Steamed crabs

It’s almost time to move away from Richmond! We’ve done so much here, it seems like we’ve been here longer than 2 months…though that is long for us.

Ted and Max packed up some of the outside this morning while I blogged. Then we went to the office and then to the cheesecake store!!! We’d seen Daystar Cheesecake factory store since we got here right by the campground and finally got around to checking it out. It’s a good thing! For $14 we bought an assorted cheesecake (turtle, hot fudge sundae, strawberry and vanilla), half a New York style, a tiny lemon and 2 tiny chocolate cheesecakes, and with our purchase we got a free tiramisu!

I dropped Ted back off at home and headed out to Goodwill Outlet. For $0.69 I got a wowo world/US map for Jack, a cute cowgirl zip pouch, a pot handle for my big cast iron, about a cup of Legos, just enough construction paper to get Jack through another school year and a neoprene bag for our Switch. When I was just about finished someone opened the door and I could see that it was raining cats and dogs outside! Of course I’d left my rain jacket conveniently in the truck. I shopped a bit more and when I was ready to go the rain had diminished quite a bit. I went right next door to Bay Seafood and picked up our supper. I think I paid $44 for a dozen steamed crabs (6 with old bay and 6 with ‘rock salt’ or what sounded like that. The guy said our lips would blow up if we ate those, heh), a small fried clam strips, hushpuppies and onion rings.

When it was time for supper Max actually cried at having to eat crabs!!! Have I raised a weenie??!! It’s been so long since I’ve had them but I remembered all the steps to cleaning, and they were pretty good! They guy said they steam them and then sprinkle the seasonings on after, and you could taste that, but I enjoyed them. The crab boils we used to have in LA you boil them with lots of seasoning in the water so the meat is flavored through. And neither seasoning was hot, though there was a little heat. Jack was a trooper! He sat by me and I showed him what to do and he mostly did it himself. I saw him picking shells out of his mouth, so I’m hoping he didn’t swallow any. He ate his by himself and then I’d go through what was left on his plate and get the hard to get meat. Both boys ate 2 and Ted and I each ate 4. I think we’re gonna have to have crabs again a few times to get Max used to it.

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