The best bon mi

I woke up around 6:30. Jack came to snuggle with me at 7:45 this morning, but then he slept until 8:45 when Max came in and helped him wake up. We got up then and got ready. Before we left I saw that Jack has some blisters on his ear bubbling up. It worries me, but I’ll just keep an eye on it for now. Here’s Jack trying to make wrinkles like Pawpaw’s on his forehead.

We left for the Virginia Museum of Fine Art around 10:30. We looked for as long as I could keep the boys there, and saw some fun things. Max’s favorite things were the modern art, and I enjoyed that part too, but I enjoy the utensils and furniture more.

For lunch we walked about 15 minutes to The Naked Onion and I had the best Bon Mi I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t mind eating another one of those before we leave here. We walked back to the truck, and then headed out with high hopes for a Goodwill Outlet I found on Google Maps. Somehow we found ourselves on a toll road! I never saw the entrance, and was pretty upset…I said to Ted just the other day that I’ve seen my Google Maps saying ‘no toll roads’, so to find ourselves here was super unexpected. I think the problem may have been that I had Google walking us to lunch, and forgot to change it back, so maybe that’s why a toll road wouldn’t matter. Max was on the ball, though; when he realized what was going on and that I was flustered at having to pay a toll he got out my coin purse and started counting the change right away. He sure helped me out there!

I don’t think it looks as promising as the last Goodwill Outlet was…there were no leather bags to be had, but I did get a wet bag from 31 for 14 cents. Max didn’t find any Legos; and I only found a Lego pirate keychain that Max didn’t want because none of the pieces came apart.

We hit up a WM on the way back home for some groceries, but honestly I don’t feel like meal planning, and nothing sounds good but prepared meals. I got a rotisserie chicken, and hopefully I’ll feel like cooking in a day or two.

I snoozed a bit while the boys played. I’ve had a nagging headache for several hours. I let it go on too long, and now I can’t seem to get back to normal. We ate supper and played some games and then all went to bed. I ended up watching and snoozing through half of Pride and Prejudice.

I found this yesterday; it’s what Pawpaw used to call us:

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