Legos everywhere!

I’ve been smelling the black a bit lately. I want to get a handle on this before the parents come, so I decided to flush it from the inside. I set a timer for 1:40 for the bucket to fill up in the shower, and every time it went off I dumped it into the toilet. Only 2 or 3 buckets in and it was full! No wonder it was smelling! I went ahead and filled it with clean water and flushed it again. It’s supposed to rain most of this week so I don’t want to be caught having to empty it when it’s pouring.

I texted with Foots this morning and made a plan to meet up Saturday. I also texted Alan a quick hello because his last G-Lab photo popped up on my photo program this morning.

This last week I’ve written to a few of our missionaries. With Jenny going to Turkey it’s really hit me how lonesome that life can be. I know they’ve made lives for themselves over there, but especially with her just starting out…I don’t want any of them feeling forgotten by us over here.

Max finished school by 12:15 today! Woot! That boy is knocking it out of the park! He’s still got all A’s too. Only 6 more days to go! I’m so excited!

Jack offered to ask the blessing at lunch and he said, “Thank you for this not fussing day. Woooooot!” Only, this has been a very fussy day. We had a Mean Pig plate for lunch and then he was fussing so much I made him take a nap.

I realized with the ‘maybe leak’ that he’s the culprit, not our mid toilet. He’s not being careful and is getting pee on the outside of the toilet, and it pools at the base. That can’t be good. So now I’m checking on him every toilet trip. Ugh.

Max dumped his legos out so I had to take a picture of so many legos, so little floor space!

I found out that Odd Squad plays at 4:30 here, so I turned that on for Jack. And later when Jack and I went on a walk we found a painted rock. Someone did an awesome job with this bird!

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