Last Sunday in Richmond

Our last day in church here. I’m bummed Netty wasn’t around, but I talked to Donna more. It’s so interesting to talk about her 11-yo daughter with DS; she seems to have more comprehension than Jack, he’s a little more of a baby still. She seemed to understand that her Grandfather was in Heaven with Jesus; I can’t even imagine trying to explain that to Jack. She also said she wanted to be baptized, that that meant Jesus was in your heart. Today when I asked Jack who made that beautiful sky he said Grandmom. So there’s that. I think his understanding will grow and he will get there one day; I’m in no hurry, it’s just interesting to note.

Jack’s Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Christine, gave him a big book with pictures of him and the other kids, and with little cards the kids had written him wishing him well on his trip! Super sweet!

We came home and I made sandwiches for the 3 boys while they played Mario Kart. I went to nap and Ted joined me after lunch. He slept all night last night, maybe this will be an easy transition back to our time zone?

When I told him what I planned for supper he said how about steak instead? I was game! We went to Industrial Taphouse nearby and it was great! We shared the loaded Architectural Fries (awesome fries, shredded cheddar, jalapenos, avocado slices, bacon, diced tomatoes, onions, beer cheese; amazing!), Ted had the Hangover Burger (2 1/4lb patties, hard fried egg, potatoes au gratin, cheese and beer mustard, wonderful), and Jack and I split the Bacon Triple (2 1/4lb patties, 3 layers of Applewood bacon, beer cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and onion; awesome). I gave up eating mine with my hands…it was just too messy! We didn’t end up having steaks, but this was a great place to eat. It’s a good thing we came here so close to the end of our stay or I’d have been tempted to come a lot!

We went to the nearby WM to get groceries and saw 3 women from our church; neat! They’re so sweet and stopped and talked to Jack everytime we met up in the store. We got some ice cream and had that as soon as the groceries were put away.

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