I made all my calls so quickly! I’m so thankful they all went well. I’m off of jury duty since we’re not in state right now. The dental bill was already taken care of, and the voicemail was from Branson! They needed Ted’s DOB and name to submit Jack’s bill again. Don’t know why they didn’t get it from mine or Max’s paperwork, but I guess that’s not how it works.

We packed our lunch and left for the Children’s Museum of Richmond. The Lord gave us a gift…with our military ID we get in free every Monday from now till Labor Day! Woot! I guess we’ll be coming back here a few more times! There was a small scarf wall that Jack loved; he’s been asking to go to the scarf place for months.

But the water table is where he spent most of his time. I’ll have to remember to pack a change of clothes next time. There are also outdoor play fountains, but it was rainy all day so we got wet enough without playing there.

After a cheese and meats lunch in the truck we went back in for a few more minutes in the scarf place, and then we headed to the Goodwill Outlet again. This time I didn’t change Google Maps to walking, and it still led me to a toll road. I wasn’t nearly as flustered since we’d just done this, but I was really annoyed. I guess I’m just going to always have to set that function in the truck when we’re driving around here.

Max found some Legos today! I found another silpat, a red jacket I can’t quite decide on, a book, and an expanding ball toy for Jack, all for $2!! Woot! We hit up Wal-Mart on the way home because Max is about out of oatmeal. Guess who we saw there?!

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