Moving day

I heard some thumping in the middle of the night and thought Jack was up to no good! I was so annoyed when I got up and got the flashlight, and then I saw that it was just that Max had knocked the bed rail down. I scared him, but I told him he’d scared me first.

Jack came into our bed around 7:40, but he lay quietly whispering to me. We got moving then, but not in a rush. At one point I was outside and sent Jack in to go to the bathroom. Later when I went to go inside we found out that Jack had locked us out! He used the key lock, not the TouchPad lock. We talked him through getting the door open, and later I remembered that we kept the key in the truck…I guess that’s still a  good plan. Crazy kid!

We left the campground at 10:20. It was a perfect little place (Fayetteville RV Resort and Cottages); we should stay here if we’re ever looking for a longer term stay in NC. I talked to Mom a good bit this morning about Jo and just life in general. That’s such a sad situation. He’s traded a life of stability for things that don’t last, and people who don’t care for him long-term.

We drove straight through instead of stopping for a meal. As soon as we plugged the electricity in and leveled we ate a smorgasbord for lunch at the new place. The people here did crack me up, though; they emphasized that this is a resort and therefore we must follow tons of rules. Rules the people next to us blatantly disregard. But our trash will be picked up every day, and there is a free breakfast 6 days a week and a free supper every Thursday; I think that’s what makes this place a ‘resort’.

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