Jonathan and Rebecca (and South of the Border)

We left the campground at 10:40 this morning. I took a photo of Ted sweeping all the pine needles off the camper before hooking up the truck.

We meant to leave much earlier, but I woke up around 4am hearing Jack closing the washer and laundry doors. Ugh. He had poop all over the toilet and some on the floor. There were both extremes of consistency so I think his stomach was bothering him. I think it’s my fault, actually. I took him off the Nemecheck protocol when we went to ATL, and yesterday I gave him the first dose. I even upped it a bit since he’s older than when we started. I think when we first started this I may have eased him into it and so just dumping it all in him at once produced this outcome. I hated to wake Ted but Jack really needed a shower. I got Jack all cleaned up and then put him to sleep on the couch in case he had another episode. I checked Max’s bed with a flashlight and didn’t see anything, thankfully. When our alarm rang at 7:30 we rolled over and went back to sleep. I’m not even sure Ted heard reveille at 7. I didn’t sleep well the rest of the morning, so I guess it’s good I had a good nap yesterday. Ted jumped out of bed at 8:20 when my alarm went off and showered.

It’s funny how short a time it feels we’ve been in Charleston. I was so focused on school the first 2 weeks, and then abruptly going to ATL, and all the rain here keeping us indoors, and having been in FL for 4 months, it all adds to that feeling.

We spent almost 3 hours at South of the Border, we just took our time and acted like we weren’t on a schedule. Our first stop was at the restaurant. While we waited to order I read reviews and it wasn’t good… 2 out of 5 stars! Ted and I ordered the steak Mexicana and Max had buffalo wings. I wasn’t expecting great things, but it was a really good steak! I split mine with Jack, he got the onion rings and I had the baked potato. Max’s wings looked really good, too.

Jack looked so cute eating his onion rings with his knife and fork.

We walked through the huge gift store next door after we ate. I really want some Mexican pottery, but the prices here we pretty steep. A dinner-serving size plate was $35; they’re so beautiful, though. One day. We also went up in the observation tower ($2/person, I thought that was a good price) and to the pantry were they had lots of candy/chocolate cigarettes and fried peanuts in the shell. Oh, in the gift shop Ted saw a bumper sticker we should’ve gotten: My family is a freak show without the tent. Heh.

After I took a picture of Ted driving the bus through the big statue’s legs we headed to our stop for the night. Along the way Ted remembered that his friends used to live near here so we texted with them and made plans to meet up for supper! We arrived at the campground at 5:20 and were all set up in 40 minutes without rushing.

This morning as I was cleaning up Jack the first time Ted suggested putting him in a diaper in case there was a second round. I don’t have any handy, and with the volume I saw it seemed like he was done. When we awoke for the day we smelled something, and it was him again. Fortunately it was all contained, but I threw those underwear out and had Max go get the 2 remaining swim diapers that are really too small, but I keep in the truck door just in case. He wore them today till after our drive and didn’t mess them up at all. If I had only listened to Ted! I already had to go outside at 4am to dump the mid because I put his pj’s and the bathroom rug to wash. Oh well.

We left at 6:30 for Brooklyn Pizzaria and had an awesome visit! The pizza was huge, and good; and we didn’t take any pictures of anyone!!! Dang us! The boys sat at their own table with their electronics and played quietly before the pizza came and we adults talked and laughed a lot. We didn’t leave until 9:20. I’m so glad they could meet us on such short notice.

On our way back home we tried to list all the people we’ve met up with on this trip:

Laura and Joe

Jerry and Sharalee

Don and Dar

Steve and his nanny

Jay Ransi

Alan and Dawn

Bob and Peggy

Huffs and Joneses

Hank and Paula

Leanne and family


Jonathan and Rebecca

What an awesome life we live!

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