Thrifting and the water slide

Max knocked the dang bed rail off again last night! I shined the flashlight in his face and he was sound asleep! I went back to sleep easily enough after that. Jack got down and started playing at 7:50.

I started reading Middlemarch the other day and I’m only at 17%!! I knew this book was big, but it’s gonna take longer than I thought. It’s funny to me that as I’m reading a passage (and re-reading it sometimes) I keep thinking about how much more I’ll enjoy it the next time I read it.

I saw yesterday as I was dumping that water was running out from the wheel-well. Uh oh. I suspect the washer since it’s right there. Inside the bus I took out the drawers so I could look behind the washer but it was completely dry. So I took off the panel next to the washer and looked down in that wall-space and could see some water. Fortunately it wasn’t standing water, but it was obviously wet. I think when we let the mid get full enough to hear it it might be overflowing there at the drain pipe inside that wall. We’ll have to be more diligent about dumping when we wash.

I texted Laura to let her know we were in VA, and she immediately called me! It was so good to talk to her. Sadly her dad’s been diagnosed with ALS after quickly losing some major motion abilities. We talked for a good long while; our visit here will overlap with her being here for a month! Woot! I told her we could keep her kids while she helped her parents, and she said that there was a week that her folks would be gone so maybe we’ll have some time to get together.

I made us baked potatoes for lunch, and then I hit the thrift stores around here. My first store and first item was a jackpot! I found a leather backpack purse a lot like my red one for $4! I’ve stopped using my red one so much because of the ink spot on it. But using the red purse I bought in FL for so long had me wanting a backpack again. What an awesome find! When I emptied my old purse into my new one I found 2 flowers Spencer gave me! Sweet!

When I got home I saw the park had the water slide inflated so I ran into the house, had Jack potty and get into his swimsuit and we walked over to the slide. While he played I met and chatted with Tatiana, Noah and Tim. Tatiana gave me some good info about things to do around here and a train to take into Washington.

When they deflated the slide we went home and I made eggs benedict for supper. I made enough sauce for all 3 of us, but the boys ate theirs as sandwiches with no sauce, so I ate almost a stick of butter with all that sauce!!! We played cards and Yahtzee, and then all headed to bed.

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