Another bon mi!!

Thursday as we were leaving I noticed Jack’s ear had blisters on it! It looked like a big fever blister, nasty! I was immediately alarmed, if it’s a fever blister and he scratches it he could spread it to his eye, or to us…will it ever end??!! Now I’ve googled it and it seems like fever blisters don’t appear on the ear, so that’s comforting. I didn’t see him mess with his ear all day until about 3pm or so, so I’m assuming it’s not itching or hurting. The other things I thought it might be is some kind of poison (ivy or sumac or something like that), which could also spread all over himself or us. Two days later now things are looking better. The blisters he’s popped are looking like they’re drying up. I guess we’ll never know what he had on his ear, but I’ve got some pictures in case it crops up again.

We were having a nice, lazy Saturday until Max said maybe there’s a Lego group around here, and I Googled it and found one! At the downtown library from 2-4pm, and so convenient to the Naked Onion and another bon mi. Heh. The boys ate lunch and then I got the bon mi and went to the library parking lot to eat it. At about the last intersection before the library we came upon an accident that had just happened, the smoke was still pouring out of the car and I could see the passenger air bag deflating. The male driver got out of the car and went to his girlfriend, I guess. She got out and looked alright, but then I think she passed out for a second! We prayed for them, what a scary thing! Since I didn’t see the accident occurring and there were other people stopping for them we went on to the library.

I sent Max in to play while I ate my lunch and Jack had a few bites too. It was a tiny library, so I was a little worried Max would be disappointed, but he had a good time, and Jack did too! I got some magazines after a while, but before I even got to the recipe section of the first one I started talking to a mom of an 8-month old baby, and we talked the whole time. Her name was Kiera and her sweet baby was Alfa. He scooted a bit and just looked so wide-eyed at everything; it was super sweet! We talked all about motherhood and being married, we had such a good visit. She and her husband met in South Korea, where she’d just gone to live, kinda on a whim! It was so much fun to remember my life when I had an 8-month-old. Wonderful memories.

When I got home I ran the washer again, and watched the pipe where the water drains. I think my first idea is correct. It looked bone dry down there, so I don’t think we need to worry, thankfully.

I don’t think I mentioned it but our quick trip to ATL killed my plants!! I was so bummed to lose my basil, it was brand new! But I was more bummed to lose Lucy’s parsley. As soon as I walked in the door I filled the sink with water and set both dead plants in there. The parsley came back, but the basil was truly toast. The parsley is looking good these days, and I’ve used the pot the basil was in to plant mint I brought back from Mom’s. I’ve had them outside the whole time here in VA, hopefully they’ll grow to be strong plants. And one day maybe I’ll get another basil…I sure love that on bruschetta!

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