Shrimp poboys, why don’t we have these more often?!!

Today is the first day of our last full week of school. We’ll see how 8 units a day goes.

Well, he finished by 1pm! We had lunch, and then I left for Home Depot and grocery shopping.

This morning I told Max no Legos or Minecraft after 5pm. At 5 they both went to the playground for an hour while I made shrimp poboys for supper. Then after supper we did the usual showers/medicine/vacuum and play games with all the in-between time. We’ve been doing this for several nights now, and every night Max wants us to hurry so he can get a few more minutes of reading or Legos in. Ugh. I hate making stupid rules, but sometimes they make the evening go smoother.

Even though I told him that at the beginning of school, and then told him when I left for shopping, he still asked for extra Lego time when it was time for family playing time. Heh. Despite the question we had a good time playing a couple of hands of Boathouse Rummy. It reminded both of us of the times in Cabot when we played Boathouse Rummy Gin Rummy Boathouse. We would make up our own rules from a combination of those games, deal out 20 or so cards…we had so much fun!

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