Where do we go from here??

Ted only got about 2 hours of sleep last night, so when I got out of bed he came back to bed. While he was sleeping I made 3 calls he’d left me info on to see about availability for our next stop; they were all busts. The boys put up the dishes and made/ate breakfast, and I did a few chores.

I woke Ted up at 11 because we really need to figure out where we’re going from here! He has a whole timeline mapped out with us going to Gettysburg and then Niagra, then on to Boston for the month while he works. I’m hoping it works, because while we’re in Boston we can see VT, NH, CT, RI and ME!

After they ate lunch we worked and worked on places to stay in Boston or even MA, but nothing worked out! Ted says Labor Day is the last big push for camping since schools here start the day after, so we’re out of luck. We started looking all over then, PA, OH, etc. Nothing. Finally at 5pm we figured we needed a break and would start again tomorrow. I’m pretty bummed; it would have been so much fun to go to Jason and Micah’s church for a month! Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

We had meats and cheeses for supper with insalada caprese, and we watched some What’s in the Bible. We’re reading Isaiah now and I wanted an overview. As the boys were getting into bed Ted thought to check the campground he’d looked into in NJ a while back, and they had an opening! We won’t be able to ‘do’ as many States, but we’re fairly close to Grandmom, so that’s awesome! I guess we’ll have to re-work our whole timeline now.

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