Jack had a conversation!

This morning while snuggling Jack said, “Octopus is in a tunnel.” I asked him where he saw that octopus and he said, “Ooooohhhh, that’s in TV”! I asked him if he saw an octopus on TV and he said, “In Odd Squad in the water.” I think we just had a conversation!

Max finished school at 1:30! That kid!

After school and lunch we lazed around a bit, Jack played outside, I read and Max played legos. Then I cut their hair and sent them to the playground to play all that cut hair away. They came back and showered and ate and we headed to church.

I wasn’t sure how the kids do church here, and instead of investigating before we left I just assumed we’d all sit together. I was wrong. Heh. Tiffany was in the entry and helped me find Jack’s place. And Max is a youth, so he’s supposed to help teach the younger kids, so he went in the same classroom! He was looking pretty nervous about that, and looking back I think he thought he might be asked to just get up and teach! I know they’d never do that so I didn’t think to reassure him; I just asked if he wanted to go in there or come sit with me and he opted to go with Jack. After church when I went to get them Max was leading a hangman game. Heh.

For myself I decided to stop being such a chicken and just ask to sit with Tiffany. Of course she works in childcare Wednesday nights! So I found the only lone woman and asked if I could sit next to her. As luck would have it I spent so long (just a minute or 2) talking to Tiffany and getting her number that there was no time to introduce myself to this new chick; but honestly, she didn’t seem too interested anyway. No biggie. Maybe I’ll try to move around more instead of always sitting in the same place.

Tiffany asked where we were staying and when I told her on the base she said she lives here too! She said when Nick told her what we did that she was excited; she’d love to do that! She said that if we were sticking around she’s sure we’d be fast friends! Woot! She said we’d have to meet at the playground sometimes. I’m so excited to already have a friend here.

She brought cupcakes for after church for Nick’s birthday so the boys both had one. I brushed my teeth before church in an effort to not come home and munch the night away, so I skipped the cupcake. Talking to Max on the way home he said he liked this church even though he was the only kid his age there tonight.

We videoed with Ted a bit before going to bed. Jack was excited to show him his toothbrush that’s just like Max’s. I finished reading my Reacher and went to bed without watching any TV tonight…I was tired. Must be the lack of chocolate tonight!

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