Sunday and fried chicken

I was so bummed that Tiffany wasn’t able to come to church this morning…poor Spencer’s not feeling well. We went to Sesame Burgers and Beer for lunch and it was wonderful! I had the chicken on a biscuit with gravy that was out of this world. I asked what the herbs were in the gravy and I think the thyme was what was zinging my taste buds. Ted had a burger with coleslaw and onion jam, that was really good too. Max made his own burger, and Jack had mac and cheese.

We went back to the house and three of us took a nap while Max folded the clothes. Then we packed up the outside a bit. I chatted with Tiffany to see if she needed me to run to the store for her and she invited us over. Max and her Jack played together more than they had even at the playground. We ate some watermelon and visited a bit. I brought her some of the good oil; I hope she loves it as much as I do! When she was ready to start fixing supper I diced an onion for her and then gathered the boys to go. I wish we could have stayed longer, that’s a friendship I’m really gonna miss.

We needed milk and the commissary closed half an hour before we got there so we went right off base to Food Lion (rawr!). I dropped the boys off at the playground on the way in at Max’s request (!!) and went home to finish the fried shrimp poboys Ted started cooking for me. I haven’t found the right bread for this yet, but I’m committed to the cause. They tasted great, the bread was just a little too stiff for what I wanted. The boys finished off Jack’s birthday cake (that’s the 3rd serving of that! We went through that so quickly!!), and Ted and I had Tate’s chocolate chip cookies. I hoped those would be great, but they were only OK.

Ted had been chatting with 2 of his former Atlas co-workers trying to set up a meal with them for tonight, but with the storm and just timing factors they had to call off.

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