Sunday Sunday

Well, off to a new church today! Jack goes to Sunday School and children’s church; Max and I go to service first, then to our respective Sunday schools. The sermon was good, about not writing anyone off; think about what Paul had already done when Jesus saved him! I had a few bites of Max’s cinnamon roll before Sunday school, and Sunday school was good too. They’re going through Genesis and are at the end of Abraham’s life. When Max and I went to get Jack from his class after church was over two women introduced themselves to me; one has an 11-yo daughter with DS, and the other has a child with special needs similar to DS, I don’t remember the name. Donna and Laura were their names, though. In the parking lot Christine (Jack’s first hour teacher) chatted with me a while about the church’s beliefs; I didn’t see them on the website.

At home Max made bruschetta while I sliced and buttered and cooked the bread. We watched the second half of the second Guardians of the Galaxy during lunch, and then Jack and I had a wonderful nap. When we got up Jack immediately got into his swimsuit and I sent them to the water slide. Unfortunately they’d already deflated it for the night, so the boys went to the playground while I planned our week some. I texted with Ted a bit about planning; my idea is to go on trips Mon/Tues/Thurs. Wednesday will be for chores and church at night, and the weekends are for staying home. I was hoping to go see chimney rock and Monticello tomorrow, but the forecast calls for rain. I looked over by Yorktown and there’s rain forecast there, too. So we’ll go with plan B, kid’s museum here in Richmond.

We got the mail on the way home from church today, so after planning a bit I called Ted and we went through the mail together. I got my first ever jury duty summons! Guess I’ll have to call about that tomorrow. I also need to call about the dental bill that’s come again. And I’ve been ignoring a voicemail I got a few days ago about a previous medical visit for one of the boys. Ugh. I don’t like being a grown-up!

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