so we decided to unhook the truck while the office chick went inside to get our paperwork. When she showed us our site on the map she said we wouldn’t be following the one-way signs this time, and she would lead us to our site but then we were on our own. Heh. She was not the person who usually drove people to sites and it was obvious she was nervous about helping us situate ourselves. Ted took it like a champ, though, he’s an awesome driver! Our site was so slanted! We put 4 blocks under the front driver’s tire, 2 under the back driver’s tires, and 2 under the front driver jack. Then Ted leveled it in 1 shot! He’s a pro!

Max helped set up the front for a few minutes and then we sent the boys to the playground and I started working on the inside. Ted had some trouble with the sewer so I asked a neighbor for help. Once Ted got the outside finished he came inside for a drink and I had him sit while I worked some more. He decided to check the vent to the front bathroom because it still smells so bad. He hadn’t been up on the roof very long before he hollered to me to text Max to come home, it was starting to rain and the skies looked so dark! He came inside and then the bottom opened up and it poured! It started and stopped a time or two. We debated whether we should go get the boys or not, but I said as soon as I got soaked going out to the truck we’d see them. Ted said I should go get them so I did, and sure enough, as soon as I started the truck I saw Jack sauntering up the hill. Max was running from tree to tree trying to keep a little dry but Jack was just walking up the middle of the road. Heh. That silly boy.

I cooked us hamburgers for supper, and boy! That meat from Wegmans is amazing! We now have pretzel buns every time we can for hamburgers. That started out as Max’s request and he’s completely won us over.

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